Danny Rose stops just short of asking for transfer

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 10, 2017.

  • by beuller, Aug 10, 2017 at 8:23 AM
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    Read the full article at Football 365

    Tottenham defender Danny Rose has said he would consider offers to leave the club and wants to “play up north” before the end of his career.

    Bit unnecessary Danny.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. beuller
    This will be a tough one to ride out. He's never been afraid to speak his mind.

    Has the same agent as Walker. Rose's uncle.
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  2. double0
    Oh well. That's the world of football. I think any player that wants out should be allowed no hard feelings...in Rose case hes been frankly honest, he is not saying he wants out just yet but at some time.... That could also apply to Spurs too.
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  3. Dharmabum
    IF those qoutes from The Sun are true, well Rose is basically anouncning to other clubs that unless Levy increases his salary he'll be all ears if other clubs will offer him more money (and we all know many clubs are ready to offer him more money).
  4. Smokinhotspur
    Nothing to see here. He signed a contract up until 2021 so the club holds all the aces. Still not nice to hear though especially the aggressive tone of it all.
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  5. hutchiniho
    I don't think you can blame him on his points here.
    1. We haven't won a trophy
    2. We haven't signed anyone
    3. The players we have been linked with are not those marquee names.
    4. We've sold the league's best RB, to a rival.
    5. Players will naturally compare their salary to what they could get elsewhere.

    To be honest he's spot on really. It is so frustrating. And must be more so for the players.
    The club has to match the players (and our) ambition now. Off the pitch, because we have some awesome first XI talent, we need to decide if we want to step into Chelsea, city and Utd's world. We're no longer a 5/6th side, time to start acting like a title challenger.
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  6. UbeAstard
    I read it that he is talking about his next contract

    ''The defender also expects a pay rise when he negotiates his next contract.

    He added: "I know my worth and I will make sure I get what I am worth. I don't know how much longer I might have at this level.''

    No big alarm there, its business as usual.
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  7. Sir Henry
    Demanding a wage rise is one thing, but being a disrespectful little **** by saying the signings should not be someone you have to google is well out of order.

    A little prick like that in the team is not what were all about, get rid and get rid fast.
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  8. Dharmabum
    Yes, but we all know that Levy is not the most generous when it comes to transfer fees and salaries. Even West Ham pay (much) higher salaries than Spurs. So the top clubs in the EPL - and not only top clubs in the EPL - will easily offer a higher salary than Spurs.
    Thus said, I am not totally blaming Levy as he's an expert in balancing the books and I feel player now a days are earning too much money.
  9. UbeAstard
    Whatever Rose says or does, the club need to keep the long term strategy in mind. The current strategy has got us where we are now and will give us a stage to compete with the bigger clubs in the future. Who needs the boom bust of Leeds, Villa and Newcastle.
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  10. TottenhamMattSpur
    We will come to a cross roads. We've improved so much we're unrecognizable compared to even 5 years ago.

    The problem is, all our players are now regarded as elite and almost every one of them would walk into our rivals teams.
    We don't have to pay them obscene money to keep them happy but our salary system has to match our ambition. We simply can't retain the creme de La creme year on year at a fraction of the cost.
    If Arsenal can supposedly offer £250k+ then surely we can offer £150k to players that have showed general loyalty for years as well as impressed.
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  11. Jonesey
    Knew this was coming. Be interesting to see how the club respond to this.

    He's not only effectively challenging the wage structure of the club (i.e: in so many words, if Walker's worth £100k+ a week so am I) he's also asking the club to show some ambition and "sign players you don't have to google to see who they are".

    If he feels like this following the Walker move you can bet your bottom dollar that players like Toby, Eriksen, Dier will be feeling the same. And you can bet they're all talking about both of the above points when they're together. We already know Vertonghen felt like this a year ago.

    If we don't invest now and put plans in place to alter the wage structure in the next 12months - then end up finishing 5th,6th (or worst) our best players (and probably Poch) will be gone next summer.

    This is such a huge transfer window for us and it just doesn't look like Levy realises how a lack of ambition will come across to the players.

    That or he thinks we can endure a couple of seasons of transition while we finish the stadium and bed more academy players in.
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  12. Jonesey
    Spot on.
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  13. Dharmabum
    I am wondering if Rose knew of Wimmer, Dier, Dele without googling them :cool:
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  14. diamondlight
    We have stepped into their world.
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  15. diamondlight
    Indeed. Or himself.
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  16. yid-down-under
    His points may be valid but to publically air them in this fashion is unprofessional and highly disappointing for a player who is where he is because of our club.
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  17. Sweetsman
    Did we win anything when Van Der Vaart came to us?
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  18. wakefieldyid
    The irony's probably lost on him, but he got his chance at Spurs precisely because the club has never been fixated with using Google to identify new players.
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