Danny Rose stops just short of asking for transfer

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Tottenham defender Danny Rose has said he would consider offers to leave the club and wants to “play up north” before the end of his career.

    Bit unnecessary Danny.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Maske2g
    can you get double outside the transfer window?
  2. UncleBuck
    What if he's already spoken privately behind closed and he's had his nose put out of joint....

    Who knows what to think any more, it's a hard one though because when you get Poch coming out and saying they spoke to a player of Morata's calibre and the response from the player was he wouldn't get in front of Kane so wouldn't join us then how do you not only attract that calibre of player to us but also keep the current players happy?

    There was a thread at the end of last season and so many of us were questioning who would get in our team and where did we need to strengthen, there were quite a few who felt that the starting XI couldn't really be bettered so maybe the players need to stop listening to the "daily media frenzy" regarding our lack of activity in the transfer market and start believing in themselves a bit more.

    Let's take Toby, sent on loan to Soton for a season by his parent club and then we decided to buy him, quite a few questioned why we needed him but you look at him now and he's one of the best, if not the best, CB's in the EPL. Vert's, had anyone heard of him prior to him joining us? Eriksen? Again, not exactly a household name but would anyone be surprised if Barca didn't come knocking if they can't get Coutinho?

    What the club should have done, and I appreciate the ship the DL runs and agree with our philosophy of promotion and growth of players, not necessarily our extra late panic buys mind you, was assess the market and how things were going and adjust the players contracts accordingly to alleviate any 'outbursts' from a senior player which could possibly undermine the club.

    What Rose has actually done is railroad us into the transfer market and that's not down to a player to make that call because no player should ever have that influence over a club. Not only does it now force up any price we'll have to pay for any potential new recruit because it'll look like we are desperate for players or desperate to appease Rose but it'll also have ramifications on the squad as a whole, unless he's acting as a mouthpiece for them which if that is the case we've got some serious issues to address....
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  3. guiltyparty
    If a more successful company than my own, both recently and historically, offered to double my money, I'd jump in a cab and sign the next day.

    If I was working in Manchester and it was a job in London, I'd be on the train that evening.
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  4. Gaz_Gammon

    But i don't care whether it be any of them or Rose, or Walker.

    Do you not understand what happened to Barcelona last week? We will NEVER pay what you think is going to secure Rose or any player.

    The issue is not what he wants, but the disservice he did to the club and what he said about you the fan.

    You are actually oblivious to what is actually going on around you.
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  5. Shadydan
    If your a good player and have clubs after you your agent will make sure you get a good deal elsewhere and line you up for a move when the TW opens.

    But nope, he was happy to sign a contract for that amount at the time so what did he expect was going to happen, funny thing is that I suspect that he would have been in line for an increase this season to put him amongst the top earners but I don't think he'll get that now, he'll probably get his wish and go and earn that elsewhere.
  6. Lighty64
    well at the moment to stay within the FFP we are paying 48% of our income on wages, if it means they want more money then they will have to wait to be sold, because we can't raise that to 96%.

    I'm from an age when a player played for the badge, the same badge I will die following. if they want out then fuck the lot of them, most of them are just a bunch of greedy bastards, that know our stance, know our financial position unless they are just totally THICK!
  7. Gaz_Gammon
    I wonder if Rose Googled Dele Alli, Kristian Eriksen or Eric Dier when they signed for us?

    Just asking like?
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  8. Sweetsman
    So, in other words, you couldn't answer my point? Some of Rose's comments are idiotic and frankly disrespectful: he was a nobody going nowhere when Poch showed faith in him and coached him like never before. He should stop parroting his uncle.
  9. Sweetsman
  10. 14/04/91
    And I bet a few of them had to google Danny Rose when he joined.....short memory these footballers
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  11. Jonesey
    Loving the inherent irony in your comment there
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  12. Jonesey
    All good points but unfortunately Danny Rose - and undoubtedly some other players in the team since Walker left and went on to earn £150k a week - do not give a flying f**k.

    That's getting real.
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  13. Jonesey
    Because it's outdated and will lead to the break up of this team - and destroy everything it has achieved in the past three years - unless something is done about it.

    It's not Levy's fault it needs to happen as such, the big spending clubs across Europe have created this situation, but let's be honest it's been coming for the past few years and now, following a crazy, crazy window, all of a sudden we find ourselves woefully uncompetitive at a time when we most need to be.

    I think deep down we all agree with each other on here to be honest - none of us WANT to be in the situation we are in - but the bottom line is if we don't show ambition and a willingness to prove to our best players that we can compete for trophies they will leave. Simple as that.

    And when a club is offering to double your wages now, with your own club saying "just hang on a couple of years until the gate receipts of our shiny new stadium allow us to up your wages to what all your peers are earning right now" there's just no way they're going to hang around if they don't think they're going to win anything.

    And finally, EVERYONE knows we lack depth to compete in Europe and the PL at the same time - most of all the players. They saw it unfold last season just like we did.
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  14. SirHarryHotspur
    To compete
  15. Smokinhotspur
    If he does try to agitate for a move before the end of the window then I think it is high time a club made an example of this type of behaviour. I am sick to the back teeth of it, looking at the situation with Van Dijk at Soton and Gylffi at Swansea who I would not have had down as 'that sort of player'.

    If Rose were to suffer a dreadful injury or loss of form then we would be lumbered with him for the rest of the contract he signed. We are in charge of the situation here and if he decides to try to be disruptive then I think we should hold him to his lengthy contract and drop him from the team if needed until his attitude changes. However, we absolutely SHOULD NOT sell to demonstrate strongly that once a contract is signed, a termination would require agreement of all parties and be done in the right way!!
  16. SirHarryHotspur
    Spurs can only compete on wages with increased income and apart from TV money that has to come from the fans , how many fans fancy paying Arsenal prices, this season category A games behind the goal lower tier £64 upper tier front £90. Compare that to old WHL prices or this seasons Wembley prices, if you want the players to have fat wage packets you have to up ticket prices now who wants that.!!
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  17. Gaz_Gammon
    All the players know that already, and those same players signed contract extensions.

    Rose is just a greedy fucker, wanting more than what he agreed to back in December.

    I truly hope he gets whats coming to him because Levy will be looking for 60 million and i'd snatch any teams hand off for that.

    We haven't skipped a beat without him in the side, so all the bargaining chips are with the club not the player.
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  18. Gaz_Gammon

    Losing our two longest serving players is no great loss when you look at the actual results with them out. Difficult situation yes, but Rose is unlikely to go this season anyway. If he does that would mean we have found a replacement. Life moves on and Levy ends up screwing another club out of sixty or seventy million. I have no problems with that at all.

    Walker wasn't playing and we won ten of the last twelve without him, and Rose likewise.

    Cry me a river.
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  19. Ledley's Right Foot
    True. But to throw the entire team, club, transfer strategy, manager, under the bus...seems a bit excessive.
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  20. Jonesey
    I don't disagree - in fact I think we should let him go of we can get Walker-money for him - but if we let him go with no replacement sorted the other players will see this as a lack of ambition and that will be bad.
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