Club Statement - NDP Approved.


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Apr 6, 2004
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Posted 13 February 2012 10:46pm
The Club can announce that, following a meeting of the London Borough of Haringey Planning Sub-Committee on 13 February, the design improvements to the Northumberland Development Project together with the revisions to the Section 106 planning agreement have been approved.

Daniel Levy, Chairman, said:

"We are delighted with these three unanimous decisions and are grateful for the support of the Council and those right across the community who have who expressed such enthusiasm for our plans.

"We welcome the public sector coming together to further regeneration in an area with such a real need. We are proud of our roots in Tottenham and we are committed to seeking to deliver a world class new stadium, associated developments and the ensuing benefits of employment opportunities, economic uplift and community gains. *

"There is still much work to be done and we shall keep everyone connected with the Club updated over the coming months with our progress."
Jul 28, 2005
Wow, sorry but where do we stand now? Just need to raise the final bit of funding for this? No more public hurdles to avoid?


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Aug 13, 2010
Wow, sorry but where do we stand now? Just need to raise the final bit of funding for this? No more public hurdles to avoid?
I'd imagine a naming rights deal would come into place to cover the majority of the costs but we should be getting underway hopefully in the summer. I'd imagine the whole stadium will be complete in 2015/2016. We'd probably be playing in by 2014 with 3 of the stands built by then.


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Aug 10, 2004
22 December, 2011
The Club has this week submitted some revisions to its planning permission for the Northumberland Development Project as the Club looks to secure the deliverability of the new stadium scheme.
Fans will be aware that the Club’s existing permission was granted by Haringey Council following unanimous cross-party support and the completion of all of the legal agreements in September 2011.
The proposed changes focus on maximising the number of new jobs and new homes which can be created. Specifically we are making two separate planning applications - one covering the residential development along Park Lane and another covering some changes to the space above the supermarket building.
In summary, we have improved the design and layout of the new residential development to the south of the new Stadium to create a better setting along Park Lane - replacing the currently consented single curved residential building running east-west the length of Park Lane with four separate buildings running north-south above new commercial space. In between the buildings three new green spaces will be created with trees and new planting to provide both private and communal space for the new residents. This layout means sunlight penetrates into and through the buildings, onto the open spaces and through onto the public space around the stadium.
Above the supermarket, we are proposing one additional floor and importantly this is set back 32 metres from the building’s edge along Northumberland Park and set back 20 metres from the building’s eastern and western edges. There are some other smaller design changes also being made above the supermarket and the footpath beside the main customer entrance is being widened, but there are no changes to the layout of the supermarket itself. Likewise there are no changes being made to the car park, servicing, entrance or exit arrangements and no additional parking spaces are being sought.
The Club believes these changes represent an improvement on the current permission and has written to local residents to explain these changes.
Along with these proposed changes, the Club is also engaged in discussions with the Mayor's office, Haringey Council and central government as we continue to progress the new stadium scheme and associated development.


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Jul 26, 2004
we should actually put in a running track just for a laugh and offer to hire it (the running track) out to Wet Sham...


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Feb 1, 2006
The company I work for is currently pricing the supermarket building shell, offices and hospitality above it. All the information I've seen suggests that the supermarket works will start later this year. It doesn't say when the stadium will be built, but we are tracking it as a future project.


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Jan 20, 2006
Almost certainly. However, much of this is correct. Compared to their s.106 obligations, ours were pretty piddling, yet Levy's completely unsubstantiated claims that Arsenal had received public funding, his absurd statement that the four historic buildings had added £50m to the cost, and his threat to take the project elsewhere have spooked BoJo and Haringey. Lying through your teeth does pay, it seems.