Burnley 0-3 Spurs : BBC Match Report

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    Harry Kane equalled Alan Shearer's 22-year-old record for the most Premier League goals scored in a calendar year as his hat-trick secured victory at Burnley.

    Read the full article at BBC Sport 23 Dec 17
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Danners9
    Burnley fans will feel aggrieved with Alli's contribution to Tottenham's win.

    There appeared to be little contact when he fell inside the box as he and Long went for the ball, and he was arguably fortunate to have been on the pitch at that point anyway.

    Just four minutes into the game Alli - criticised for a nasty tackle on Kevin de Bruyne in last week's 4-1 defeat by Manchester City - slid rashly in on Charlie Taylor.

    But referee Michael Oliver was satisfied it was only a bookable offence - and Alli went on to provide the assist for Kane's third goal.

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  2. Phantom
    Embarrassing article by the BBC
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  3. jenko
    Yes, the media spent far too much effort talking about Alli compared to talking about the footballing display of the team. On BT sport they kept bringing it up time and time again despite both panellists (stevie G and JJ) and the on-call tv ref (G Poll i think) all saying it was only a yellow and defo pen.
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  4. beuller
    Never a red card, definitely a penno.

    Not much more to say on the matter.
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  5. Danners9
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  6. Paceyjg
    Concerned that Kane stayed on the full 90! His third came on 79 mins and I fully expected Llorente to come on then, with us playing again Tuesday..
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  7. Phantom
    As I said at the time the players have gone in for the ball in an almost identical fashion and I really can't see that one was worse than the other.

    Alli went in with a bit more pace and got down first but the Burnley player actually caught more of Alli, if that was an animated gif you would see that Alli recieves more contact from the oppositions boots than he gave.

    Having said that he needs to work on removing that sort of thing from his game, he did not deserve a red but he cannot put the ref in a position to make that call.
  8. UbeAstard
    Didnt even deserve the yellow...

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