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Aug 6, 2005
Here we go again with the "entitled to their views" - stating the obvious and arguing with a point that has not been made.

The unarguable fact that they are entitled to their views does not make one bit of difference to whether or not their views are "idiotic and illiterate".

So why do people just keep on posting this? I think I've seen it 10-20 times over the past couple of months, except that usually it's "entitled to their opinions". No one ever says otherwise. So what does it add to the discussion?

Maybe when you realise that we live in a democratic society and not under dictatorship, you will understand my views a little better


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Jun 7, 2004
Maybe when you realise that we live in a democratic society and not under dictatorship, you will understand my views a little better
You have completely ignored - or perhaps completely missed - my point, which has nothing to do with dictatorship/democracy (and I would disagree with your suggestion that we "live in a democratic society", but then I'm an old anarchist at heart...).

If anything, my point is quite far down the extreme-democratic line.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. No one ever argues otherwise. So why do people keep using "everyone has a right to an opinion" as a counter-argument, whenever someone says that someone else's argument is ill-thought-out or nonsensical. It isn't an argument against this - it's a completely irrelevant comment in the context.

The only other explanation I can think of for this is that what people are really trying to say is "everyone's opinion is as good as everyone else's". Which is self-evidently ridiculous. Some opinions are consistent, logical and well-thought-out and some are just aberrations and make no sense at all.

All opinions are not created equal. But that is completely different than saying that people do not have a right to have their crazy opinions. Which I never say. Ever. Because it's wrong.

"Everyone has a right to their opinion" is a comment about free speech, which is not being challenged.

"Everyone's opinion is as good as everyone else's" is just a way to kill discussion, because if it were true, there would be no point in having a debate at all.

And that is my point.


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Apr 22, 2006
All seems a long time ago this..
5 wins on the trot and no one is complaining.
Despite the articles belieef that there was a Jol Out brigade, I cant recollect reading anyone on this site that said get Jol out. Maybe the odd idiot but a small tiny minority. what people were doing was questioning his tactics and team selection. That my frirnd is evry Spurs fans perrogative. But I think if you took a poll at the time of our dip in form (because that is all it was) Then you would haave had a 90+% poll in support of BMJ and what he is trying to do for the great THFC.