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    Whilst many of us are distracted by the dreary and abject displays, the pathetic excuses and persistent false hope we forget that our club has come to a crucial moment in its attempt to revive the glory, glory era.

    The path to success is never a smooth one, just ask Alex Ferguson. Before Manchester United's complete dominance in English football during the 1990s Ferguson was one game away from the sack in 1989 when had he lost in the FA Cup 3rd Round the future of Manchester United would have been very different. They were in the relegation zone at the time but they surged up the table to 11th that season and won the FA Cup. You might be wondering what the point of the story is but even the best do not achieve what they set out to do straight away, it takes years of dedication and vision and there are invaraibly hiccups along the way.

    I can not understand our bombardment of criticism at Martin Jol when he has transformed our club from mediocrity to an ambitious and demanding football club. Two years ago we would have been happy wiht a mid-table position and a couple of good cup runs. Now we boo the team if that is all we achieve. We finished 14th almost 3 seasons ago and had an ageing squad of average foreigners. Our squad now boasts 6 England internationals and some of the brightest English talent in the country. When was the last time we had players of the calibre of Lennon, King, Dawson and Defoe in the same team. The transformation undertaken by Jol is a miracle and we should support him through thick and thin.

    No one criticises Keith Burkinshaw for some disappointing league positions when he had the likes of Hoddle, Ardiles, Roberts and Villa in his side. Even the great Bill Nicholson did not consistenly succeed in the league. I feel a sense of perspective is needed; we have to wait and see. The mark of a great man is when he can face adversity and defeat it. Martin Jol is the man to do that; he will achieve success with us. Great managers build their success on the foundations of past failures; we are a young side that will learn from its mistakes and become a force in English football.

    A bit of optimism is all us fans need to have.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Chimbo!, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. ridouche
    "I can not understand our bombardment of criticism at Martin Jol"

    No, obviously not. People in this site are all stupid, ignorant, impatient and lack vision!

    At least they are hypothesising the obvious, which you are denying, and please stop to compare us with manure in the 90’s. Every club that sacked their manager tried this rule; the reality is that it is an exception. The exception is embedded in the character of the manager, which we have only learned when manure got to where they are.

    Asking questions and trying to answer them is a virtue that is not given to everyone, because it requires too much effort which explains your denial. My advice is to read Explanations, Accounts, and Illusions: A Critical Analysis by John McClure.
  2. tomo
    Commoli buys the players. Has he done a good job? Doesn't look like it. I still can't believe that after all the money we've spent we still look mid-table. It's almost UNBELIEVEABLE.
  3. roguepsi
    If we found ourselves in this position in a years time, I would understand the call for Jol to go but at the moment, it is ludicrous. This has, so far, been the only real test of our squad and its safe to say that we haven't flounced with flying colours. Now Jol has to work with the squad to improve them, both with introducing higher quality playing staff and addressing the lack of balance within the team. If he does that and we still find ourselves off the pace, question his position then. Now is not the time.
    "Look at all the money we have spent" - illustrates the lack of true knowledge on the part of many critics. We have spent 25.3 million net (includes Frank Arnsen money at 10 million but NOT the 15 million pounds share money) since, and including, buying Defoe and Brown - that isn't alot of money.
  5. tomo
    True knowledge..............cheeky fucker :wink:

    Let me put it another way then. We have been one of the major players in the transfer market for a number of years. A few summers ago we were only second behind Chelsea in the money spent by Prem Clubs during the window.

    Not many teams casually spend 10 mill plus on a striker these days. We did and he can't seem to play away from home.........................cue the abuse by the Berbatov fan club :grin:.......................I like Berba, great player but truly fuckin shite away from WHL.
  6. smashing
    Loved your article Chimbo.....well done mate, some sanity at last!
  7. Wiener
    I wholeheartedly agree and I suspect so do the vast majority of spurs fans.

    I would however argue that optimism is not needed. It will only make the journey more enjoyable. Even without it, any man or woman with any sense and perspective can see that we are going in the right direction.

    In the meantime we will have to endure and humour the mostly idiotic and illiterate posts of those fellow spurs fans who revel in gloom and doom.

  8. tomo

    Why are you named after a small cock? :grin:
  9. Wiener
  10. Wiener
    In my native language it means Viennese.
  11. ridouche
    For you, I suggest you read "Little Lost Cowboy" by Simon Puttock and Caroline Jayne.
  12. Kingstheman
    More support for our boys - less of this "half-hearted-oh-no-we-have-gone-one-nil-down-lets-all-go-and-try-to-hang-someone" support.
  13. devonte01

    "...gloom and doom..." and you have the cheek to call fellow fans "illiterate". Mr educated fan, it should be "...doom and gloom..."

    Those so called "...idiotic and illiterate..." fans are entitled to their views
  14. markspurs
    These are the times when we have to get behind our team and let them know that we still have full confidence in them!
  15. theMAXILOPEZpsycho
    I thought the article was going to be about me!!!

    Anyway, though I personnaly would like to see jol given longer, the only pro jol arguments you've really given are a recruitment policy that he has little to do with. So the idea that we'd "be back to square 1 if jol was axed" , back to the days of sicknotes and overpaid karloskickaballs is by no means inherently true; as long as the levy-pleat installed recruitment policy remains; indeed look at the youngsters we've just snapped up in taraabalt and the QPR chap.

    And saying fergie was given time so every failing manager should be given time isn't even worth laughing at as an argument...god how many year have we lost with this "next season" "5 year plan" horseshizen???????????
  16. ravo
    Well said. We need time and a couple of good midfield / defensive buys.
  17. davidmatzdorf
    Does anyone have the slightest idea what this post is about? I reckon I'm pretty literate, but I can't make any sense of it.
  18. Sanj
    good article.
    If felow fans could put things in perspective and see how far the club and TEAM have progressed in the last 5 years (after 20 years of hoping the next season will be better).
    We have struggled with injuries this year, which the top clubs have not coped well with in recent years (Chelsea/ terry this season, united/ scholes last season etc..). we have missed our skipper, but also a leader in the centre of the park. the injuries/ lack of continuity have played a major part in the midfield not shaping up and developing as we would wish.

    For those of you asking for Jol's head - who would you bring in? If any of you actually thought that we would be pushing into the top 4 this season, then i can understand your disapointment but also think that it was foolish to believe we would emulate last season. I would'e hoped for top 6 ,but injuries and nuber of games have hampered us. however we have management and players who can and will learn from this next season if they are given the opportunity,

    Do you really think that we would move forward? if anything i think we'd be more likely to lose our top players.
  19. AlexBenjamin
    Great post.

    Things are not going great at the moment. In fact, things are going pretty badly.

    I think there are some crucial things that need to be focused on at this time. Martin Jol is a yid through and through. He catagorically turned down the opportunity to coach the top team in Holland to stay with us, and in every interview I've read with him where the subject has come up, he has made it clear how deeply he wants to acheive success with Tottenham. People bring up this apparant tactical naivety that Jol has - but his background in Holland surely must be evidence enough that he knows what he's doing...It seems to me at the moment, it is simply a matter of our team being struck by crucial injuries and lack of experience.

    Behind Jol is our Chairman, Mr Levy - who not only has given us evidence over and over that he wants to make spurs one of the top teams in the country, but is also a life-long fan.

    With the additions of people like Moniz and Commoli, the guy from the Olympic bid commitee (can't remember his name right now) etc..let alone the great additions to the squad, clearly the club is moving in a great direction, and has done this in a very short space of time.

    I can only see things getting better and better for us - there are clearly a few gaps in the squad, but I'm sure they will be filled in the next season or 2 - bedding in with the extremely young squad we already have, that, given a couple of years of maturity and experience should no doubt give any team in the country a run for its money.

    Come. On. You. Spurs.

    I will support them all my life through thick and thin, win, lose or draw.

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