Day 13: Groups F and E - ICE v AUT, HUN v POR, ITA v IRE, SWE v BEL

Discussion in 'The Euro 2016 Forum' started by Marty, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Syn_13

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    Yeah it's quite weird, a lot of teams have benefitted by not winning their group.
  2. Chris12

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    Maybe easier half of the draw, but got a harder first match against Croatia.
  3. Cavehillspur

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    Brilliant result, a very messy weekend ahead with NI v Wales on Sat tea time and Republic v France on Sunday :woot: cannot wait!!!
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  4. easley91

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    There are rarely any easy games in this tournament. Every big team has struggled in at least one game. Portugal should've walked the group like us. Instead they finished below two lesser sides and drew all THREE games. They'll struggle whoever they play.
  5. Marty

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    Croatia are a machine, I'm very confident they'll beat Portugal. They counter-attack brilliantly and the Portuguese defence won't be able to deal with it.
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