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    From the Telegraph:

    Brady is bringing legal action against PKF, an accountancy firm hired by Spurs to investigate their rival club in the bidding war for the Olympic Stadium.
    On Wednesday a High Court judge ordered PKF to hand over all information relating to its obtaining of Brady’s records, and she will then decide whether to sue.
    Last week PKF admitted that it had received copies of the records and that a partner in the firm, Howard Hill, had handed them to journalists from The Sunday Times, which subsequently published an expose of the bidding process.
    PKF said it had not been responsible for illegally obtaining the records, however, and on Wednesday the court was told they arrived in “the proverbial brown envelope” from an anonymous source.
    The court also heard details of the crude method by which the records were said to have been procured, though not who was responsible.

    According to West Ham’s counsel, Ben Jaffey, an individual named Thomas Brady called Vodafone customer services and persuaded them to send copies of Karren Brady’s mobile phone records to an email address, which was registered in the US.
    West Ham’s skeleton argument, presented to the court, states: “Brady does not know a Thomas Brady and had no knowledge of the email address. It was created for the dishonest purpose of obtaining Ms Brady’s private phone records.
    “This activity was carried out as part of a covert investigation instigated and paid for by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club into West Ham’s joint bid for the lease of the Olympic Stadium.
    “Tottenham Hotspur deny that they instructed PKF or Mr Hill to use any improper means. However, they have been careful not to deny that they received Ms Brady’s telephone records, or other unlawfully obtained material.”
    The court was read a statement from Tottenham finance director Matthew Collecott, in which he confirmed that PKF was retained by Spurs to carry out “due diligence” of West Ham.
    Jaffee said his interpretation of the statement was that Hill was a “rogue agent”.
    The Metropolitan Police are investigating the allegations and two arrests have been made on suspicion of fraud.
    In a statement issued on Wednesday night PKF said: “Neither West Ham nor Karren Brady have made any claim against PKF. They have asked us to supply information, which is confidential to our client, Tottenham Hotspur.
    “Tottenham Hotspur indicated earlier today that it no longer objects to us providing this information, and will we now happily do so.”
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    Phone hacking and rogue agents. All Daniel needs now is a white cat.

    Brady = Fat Bastard
    Sullivan = Nik Nak
    Gold = Member
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    Levy has taken the piss in recent times. Firstly with challenging the legitimacy of Olympic stadium award, then buying their star player for peanuts and then loaning them Bentley to reduce wages only for him to play less than two games before a long term injury, which has cost the Spammers £500k for the privilege.

    I imagine the porn barons are exploring every available avenue for revenge, which is quite comical at best.
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    ......not to mention agent Keane's loan spell to West Ham which probably topped the Bentley deal in terms of high farce.
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    Should somebody not point out that Thomas is her 'weekend' name ?
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    Anyone who's ever had to get phone records for legitimate purposes and by legitimate means must be amazed that somebody got them by doing this.
    If it's not your own phone records they normally ask for a court order.
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    Does she need the publicity for her starring role on the Apprentice?

    I bet his Lordship has a laugh about her tantrums, do us a favour love.
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    Someone needs to fix this bit.
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    Do the dildo Brothers and the dildo quality control tester (aka Baked Bean breath) really think they're going to get Levy sent down over this? A lot of their fans seem to think they will which is mental when you think that it was West Ham who failed to tell anyone that they had an OPLC member on the pay roll.

    The whole thing has been a shambles but let's not forget that the West Ham board have played it dirty since the very beggining with their smear campaigns about promises in the name of the Queen and the spreading of false information about the costs of knocking down the Olympic Stadium.

    They're a second rate club with a third rate board of directors, the only thing they have going for them is Big Sam's ability to get the max out of that bunch of no hopers they call a playing squad.
  10. Lilbaz

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    They probably did it in the Queens name :shifty:
  11. Lilbaz

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    Right, so now it appears that we didn't even hire PKF, they were hired by Olswang an auditing company that we hired. We may or may not have had the phone records since March, blah blah... Read the Guardian for a full review.

    The illegally acquired phone records of West Ham United's vice-chair, Karren Brady, were passed to Tottenham Hotspur's lawyers in early March, it has emerged, although the club continues to argue that it did not receive copies itself and had no use for them in any case.

    At a high court hearing on Wednesday lawyers for Brady and West Ham won an order requiring accountants PKF, hired by Spurs to conduct "due diligence" on the acrimonious bidding process for the Olympic Stadium, to hand over "unlawfully obtained" copies of Brady's itemised phone bills.

    Justice Coulson said that "in a meeting on March 4 2011, a copy of the records was provided to Olswang, legal advisers to Tottenham Hotspur". The meeting took place around three weeks after the Olympic Park Legacy Company had awarded the Olympic Stadium to West Ham following an acrimonious bidding process.

    Olswang was gathering material for a possible judicial review, which eventually reached court in October but was then halted in its tracks when the government and the OPLC pulled the plug on their deal with West Ham and Newham council in the face of delays caused by legal challenges from Spurs and Leyton Orient.

    Although their lawyers held a copy of the records, Spurs maintain that they were not passed on to the club and that directors had no use for them in any case, because they were aware that contact between OPLC board members and bidders was encouraged under the tender process. The records are believed to show details of phone calls between Brady and OPLC board members, including the chief executive Andrew Altman.

    But he added: "It must have been someone who knows him and knows his relationship with Tottenham Hotspur."

    According to Coulson, Collecott confirmed that PKF was engaged in February to carry out "due diligence" on the process. Spurs were concerned details of their tender for the Olympic Stadium had been leaked.

    West Ham's counsel, Ben Jaffey, said his reading of Collecott's desciption of the sequence of the events was that Hill was being painted as a "rogue agent" who had "exceeded his authority". Both PKF and Hill claim not to know where the phone bills came from, saying they had been sent anonymously. I understand Hill produced Brady's phone records to Olswang. When asked he confirmed they had been received anonymously. Olswang confirm they made it clear to Mr Hill it was imperative that all investigations were carried out within the law," said Spurs finance director Matthew Collecott in his witness statement.

    "I did not attach any significance to Howard Hill's reference to receiving telephone records ... In any event they would have been of absolutely no relevance to me because I (and indeed any other director) was entitled to call OPLC board members and so was Ms Brady. Telephone contact between the bidders and members of the OPLC was actually encouraged under the rules applicable to the bid, as anyone who is part of the process would realise."

    The case notes outline how an individual calling themselves "Thomas Brady" with a fictional West Ham email address had managed to obtain Brady's itemised Vodafone mobile phone bills from its customer services department.

    Jaffey said that PKF claimed not to know where the documents had come from and said that its partner Howard Hill had claimed the telephone records arrived "in the proverbial brown envelope".

    Spurs strongly deny they had any part in the acquisition of the telephone records, or subsequently saw them, or had any interest in doing so while PKF claim the documents were sent to them anonymously.

    Howard Hill, a PKF partner, has admitted passing the records to the Sunday Times, which used them as part of the basis for an article in June. Hill apologised to the Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, after the Sunday Times article appeared, the court was told.

    Last week, the judge had described how West Ham and Brady were given the "traditional runaround" by Spurs and PKF as they attempted to establish whether the phone bills existed and who had access to them. According to the agreement reached on Wednesday, PKF must supply Brady and West Ham copies of the phone records and any documents based on the information contained therein.
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    Something of an assumption by Mr. Jaffey.

    Let us not forget that a primary reason for the plug being pulled on the original tender was the filing of an anonymous complaint with the EU. This was of no evident benefit to THFC, as the informed opinion was that we were going to win the JR hearing. Somebody clearly has an axe to grind.

    It is entirely possible that the 'phone records were provided by somebody with a similar motivation. If, as seems likely from what Lilbaz has been kind enough to post, the 'phone records would have been no use to Spurs, then it is difficult to see why the club would have - as Wet Spam and the rabid Brady suggest - employed somebody to source them.

    Straws and clutching spring to mind.
  13. Lilbaz

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    I'm a total consriracy theorist (in this at least, I believe the Beatles went to the moon and Dianna was killed by a dashboard). There was rumours of arguments between Newham and West Ham as WH were meant to be trying to pressure Newham for the full £80m as they couldn't afford it. Newham wanted out and just maybe might haeve put a complaint into the EU.

    Still can't wait for Levy's autobiography (the **** better write one cause if I have to it wont be pretty).
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    I can see pressure being applied to the judge from the OPLC and various government officials to smear Spurs because a lot of what he is coming out with appears circumstantial at best.

    Worst case scenario we get found guilty but the case gets thrown out on appeal, therefore achieveing the only goal our enemies can realistically get and that is to tarnish our public image.

    Sod 'em I say. I hope the Olympics goes tits up
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    Not the whole Olympics just the athletics, personally I have nothing against the beach volleyball.:)

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