Can I trust Tottenham not to let me down again?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by Dougal, Jun 19, 2008.

  • by Dougal, Jun 19, 2008 at 1:51 PM
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    I'll be honest with you. In all my years as a Spurs fan, coming up on 25, I have probably never been so disinterested in the goings-on at my so-called 'beloved' club. We are told about the exciting times ahead, wonderkid signings are drawn to Spurs Lodge like Sénor Ramos was the Paella Pied Piper himself, another 3 new shirts would soon be stretched around my ever-growing gut, there's a Carling Cup Winners title to defend and that ever-present talk of how to break into the top 4 and finally gorge ourselves on the feast at the top table.

    And yet here I am, completely underwhelmed at it all for the first time. This, from a Yid who was genuinely excited when told signings like Sullivan, Tramezzani, Kerslake, Calderwood, Perry, Sherwood, Acimovic, Blondel, Fox... (I've got to stop, I don't know if these are tears of laughter or despair) ...were worthy to wear the cockeral on their breast. I did the whole 'being a Yid in the 90's' thing and I survived, though emotionally battered, the barren spell between our two cups of that decade. But only for another carpet of dust to land where the trophies should be until the moment Jonathan Woodgate rose highest and once more, the rollercoaster ride continued.

    As with a rollercoaster the last paragraph leaves me a little sick. The lows dragged for years, the highs were the occasional days. Did we peak again last February? Certainly our players believed they could take it easy for the remainder of the season, the only duty they seemed capable of fulfilling was to give interviews reassuring us that they would fulfill all of their duties. Yeah, thanks for that, great read. I'm ready to consign that faltering end of season to the less glamourous pages of our history books now and apologise to those who had already done so. Attentions were quickly turned to all of the expectations I listed at the top, another wind of change was blowing through the corridors of Spurs Lodge. One that leaves me cold despite the obvious ground Mr Levy and Co. have made up in the last few years.

    And why? Like a mistreated pet rescued by the RSPCA and passed onto to a new, seemingly caring, family, I should really cower in the corner until I'm sure it's safe to some out. I shouldn't invest my all into the benefits of this new lease of life because, as mentioned, I have all too often been left battered, cold and sick by the hope a new dawn brings. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from being a football fan, not in the long run. My season ticket has been renewed once more, I've taken the bait. So before I trust Spurs to finally get it right I'm taking a backseat. A break from the transfer rumours. My new home shirt that I got as a birthday present sits in a drawer at home, worn on the day I got it but unused since. I dip in and out of Euro 2008 games so my footballing clean slate does not become tarnished with thoughts of putting a bid in for David Villa. I allowed myself to have a look at the YouTube footage of Giovani Dos Santos but only when the transfer was officially announced.

    Like the Irish and British players in our squad, I'm going to be returning to pre-season refreshed after a long summer break and it will be at that moment when I fully expect the new season to shower me with the kind of hope, enthusiasm and promise that it did 20 years ago. The wrongs done to me and fellow Spurs fans will once more be forgotten, wrongly or rightly, and my trust will be offered up to those who wear the shirt. I sure as hell hope they deliver.

    Damn them anyway, despite my reservations, the excitement is already beginning to take a grip. I'm off to try on my shirt again.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Dougal, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Pinto
    We won some silverware last year for the first time in a very long time and we are in Europe again yet we should not be excited with the team we have??

    Just think back 5-7 years when the team was a joke. I also think taking a deep breath is fine and I can't help how you felt in the past or were suckered in by false claims but my honest response to you is if you don't care like you stated in your first post then don't come on here, if you do care then don't make posts saying how disinterested you are. Seems pretty simple to me. Anyway, for the most part I agree with what you are saying just not in the tone you seemed to be portraying is all. You should have said cautious not disinterested is all.

    Besides this is Spurs, if you want realistic go support a team that knows its place, Spurs should never settle for average and we as fans should get excited when we bring in huge signings like Modric and Dos Santos with what we already have. Just need a few more signings to shore up def. midfield and goalkeeper IMO. Why not come on here and talk about the signings we need to make to get you excited for the new season then??

    Anyway, not trying to be rude to you and think you made some good points just didn't like the attitude is all. :cheers:
  2. hellava_tough
    Spot on!

    Btw, ultimateloner, can I interest you in a noose?

    Very strong and only one user. $50 and it's yours.
    PM me for a picture (because the copy n paste isn't working)

    What? :shrug:

    Make hay while the sun shines :grin:
  3. hellava_tough

    I'm not so sure, but where do I start in the disassembly of your witty and protracted argument?

    Er, well, to start with have you been living on Mars for the last 18 years?

    Oh, you have.

    Sorry, I apologise. :oops:
  4. Dougal
    You are wrongly assuming that I have been a Spurs fan since birth which is not the case :wink: Shame really, I'd have seen a bit more silverware :-(

    You've have wrongly latched on to the disinterested part of my post and applied it to the entire post. There is no question of me giving up completely, going away for good and especially not going off to another team! There is no attitude other than trying to seperate and distance myself from the usual pre-season over-expectations and actually wait for a ball to be kicked so I can make up my own mind about where I think we are going and how new players settling in. Last season the expectation levels were higher than they had been for many years but they clashed head-on with behind the scene problems, injuries and another batch of players who had yet to settle in. I was gutted that another year went by in the familiar position of midtable when I was told by the so-called experts that the next stop was top 4. As so many others have noticed in this thread, it is not about giving up, it's about getting a sense of perspective by forming your own opinions based on the actual stuff that happens on the pitch. That's the reason I'm clearing the decks, clearing my head of the over-analysis, I'm going into the new season with hope, as I said things are progressing, just not over-inflated hope.

    And as for coming on here just to talk about our new players, nobody on this site is given a charter on what they should talk about concerning Spurs. This is a viewpoint from a Spurs fan who seems to be in sympathy with quite a few other fellow Spurs fans and the whole point of having a Community of this size is to share many different opinions. So if I take a backseat right now (not as you put it 'jump off the bandwagon'), it is perfectly within my rights to do so.
  5. westlondonyid
    I watched a spurs v wimbledon game on ESPN the other day from late 90's the year we nearly got related under Gross. Apart from Klinsmann the team was full of compete dross and managed by a half bald unknown idiot. The vague hope and optimism of breaking into the top four we now have as spurs fans seems light years away from these days and we should think ourselves lucky. However I cant help but dread that familar dismal away performance on the opening day against boro and going down to a wonder scored by someone who will never ever score a goal like it in his career again.
  6. hellava_tough

    The mighty Ginola was playing for us!!

    But, to be fair, I know what you're saying
    im only 17 you half wit.

    i dont see how you can agree with somebody saying the complete opposite of what our club is based on. tradition and history.

    It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."
  8. Dougal
    As I was actually at that game I'm well aware of how far we have come! :lol: I see those times as us under-achieving (in quite a shocking manner!), others might say breaking into the top 4 might be over-achieving for a club that is still progressing. I just want to us achieve and sustain decent momentum, building the whole time instead of being it being such a rollercoaster. To some extent the last few years we've gained that, I'm just not expecting miracles just yet.
  9. Dougal
    Less of the insults please people :up:
  10. hellava_tough
    Hahaha - some good points there, young lad.


    Even though our club is based on "tradition and history", it doesn't mean to say that the last 18 years have been nothing but "drama and not success".

    How can you disagree with this :shrug:

    PS I wish I was 17 again. Tell me juande, is it still a magical place of financial comfort and sexual endeavour?
  11. hellava_tough
    Fuck off Dougal :wink:
  12. milkman
    get up for another rollercoaster season with the Yids!
    i never once said that the last 18 years have not been shite. in my lifetime weve won the fa cup and two carling cups which is appauling. i just disagree with someone saying we are a drama club not a sucessful one.

    and by the way grow up and stop trying to patronise me. i go to work, pay my tax just like you. so fuck off.
  14. hellava_tough
    :lol: Good point

    But how do you know I'm not an unemployed ****?

    are you unemployed?
  16. hellava_tough
    :grin: very witty!
  17. VegasII
    Good read mate. The 90s were truly horrible...I started supporting in 91. For most of the time since then until the last few years we've been so guff that the media barely spoke about us except to read our results, report our sackings & to take the pisch. One overpriced bad signing was usually swiftly followed by another.

    I always got jealous seeing Leeds & toon signing quality players & being in the top four...not to mention Bolton & Boro in the wafer. How the hell did they get there ahead of us?? Even Fulham & Charlton were better than us for a while.

    Now it's clear to see how we were such a joke. No one got more stick than the yido in the class...even the gimpy token lower league fan who had the entire kit including the socks & garters. I think we probably deserved it.

    I think we're getting close to having the last laugh.

    EDIT: We were such a joke that the only other person we won anything under was a bung paying gooner in a raincoat who everybody hated.

    Where did it go wrong? After El Tel?
    im curious. are you unemployed? lol
    the earlyest i remember was arsenal gettin shit hot. and same as you, i was the token yid that got the stick on a monday after being stuffed by i dont know... bradford!!!

    IMO we deserve it more than anyone right now and your right its getting close, so close i think i can see it on the horizon!
  20. hellava_tough
    Oh, I thought you were pulling an Oscar Wilde on my white ass.

    Er, no...hang ARE pulling an Oscar Wilde!! :grin:

    Juande, I'm beginning to like you; just like me when I was 17.

    Full of piss n vinegar!!

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