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    Dear Mr. Modric

    You may be aware that a number of english newspapers are running a story purporting to contain quotes from you. While I am reluctant to believe that you have indeed said these things, I fear that these organs would not have run the risk of a libel case for the sake of a football 'exclusive', however sensational the story may be. I therefore reluctantly assume that you did say them. If you did not, then please excuse me for what I am about to say.

    First, I do not share your opinion about Chelsea being a 'great club'. They are a club which first tasted success as recently as 1955 (and not again until 1970) and historically were always vying with West Ham for the claim to be the third biggest club in London. It is only since the injections of cash by first Matthew Harding and then Roman Abrahmovitch that they have become a media darling 'big club'. In my own humble opinion they are a detestable ensemble of arrogance and a shining example of all that is wrong with the modern game. Their followers include a larger-than-typical collection of neanderthals and so, frankly, does their squad. So far from being 'one of the best clubs in the world', they are, I would contend, one of the worst.

    You say that the reason for wishing to leave is that you want to play in the Champion's League. It is a laudable objective, and one which I - and all my fellow Spurs fans - would want for you; in the white shirt of Tottenham. It is indeed unfortunate that we missed out on qualification last season, finishing six points behind Arsenal. Had we managed to take more than one point off of relegated West Ham and Blackpool, we would have been closer to that elusive fourth spot. Furthermore, had we won as few as eighteen points of the thirty on offer from matches against teams that finished in the bottom five places, then not only would you be playing Champions League Football with Spurs next season, but Arsenal would have missed out on qualification. A win-win, if you like.

    While I do not wish to lay blame for that abject failure against the league's poorest teams entirely at your door, I am sure that you will agree that, as a key member of the team, you are at least partly culpable. Do you not feel that you and your colleagues were good enough to finish in the top four and have therefore failed each other, the management, the fans and the club? Do you not therefore feel that you might have a moral obligation to all of the fans who love you (a feeling which you say that you reciprocate) to right that wrong? To stay with the club who - as you have said on numerous occasions - brought you to the 'big time' of one of the best leagues in the world?

    You say that you want ...."to go in a good way, a friendly way....". That is doubtless the best way to leave a relationship, and I would wish you success in that endeavour. I have to tell you, though, that leaving now - when the Chairman has categorically stated that none of the club's best players will be sold - and leaving to a club that most of the fans who idolise you detest with a passion, means that your wish is doomed to failure. You will become a pariah at White Hart Lane and, frankly, it will be deserved.

    You also say that you will not request a transfer because "that would be disrespectful". I believe that you are correct: it would. But is it not disrespectful for you to give interviews of this type to national newspapers? Have you not, by declaring a wish to leave in such a public way, effectively handed in a transfer request? While I would like to think that it isn't so, such an act is surely hypocrisy of the highest order.

    If it were my decision, I would not accept any transfer fee from Chelsea, no matter how much money was offered. If you were set on leaving then I would not sell to any other english club; and I would only sell to a foreign club if the fee involved was substancially more than the existing world record. That at least would provide enough money to make the Northumberland Development Project viable and enable us to build a stadium to compete financially with other front-line clubs.

    In conclusion, I would like to say how disappointed I am in your actions. I and many fellow Spurs fans have believed you to be a 'classy' individual. Somebody who values loyalty. Somebody with integrity. It seems that I was mistaken. It seems that you would be ideally suited to join the motley collection of human detritus plying its trade in SW6.


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Discussion in 'Columns' started by spud, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. rupert miller
    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: how did a chelsea fan get in!
  2. CosmicHotspur
    I will be saddened if he goes because he is the kind of class player we need to achieve real success and his going would send out a message that we aren't in contention for the top four and European trophies.

    He has been my favourite player since he joined Spurs and will be really difficult to replace. It wouldn't be impossible, we've won games without him when he's been out with injury, but we would most certainly miss him and would need someone of equal calibre.

    It isn't just about money (if reported correctly) but he seems impatient for top flight football with a team winning medals and trophies which is understandable.

    Loyalty and one-team footballers, sadly, are generally a thing of the past and it makes it increasingly tough to build and blend a team with players not being willing to stay long-term and work towards success.

    Harry hasn't had long to build and has had some success, albeit limited, so far and I had hopes for this coming season that we would regain a place in the CL and do better. We can do it without Modric, but there's no doubt that it will be more of an uphill struggle if we don't replace him with someone as talented.

    That won't be easy.
  3. rupert miller
    yeah we should have done that berba,it would have meant not being able to buy modric,bale,sandro,vdv cause we would have been broke!
  4. johnjoedayid
    is there something fucking wrong with you ,go on chavskis fuckin forums
  5. pal90
    Please tell me - who held a gun to his head when he signed the new contract last summer committing himself to the club for 6 years?
  6. Welshiespursboyo
    Bollocks. Of course he can. I believe it is called a contract.
  7. jenko
    You are so right. I gave up allowing my heart and soul to support the club after Robbie Keane went to Liverpool, I was 36 yrs old then (and my son, Robbie was 6 months old). If Robbie could go at that time then anyone can go at any time. I'm done with the years of heartbreak watching them go one at a time when we are trying to build something special. I went through a natural cycle and found myself a little detached at the end of it, but happier that my life does not evolve around a sport that is corrupt and unfair.

    We should not allow ourselves to 'love' players as it only means we feel 'shit on' when they ask to move. Loyalty is a romantic notion that used to be part of football but no longer is. It all comes down to money and personal glory, and so the teams at the top stay there and will continue to until the game is changed, and we know FIFA will never change it as they are much of the problem. The fans are too divided to change things so I'm a bit pessimistic about the game and its future.

    I'm still a major spurs supporter but something kicks in nowadays that stops me getting depressed at a bad loss or a story like this. Theres more to life. Why should we get upset about the team losing when we can't be sure they were even trying 100%? We have to go all out to get this stadium cos this will continue until we pay the same wages as the bigger boys. With that in mind, look at Arsenal now they have they're stadium and notice how all the big players there still end up demanding to leave as well? Building a stadium will only help us, but be aware that there is no cure for the cancer infesting football at this time. :evil:
  8. Kingstheman
  9. whatsappnin
  10. JoeT
    Spot on post 'Jenko', even if it is somewhat depressing.
    Good article 'Spud', but maybe the hateful tirade against Chelsea was a bit unnecessary....
    (If Spurs get knocked out of a competition I support Chelsea over non-London teams...especially Manchester United.)
  11. spud
    That wasn't a tirade Joe, that was mild observation. I might get into tirade mode if we were to sell him to those bastards, but I'm nowhere near it yet.
  12. Ironskullll
    Why waste so much breath? This is what the article says:

    ‘If somebody comes to the club and the offer is good for me and acceptable to them, then I want to leave,’

    Read more:

    And Levy has said no offer will be acceptable. So... that means that.... Modric doesn't want to leave.

    Simples, it seems to me like to many people are educated beyond the level of their intelligence nowadays, and rags like the Mail milk them for it.
  13. Ironskullll
    ..... which, presumably is why he also reported to have said that he will not be putting in a transfer request.....
  14. jimtheyid
    Again people are ignoring the conclusive quotes from the Telegraph.
  15. striebs
    Ironskull , I love your logical deduction !

    You've got a great way with words "educated beyond the level of their intelligence" .

    Brilliant .
  16. ultimateloner
    the question now is how do we motivate modric
  17. CosmicHotspur
    All the motivation he will need is for us to have an excellent season with the addition of some new, quality team-mates.
  18. JimmyG2
    Admire the sentiment Spud but when was the last time, or even the first time, that a club sued a newspaper for fabricating a story?

    Most of them print absolute rubbish all day every day and not just on the Sports pages.

    Did Modric seek out a journalist to unload his current attitude and feelings?
    No he did not.
    He was hassled on holiday and probably fed questions like:
    'If a top club, based in London, who are regularly in the Champions' League offered to treble your wages would you consider the proposition?

    'Er I might do, pass the sun tan lotion would you.

    Relax and have a go at the papers not Luka,(he who can do no wrong) Modric

    It might be a different story next year though when Barca come knocking.
  19. michaelbri
    to be honest,if I were Modric,I would feel really frustrated.We completely ballsed up the best oportunity to take this club to the next level last season,by failing to attract a top draw striker.This alone caused us to miss out on CL football as the the clowns who played up front with the exception of VDV were hopeless.Our goalkeeper never covered himself in glory either.Anyone at stamford bridge who saw modric's reaction when gomez let another one though his legs will know how he feels as we as fans feel the same.It is now up to the club to go out and bring in the players ASAP !!! The chairman MUST act now or the more quality players will want to go.Too much energy has been expended on a stadium move to Stratford fans are ambivelent to at best and trying to sign Beckham.Get a grip Levy/redknapp and get your priorities right,whilst Luka has not done himself any favours,he is only thinking what a lot of us think.

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