Cos I’m bored...’Invincible's’ vs current Man City team (or even this Spurs side)?

Discussion in 'General Football' started by LondonOllie, Mar 5, 2018.

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    How do you think that Gooner team would match up against this current City team and then the current Spurs side when we are fireing on all cylinders.
  2. cwy21

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    Top athletes have gotten even faster and fitter than 15 years ago. I don't know how well any top team from the early 2000s would handle the intense pressing that City and Spurs can do for almost 90 minutes now. I suspect City would beat them quite easily and Spurs would be favorites IMO. Of course, that Arsenal team committed tackles that would be straight reds today, but was merely "getting stuck in" in days past.
  3. mano-obe

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    If the Arsenal team were as fit as these guys now who knows? They could defend and attack and you always fancy a chance of getting one over on Stones and co.

    Very difficult to say
  4. Shadydan

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    This City side are the best footballing team I've seen in the Premiership ever.
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  5. Dougal

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    Dele has nothing on Pires.


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