Dear Mr. Modric


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Sep 2, 2003
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Admire the sentiment Spud but when was the last time, or even the first time, that a club sued a newspaper for fabricating a story?

Most of them print absolute rubbish all day every day and not just on the Sports pages.

Did Modric seek out a journalist to unload his current attitude and feelings?
No he did not.
He was hassled on holiday and probably fed questions like:
'If a top club, based in London, who are regularly in the Champions' League offered to treble your wages would you consider the proposition?

'Er I might do, pass the sun tan lotion would you.

Relax and have a go at the papers not Luka,(he who can do no wrong) Modric

It might be a different story next year though when Barca come knocking.
You must have missed this bit from the first paragraph: ".......I therefore reluctantly assume that you did say them. If you did not, then please excuse me for what I am about to say."

The simple truth is that we do not know what Luka said, the circumstances of how he said it, or who he said it to. He might have sought out a journalist 'to unload his current attitude and feelings' while at a safe distance from the club. It may all be true.

I hope it's all lies - hence the caveat above. Unlike you, I don't blithely assume that it is.