Dembele: 'I'm playing games and feeling good'

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 2, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. baldinyid
    If Dembele plays we rarely lose. So so so, important to us. If he's playing between now and the end of the season i see 2nd on the cards!
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  2. Donki
    He's a great player when he has someone like Eriksen to feed but he's very frustrating when he is trying to be the sole creater in midfield. That's more down to us as a team than an individual I guess.
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  3. baldinyid
    Agreed, i see him more as the integral cog within the engine which allows the pistons to fire.
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  4. JC-Rule
    absolutely bossed and bullied Pogba in that last game.

    he has almost everything in the book for a proper centre mid. Strong with and without the ball. good tackler, brilliant ball control and dribbling. the way he glides pass players is wonderful to watch.

    Only things missing from his game are the 60yard pin point passes and the goal count is low.

    But hey, you can't have everything.
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  5. Insomnia
    Love him, he's the GOAT according to so many team mates past & present, a fit Dembele between now & the Summer could be the difference between silverwear/top 4 & the other option I'd rather not type out.
  6. dagraham
    There is no doubt he is a limited player. However, he's so good at everything else that if he had vision and end product in the final third he'd be one of the best midfielders in the world and probably playing at Real Madrid by now.

    I put this in the player thread earlier :

    Not often you can glean anything interesting from a quote from the official site, but Dembele has said this :

    “Obviously we have more players doing well so we are rotating more but, for me, if I play a few games I always feel better and this is the case now."

    Now of course he could just be talking about general conditioning, but I'd always assumed with his injuries that we'd have to just bring him out in for the big games to see him still have an impact. Seems that maybe wrong and he's better after a run of consecutive games.

    Good news as when he's on it he makes such a massive difference to our team.
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  7. Westmorland
    Wasn’t there a stat last season that if Dier and Dembele play together in midfield we never lose, not sure if it still applies.
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  8. Japhet
    For me, the good from Dembele outweighs the bad 100x. Maybe he doesn't thread rapier passes into the box or hit shots from 25 yds into the top corner, but what he also doesn't do is give the ball away needlessly or carelessly and is one of the prime factors in why we manage to ramp up pressure on our opponents during long periods of possession. I'd rather Dembele do his thing than watch Dier continually trying 'Hail Mary' passes which invariably end up in turning over possession, or Dele trying yet another nutmeg with the same result.
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    Guessing that Dembele and Poch will work out how to keep him fit and in peak form....tough season with injuries but let's hope that he can maintain his own high levels and keep super fit between now and the end of the season.
  10. WhiteHeartLowe
    I love him too, just think hes giving away a few too many free kicks and picking up needless bookings recently.
  11. cider spurs
    Monster of a player. Going to be hard to replace when the sad day arrives.

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  12. waresy
    I'm intrigued as a few games ago he looked spent. Wednesdays game would suggest it was a fitness/match fitness related thing and as he gets a rythm he plays more like the dembele we love. Lets hope it continues
  13. TottenhamMattSpur
    He's the best footballer in our team imo.
    As alluded to, if he scored more he'd have been rated by everyone and probably linked to the biggest of clubs.
  14. slartibartfast
    Took one for the team Sunday. Very important 'proffessional challnge' shall we call it. I remember seasons past when we'd have just let an opp player run past us rather than bring them down. So glad we finally realised if you wanna sit at the big table qith big boys you need to do as they do.
    I was surprised how well he played compared to last game.
  15. hunterr
    He's a beast imo. He's one of the players most transformed under Poch. There is no better centre mid at doing what he does in the league possibly in Europe. Sure he doesn't have the vision to be a creative mid but he is excellent at holding the ball under extreme pressure and pulling the opponents defensive mid out of position when trying to stop his one of his mazy dibbles. This creates holes and space for our more offensive players to do what they do.

    When the pressure is on as it will be in the big games to come, who better than him to win, hold and relieve pressure? He's a centre mid wrecking ball and so glad he's with us rather than against.
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