Danny Rose stops just short of asking for transfer

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 10, 2017.

  • by beuller, Aug 10, 2017 at 8:23 AM
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    Tottenham defender Danny Rose has said he would consider offers to leave the club and wants to “play up north” before the end of his career.

    Bit unnecessary Danny.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. gusrowe
    Firstly I think this stinks of poor journalism, slightly twisting the words to make a headline, secondly he has just a new contract and thirdly he is still injured.
    Is there an element of truth maybe in one or two seasons he will move on and we will make a packet.
    Meantime he still a Spurs player and an England international.. To jump ship would be madness playing with the squad we have. No better squad in the Premiership.
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  2. sebo_sek
    He knew what he was signing 6 months ago.
    He said, at some point at will play up north. Fair enough.
    He knows what he is worth, but more importantly, so does the club. You want out, someone has to cough up 100 milion pounds.
  3. Sweetsman
    I was thinking of you.
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  4. Sweetsman
    It did make sense. It was a rhetorical question, which for some reason you decided to try to respond to, and then failed in an incoherent mess (see example above).
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  5. Gaz_Gammon
    Barcelona are as much a selling club now as Spurs, and in this sense there is a comparison.

    If one of the the richest clubs in World football can't keep their best players how do you expect Spurs to.
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  6. Sweetsman
    The basic fact here is that Rose has been an utterly ungrateful prick. His statements can be seen through, clear as glass; it's hilarious that he's had to backtrack from saying that he'd never been coached like he had by Pochettino to saying that it wasn't as if he had two left feet. Well, Danny Boy, you were the one who made the first statement, not us. As for this whole business about playing up north, who does he think he is, John Snow?
  7. Gaz_Gammon
  8. Spur4life
    I always called him fanny rose never Danny !
  9. mquinn73
    Wow, some people getting VERY heated about this whole fiasco.

    Look, Rose is an individual worker entitled to his view. That's OK, unless you happen to be living in North Korea. I think there's still a very good chance he stays at Spurs this season - and plays well for us. Right now, he is clearly our best left back and an important part of the team. So let's cut the crap with all the outrage and anger and just accept that he happens to be an employee who is unhappy with his current salary.

    The club has three options: (a) make him honour his contract - but who wants an unhappy employee? (b) offer him a new contract - does that open the floodgates? or defer it by guarantee him a new contract offer in 12 months?, or (c) ship him out to another club - but that weakens the team and was clearly not part of the plan this offseason....

    Either way, let's roll back on the hatred and vitriol just because he thinks he deserves an increased salary (and regardless what any of us think, the 'market' would indicate that he could get it elsewhere). Yes, he has been badly advised and shouldn't have gone public with his frustrations, but I won't overly condemn a 27yr old for an error of judgement. He needs to be handled sensitively (like all employees in any company) and persuaded that Tottenham are still the best place for him to ply his trade this season...

    But, please, enough with the outraged "greedy fu€ker" insults, etc....
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  10. tiger666
    He is. That doesn't mean it's ok to go to the papers 2 days before the season starts.
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  11. Sweetsman
    I don't about other people, but my issue with him is the way he has gone about it and not how much he's on. What he has said about googling players is insulting to your colleagues, present and former. Also, there is very little logic in what he's been saying, e.g. Van Der Vaart.
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  12. FibreOpticJesus
    Don't forget that he is just a thick footballer who is being manipulated by his agent and his words are being gobbled by the press. The same press who
    Championed Levy's brilliance in getting all of our top players signed up on new contracts. Now they are revelling in creating disharmony in the camp. If I were Levy and Poch I would be limiting The amount of interviews that they would get and being very unresponsive like Fergie was in the past. The club need to toughen up now we are at the top table.
  13. Azazello
    Another of writing the headline would be to say that 'Danny Rose doesn't ask for transfer request'.
  14. sebo_sek
    He signed a contract he was happy with 6 months ago, suddenly he makes a pittance,
    I'm sorry but outside of England EVERYONE would have to google up Danny Rose. English full backs are not household names.
    He just burnt the bridge BEFORE he crossed it. How thick is that?!
  15. Sweetsman
    I don't think he's thick.
  16. mquinn73
    No bridges have been burnt yet. A bit of man-management required by Levy and Poch, but that's part of the job. I still have faith that Danny Rose will be an important part of our season (and maybe for quite a few seasons after that).

    If he bangs in a winner against the Gooners, then there won't be many who will even recall this 'blip'...

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