Can I trust Tottenham not to let me down again?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by Dougal, Jun 19, 2008.

  • by Dougal, Jun 19, 2008 at 1:51 PM
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    I'll be honest with you. In all my years as a Spurs fan, coming up on 25, I have probably never been so disinterested in the goings-on at my so-called 'beloved' club. We are told about the exciting times ahead, wonderkid signings are drawn to Spurs Lodge like Sénor Ramos was the Paella Pied Piper himself, another 3 new shirts would soon be stretched around my ever-growing gut, there's a Carling Cup Winners title to defend and that ever-present talk of how to break into the top 4 and finally gorge ourselves on the feast at the top table.

    And yet here I am, completely underwhelmed at it all for the first time. This, from a Yid who was genuinely excited when told signings like Sullivan, Tramezzani, Kerslake, Calderwood, Perry, Sherwood, Acimovic, Blondel, Fox... (I've got to stop, I don't know if these are tears of laughter or despair) ...were worthy to wear the cockeral on their breast. I did the whole 'being a Yid in the 90's' thing and I survived, though emotionally battered, the barren spell between our two cups of that decade. But only for another carpet of dust to land where the trophies should be until the moment Jonathan Woodgate rose highest and once more, the rollercoaster ride continued.

    As with a rollercoaster the last paragraph leaves me a little sick. The lows dragged for years, the highs were the occasional days. Did we peak again last February? Certainly our players believed they could take it easy for the remainder of the season, the only duty they seemed capable of fulfilling was to give interviews reassuring us that they would fulfill all of their duties. Yeah, thanks for that, great read. I'm ready to consign that faltering end of season to the less glamourous pages of our history books now and apologise to those who had already done so. Attentions were quickly turned to all of the expectations I listed at the top, another wind of change was blowing through the corridors of Spurs Lodge. One that leaves me cold despite the obvious ground Mr Levy and Co. have made up in the last few years.

    And why? Like a mistreated pet rescued by the RSPCA and passed onto to a new, seemingly caring, family, I should really cower in the corner until I'm sure it's safe to some out. I shouldn't invest my all into the benefits of this new lease of life because, as mentioned, I have all too often been left battered, cold and sick by the hope a new dawn brings. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from being a football fan, not in the long run. My season ticket has been renewed once more, I've taken the bait. So before I trust Spurs to finally get it right I'm taking a backseat. A break from the transfer rumours. My new home shirt that I got as a birthday present sits in a drawer at home, worn on the day I got it but unused since. I dip in and out of Euro 2008 games so my footballing clean slate does not become tarnished with thoughts of putting a bid in for David Villa. I allowed myself to have a look at the YouTube footage of Giovani Dos Santos but only when the transfer was officially announced.

    Like the Irish and British players in our squad, I'm going to be returning to pre-season refreshed after a long summer break and it will be at that moment when I fully expect the new season to shower me with the kind of hope, enthusiasm and promise that it did 20 years ago. The wrongs done to me and fellow Spurs fans will once more be forgotten, wrongly or rightly, and my trust will be offered up to those who wear the shirt. I sure as hell hope they deliver.

    Damn them anyway, despite my reservations, the excitement is already beginning to take a grip. I'm off to try on my shirt again.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Dougal, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. hellava_tough
    I agree.

    After so many years of pain! It's going to be so sweet when it happens!
    i wont be your buddy till you announce your occupation. be it lawyer, or tramp.
  3. hellava_tough
    I'm a...hang about!

    I know a stalker when I read one. I bet you're a 48 year old divorcee after my name, address, phone number and my sweet, sweet virgin ass.

    Well you're not going to get it. No siree!

    It's perverts like you who give porn-lovers a bad name!
    ha yeah that right.......... bet your only 16 and i intimidate you but you need to log off soon and get some sleep for your maths GCSE tomorrow lol.
  5. hellava_tough

    Cover blown.

    Btw Dougal, good article, etc. We seem to have gone off point slightly.

    Sorry :oops:
  6. sidtheyidbuck
    i am 64 years old ;my first match i went with my dad it was 1951 i was 7years old i don't remember much at all about real memories start from about 1958...and every year since ;and i mean every year.i was filled with renewed optimism .its no different even now if i was filled with the doom and gloom of some;i would not bother to renew my season ticket..roll on next season we are going to break into the top four ;also win a cup or maybe two.
  7. davidmatzdorf
    Pedant corner. Obscure point, but here we go anyway.

    "Disinterested" is not a synonym for "uninterested". Not a lot of people know that, as Michael Caine would say.

    To be "disinterested" in something actually means that you have not invested your money in it. So if you're "disinterested" in Spurs, it means that you don't own shares. Alternatively, it means "neutral", as in "not taking sides". What it doesn't mean is "bored".

    The word that every 3rd poster on this thread is looking for is "uninterested", which means that something has not attracted your attention.

    I thank you.
  8. Dougal
    I think I'm in neutral at the moment but I thank you :)
  9. Pinto

    So you write you are disinterested and I am the one who is wrong?? Like I said before I thought most of what you said was right on the mark, just didn't like the way you started it.

    Silly argument so one more time :cheers: no hard feelings
  10. grittyspur1
    Great thread- living in the US means I always go online after the threads are done!
    Personally, Ii'm pretty certain that this next season will be much like the last one- full of ups and downs- heroes and goats! Who the hell knows how we'll finish- (to borrow a phrase that's used around my neck of the woods)That's why they play the games! In a nutshell: that's what being a Spurs fan is all about, and win or loose, we drink the booze!
  11. Dougal
    Well that all depends on whether you think it is wrong to be disinterested/uninterested in post/pre season hype.
  12. Coyboy
    You have got to be banned for calling Ginola 'dross'.
  13. chico
    I must be one of the older gits on SC .My dad took me to my first game in the 72/73 season. Apart from being at the famous 4-2 victory over Leeds Utd in 1975 I saw alot of dross in the mid seventies . I watched a very young Hoddle breaking into the side ,and the likes of Jennings,Perryman,and Alfie Conn (a fave of mine at the time) . These were lean times ,our ground held over 50,000 and was sometimes only half full, we'd come to the end of the Bill Nick era ,even the pitch was shite! And yet I still loved it , and everything about being a Spurs fan!
    The last few years have generally been very exciting ,plenty of goals, some star players and some reasonable success. Imagine being at a club where you could never hope to sign a Modric or a Dos a club not blessed with Keane and Berbatov up front over the last two a club with a dull manager getting his side to play sterile football like Curbishley?
    My Spurs supporting friend be very grateful for supporting a club with tradition,style,class and expectation. A club genuinely striving for better things on and off the pitch. I agree with some of the previous posts that achieving this success will not be easy , and there will be glitches along the way. BUT ENJOY THE RIDE...AND SUPPORTING WHAT WE "FEEL AND BELIEVE" IS THE GREATEST CLUB IN THE WORLD!
  14. Coyboy
    Off the top of my head, I was under the impression that 'disinterested' was neutral as you say, not taking a view one way or another. While 'uninterested' means purposefully bored, detached and almost irritable about something or someone.

    For example, I am disinterested about horse racing. I really couldn't care less, it doesn't affect me. But I am totally uninterested in Rugby and go out of my way to show and express as much.

    I think it was my English teacher that told me that. But he was a Leicester fan. So maybe it was after we beat them in 99 and I took the piss.
  15. DC_Boy
    I don't know the exact nuances of 'disinterested/uninterested', but I basically take the DM line that these are best seen as 2 different words -

    I'm not interested in football (it bores me) = 'uninterested'

    A referee is however (or should be) 'disinterested' - ie having no bias to one side or other - but presumably will (indeed should) be interested in football

    when looking for the opposite of 'I have a vested interest in' we should be looking for terms like 'I'm disinterested' not 'uninterested'
  16. Dougal
    Big thanks for bringing this up davidmatzdorf :)
  17. gloryglory
    Back to the point - I totally agree with the sentiment. I can't remember feeling less positive about a new season. It's weird, because we have already made some great signings, it's just that ... well, what is it?

    I think it's that I invested heavily (emotionally speaking) in Martin Jol. I really, really believed for the first time that we had a manager who was taking us into the top 4. We had everything in place, and Arsenal were ripe for the taking. Somehow, therefore, trophy notwithstanding, last season was the most disappointing I can remember. In my head I knew that it was great to win a trophy, that Ramos has a terrific record, but in my heart, I couldn't help it, I was gutted.

    And now the top 4 looks more impregnable than ever, and I just can't see us anywhere near. I just see misery and disappointment. I don't know why - we touched amazing highs last season, the 5-1 over Arsenal was pure bliss - but I think I've reached the point where I believe whoever the manager, whoever the players, there is a glass ceiling for Spurs that we won't break through.

    My glass = half empty.
  18. westlondonyid
    Excuses for leaving Ginola out but for all his talents and wonder goals he scored you could not put him and Klinsmann in the same category but your are right he wasnt dross, he was a great for us but not a true great. My dad reliably informs that Cliff was twice the player. This is howver is besides the point I was making that the standard of our team has vastly improved
  19. ethanedwards
    Got to disagree with you over Ginola being a true great, to me he was the only beacom of light in a very medicore era in our history. He helped to keep the flame alight. It would be very interesting to know how many players who have won double footballer of the year award, playing for a team who were a mid table side as he did in the 1999 seaon.
  20. davidmatzdorf
    For someone who doesn't "know the exact nuances", you've come up with much better examples than I did.

    The main point is that there are two words with different meanings and we don't want to confuse them if we can avoid it. That's a real litmus test for me when deciding whether to revive "pedant corner". If it's just a question of whether something is traditionally "correct", it might be wise to keep my gob shut. But if there's a possible loss of a useful meaning, a distinction, a precision of expression, by confusing two usages, then it might be wise to pipe up.

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