Dier had a "friendly" conversation with Jose

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Dharmabum, Oct 22, 2017.

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    That's a j.o.k.e, wind yer kneck in @Shadydan ya muppit.
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    The players looked so demoralised in today's game.

    Poch Out!
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    This really fucked up our game today. Should have been 10. Fuck you Dier and Poch. Fuck you
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    Strange one cos when everyone is fit, dier wouldnt make our starting 11 imo, it is good to have squad depth, but he doesnt strike me as the type of person who wants to be a squad player.
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    This is the thing tho, right?? How far have we come that Utd want our player who isn't even (yet) our best in that position for us?

    I think Poch is right, Dier will be an immense CB. He needs to learn his trade and cut out silly things, he did very well against Madrid and I'd expect Poch to use that as his best example.
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    Typical from Mourhinio, nothing will come from this. Waiting for the standard comment from Jose this week tryjng to play mind games before a big game.
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    Not sure where to mention this but The Sunday Times has an excellent (IMO) interview with Eric Dier published today. Its a paywall site so I can't post a link on the News Forum. Anyway it includes this issue with regard to Mourinho. A couple of quotes:
    "Dier did not need this interview to convince anybody at Tottenham about his bond with his boss, but he would like anxious fans to hear. Hear how, despite a difficult situation last winter, "my relationship with the manager has become even stronger for what we went through"."
    The article talks about Pochs book and the timing, etc. Dier is also quoted as saying:
    "I've always been so happy at Tottenham. There have been moments like January (the Mourinho thing) built out of frustration but never a period where I wan't happy. I say it to friends and family, that I think its very difficult to be in a group like we have here where - and every single word of this is honest - I don't have a single problem with one player in the dressing room. And that's true of the whole team. We really connect as individuals. It's something special because it happens so rarely in football and that's one of the reasons why I've never thought of leaving."
    He admits to loss of form after playing 61 games in 2015/16 culminating in the Euros with England, and tiredness.
    He talks also about his preferred position.
    All good stuff. Very reassuring.
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