Can You Ever Stop Being a Spurs Fan?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by Thesoccershrink, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Yesterday, there was a post from greaves4fr expressing complete frustration with our chairman, which led him to decide to stop supporting Spurs. But can you ever stop supporting Spurs? I mean can you really stop? Not sneak a peak at the scores, or the table or wonder what your former buddies at WHL and on this forum are doing? OK, so if you're twelve years old and decide another team is cooler and sexier, I guess you can switch allegiance. But what if you have 20, 30, 40 or 50 years invested in following one team. Can you really give it up?

    First, supporting a team is part of your identity. Not only have you expended an extraordinary amount of your time, effort and money in following Spurs, you have done so very publicly -- the flag on your car, the banner outside your house, the T-shirts, not to mention your social circle, the members of which are either staunchly aligned in the same brotherhood or against you.

    Second, your history is inextricably interconnected with the club (and 'club' is an important concept here). You remember vividly where you were when we were relegated, promoted, won the cup, when Harry joined, when Harry left. The magical moments -- and the really terrible ones -- are stored in your memory with a vividness that is unmatched by pretty much anything else in your life. (There's a scientific reason for this to do with the role of emotion in memory storage and consolidation, but that's beyond the scope of this article.)

    Third, supporting a soccer team, like marriage, is a test of your character. Yes, it would be great if life were stress-free and you won all the time, but it isn't and you can't. There are ups and downs, highs and low and to expect otherwise is to believe in Superman and the Tooth Fairy (whom, my ITK tells me, has just signed a deal with Luis Suarez). We know that life is like that and in many ways it is our endurance and our commitment that is the most important part of being a supporter. We show up in the rain, snow, ice, -- even at the sports bar or living room couch, always with hope, sometimes with anxiety, but unfailingly with passion. It's a total commitment unlike any other. It's about as unconditional as a commitment can get. Chairmen come and go, players arrive and leave, results fluctuate. But you're still there.

    I would argue it's easier to change religion and get divorced than it is to give up supporting the team that has been so meaningful to you.

    I have spent a career observing people struggle to change the things in their lives that are really killing them, where there's no logical reason to continue with their actions, indeed where there are immediate compelling reasons why they should give them up -- and they still can't do it. Can you really deny your past? It would take something really dramatic and life-changing to even have a chance -- something like a sex change, disowning your family, or joining the federal witness protection program.

    Giving up supporting Spurs (or any other team) is giving up. Giving up hope, commitment, and passion. Sure, we all get frustrated and think that the easiest way to end the pain is to simply stop. But your frustration is directly proportional to your passion. Giving up is to say you don't want to be so committed because it can be too painful. But what do you have if you don't have passion, hope and commitment? So, when you think of quitting, remember, this isn't about Spurs, it's about you.

    And as a fan you should keep one thing in mind:

    It's not what Spurs have given you, it's what you have given Spurs.

    Can you really stop?
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Thesoccershrink, Sep 2, 2014.

Could you really stop supporting Spurs?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

  1. Ionman34
    I think, for most of us, your club is your first true love. You never really get over that kind of love because it has a tendency to consume you.
    I've been inlove with Spurs since I was about 4. As I've said before, my bed time stories were Dad telling me about the Double year, about us smashing Rangers in the European cup, about the culture of Blanchflower, the great Dave Mackay, Cliff Jones and the Awesome Jimmy Greaves.
    He painted pictures of dreamy Football that came to life, for me, when Burkinshaw built that wonderful team.

    I was ruined for anyone then.

    I love my Wife dearly, after 17 years of marriage I'm as in love with her as I was when I proposed. But she knows, and accepts, the THFC were always my first love and I'll never change. When I lived in Blighty, and held a season ticket, she arranged her weekends around my attendance, as she knew I'd never miss a game.

    Those you truly love may piss you off, but you never really stop loving them.

    That's my view on it anyway.
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  2. chico
    I'm sure I speak for most on here.
    Spurs is like your wonderful and loving grandparent. Spurs are like your first born child. You love them completely and unreservedly , through thick and thin.

    Tottenham 'til I die
  3. mil1lion
    No. That muppet yesterday is just a drama queen fishing for attention. I wish people wouldn't bother to respond to him. If you want to stop supporting Spurs then go ahead, none of us are stopping you and you wont be missed.

    Things are nowhere near as bad as people make out. I've certainly supported much worse looking Tottenham squads than this one including a scrap for relegation. Whatever happens though I will alsways love Spurs.
  4. Spurs 1961
    Can I stop breathing? Just a moment I will try.........
  5. Mullers
    Yes of course I could. For instant if they behaved as disgracefully as Liverpool fans, players and board did over the Suarez incident, I would feel disgusted by that and walk away.
  6. Muffleman
    Absolutely not. Father was born in Tottenham, so will support the team until they nail me in a box - end of.

    Yes this TW was disappointing. However, Poch would seem to have the ability to get players playing as a team, and we have a good squad. the squad has been trimmed and now it's up to our man Poch to be the manager we have wanted for too many years.
  7. Lucky22
    If, for example, you are not happy with the chairman then there are ways and means to express that. Not buying merchandise, stop going to matches etc. But to stop supporting the team is completely nonsensical to me.
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  8. sussexyid
    I tried to stop once. All my mates seemed to be Man Utd supporting fools when I was at primary school so I joined the bandwagon. Think it lasted about 2 weeks... I just didnt care about Man Utd and could not stop being more interested in Spurs!
  9. kidby33
    Saw my first home match early 70s and been thro the ups and down ever since .But spurs are part of who I am , like on sunday I get deflated only to bounce back up the next winning display .
    But I have discovered another team in my life more of a hobbie when the mighty spurs are not involved . They are Athletic bilbao reason they are truly a team who play and give everything for the club who by only playing players who are from the basque region of spain and france truly give 100% for badge and club . Also the clubs british identity The English spelling of athletic and not atletico and of course british club colours of sunderland .They have a forward Gaizka Toquero who as scored once in two seasons tbh total crap but always either coming on or going off to a standing ovation inmagin that at WHL and why because he's a basque one of them . Lastly what chance Man c lpool Chelsea arsenal qualifying champions league with only players from Lancashire or London to choose from .
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  10. WalkerboyUK
    I guess it depends on how old you are and how long you've supported the team.
    At school, when I was 10 it was easy to flip between teams. Think I managed to support Everton & United in the space of a year. That all changed in 1987 when Tottenham reached the cup final. For me they had everything - even though we lost.
    I think we've pretty much seen it all since then - points deductions & relegations for financial issues, shit teams/performances, superb performances and trophies. Much as there are moments when you think "fuck this shit", you can't walk away and switch off.
  11. Paceyjg
    For me I feel mainly disappointed in how things are going with the club as did the original poster. I've supported Spurs for 35 odd years (I'm 40 now) and as many of you will know, a lot of that football was dross. We had some excitement at times, with little success, but have been lucky enough to have some fantastic players at our club.

    The highlight of my time being a Spurs fan came under Redknapp. Suddenly we were playing the most fantastic attacking football AND were actually finding ourselves near the top of the League. Champions League followed and it was like 'I can now give some shit back to my mates', most of them Liverpool fans.

    Then the unthinkable happened, the Directors didn't back the manager at a key time and shortly afterwards, gave him the boot!

    As if this wasn't enough, AVB was brought in as his replacement. Pretty much from this time on I started to think that maybe I'd seen the best I was ever going to see at WHL. I know that seems an extreme POV but all I hear from other supporters is '3 year plan' or 'give the manager time to get his playing style in place'. We can see how that has gone so far...

    I am happy with the appointment of Pochettino but it should never have been necessary. Liverpool thumped us at home again at the weekend, playing some attacking, pacey football. Reminds me of a time not too distant where we had everything (nearly) in place to do the same, but chose to go down a different route...
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  12. JoeT
    So, all together now, place hands across collective chests.....and sing:
    Oh now can you see by the Lane's early light,
    That ol'e cockerel flying ever so proudly,
    And United's red glare millions flying in air,
    Gave fear through the night that our flag would still be there,
    Oh say can you still see that cockerel standing.......
    For the land of the true fan and the home of the brave.

  13. Shadydan
    How can you stop being a Spurs fan...unless you've totally fallen out of love with football then fair enough but fallen out of love with Spurs to support another team?

    Well you can join @jimbo32 and feck right off mate!
  14. Good Doctor M
    It would take the club doing something I felt was immoral. If, for example we learned that they were donating money to the Tories... that would do it ;)
    Are people just tagging the wrong Jimbo deliberately now :p

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