Differences between Harry and AVB

Discussion in 'Columns' started by HobokenSpur, Jan 2, 2013.

  • by HobokenSpur, Jan 2, 2013 at 2:45 AM
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    Now that weve seen a bit more of AVB and the team are starting to gel a bit, I've been doing some research to see if we have improved in any real tangible manner or conversely regressed.

    The one thing that really stands out is how much better spurs are after half time under AVB than they were under Harry, specifically the first 15 mins ( 46 to 60 )- we've scored 11 goals and 12 between 61 and 75. We're on pace to score 22 in the first 15. To put it into context Harry's spurs only scored 6 goals in 2011/2012 in the same period. Seems to be AVB is really quite tactically astute even though we don't have a super sub, win in the last 5 minutes. Really quite impressive if you ask me....

    What are people's thoughts?
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by HobokenSpur, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Jaffer99
    I agree, he does seems able to work out things and then change them, something Harry never could..
  2. Col_M
    Is that the only difference your analysis has identified?!
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  3. ikan
    We are aware of that. We are scoring more after half time and credits must go to AVB and his staffs for the half time prep talk and analysis. Selection of players are more variable and selections are mostly based on the opposition and their style of play. I believe we are much improved in set pieces too and most of all, we have reduced down significantly in conceding goals after the 80th minute. Long may this continue .... With the injured players coming back, I am sure AVB have more tricks under his sleeves. On another note, the presence of Stefan Freund at backroom staffs is such a joy to watch.
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  4. Durbs
    Stefan is great to watch especially when we score - it looks like he wants to run on to the field and dive on the players as he used to do when playing :)
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  5. jenko
    AVB smells of old spice, Harry smells of piss. o_O

    (only kidding Harry, couldn't resist)
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  6. mawspurs
    This time last year we were 3rd in the league and Harry was 'favourite' for the England job.
    Today we are still 3rd of the league and Harry is facing relegation with QPR.

    Harry did a great job but, considering the key players we have lost since Harry left, AVB is doing just as good a job so far if not better.
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  7. sussexyid
    Yeah, im still thinking this years squad is not as strong as last years. yet we are in the same league position at the moment. Well done AVB!
  8. muel
    I think thats the key for me. We are 3rd just like last season however without our inspirational captain and leader (King), midfield maestro pulling the strings (Luka) and world class presence who could get a goal out of nothing (Rafa). Add to that being without arguably our player of the year Kaboul for most of the season and Benny the most underated LB in the EPL.Given the wholesale changes I cannot be anything other then full of praise for AVB and his team. Also the teams around us have invested heavily last summer and we are still 3rd! If by the start of next season our core squad is intact plus a world class striker and maybe a creative cm I really think we could challenge!
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  9. Redfap
    Not too mention missing our arguably current best player Dembele (Bale aside) for a crucial part of the year as well.

    I'm not sure we have even put our best team out on the field yet.

    Kaboul, Parker, Modric, Rafa, King and BAE have all played virtually no part this season. Imagine us last year without those players.
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  10. ikan
    To do is to dare. I believe Spurs CAN chalenge for the tittle next season. Can't wait for that to happen. I don't think Harry can save QPR. Harry did well with Spurs previously mainly because the squad is quality. The team then just need someone who is familiar with the English League to steer them. Harry was lucky. Look at what he has now. He even need to talk nice about Tarabaat and blame his departure to Levy. As far as I can remember, Harry didn't even fancy him in the first place.
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  11. GetSpurredOn
    Always struck me that Harry's strength was as a motivator, not so much a tactician. He just encouraged the players to go out and express themselves, which led to some fantastic football in the main, but when things started going wrong, he didn't seem to be able to make the necessary changes to halt the end if season slide. Similarly I'm not seeing any major upturn in QPR's form yet.
    Now AVB on the other hand seems more astute. He has arguably a weaker squad than we had last year, yet after a slow start where he was trying to implement changes to mould the team into his style, we are now making good progress. Perhaps still not playing with the dashing verve and flair of the first half of last season, but we are starting to look more ruthlessly efficient and effective. All this, as has been said above, without the World Class spine of King, Modric and VDV, who are no longer playing for us, plus two of our first choice defence missing all season in Kaboul and BAE, our talismanic midfield general from last year in Parker is only just becoming available. Add to that, Adebayor is only now starting to get a run of games after injury and suspension too, we have done terrificly well to sit where we are with a ravaged squad.
    Now comes the key point if the season. We sit in exactly the same place as we did last year, the biggest difference will be seen if we can avoid a repeat of the catastrophic collapse. Investment could/should be key. Did we learn our lessons from last January. Those around us strengthened their squads whilst we did not. We have 'got by' without a natural LB, but just making do should not be enough. Ekotto's return should lift us, but after rumours of a potential exit, a replacement should be sourced. I don't feel CM and WM are as key as others make out, as with the players we already have I think we are gelling well. However if AVB truly believes Moutinho can be the difference maker, then we have to show we back him. CF is where I'd like to see us strengthen, because we are only one injury/suspension away from having one starting striker and no backup/game changing bench option.
    I think there are a few more fringe players that can be moved on, freeing up wages and transfer funds to make the necessary additions. Also, I can see more outgoings than incomings, as AVB has shown faith in using our talented youth players, Caulker, Townsend and to a lesser extent Carroll, Falque and Mason have been involved in match day squads. All very promising, I am looking forward to the remainder if the season and seeing where AVB takes us as the team starts to resemble one he has put together rather than inherited.
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  12. coys63
    And regardless of injuries and suspensions, AVB isn't afraid to rotate players and give them a freshen up. Look at the back 4 these last few games. That is something Harry never did.
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  13. bigspurs
    Apart from the obvious differences in managerial style, it's simply down to class. AVB has it, Harry doesn't.
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  14. greaves
    Investment at this time of year is 'expensive' - though I accept it may be a gamble worth taking (bear in mind that Spurs are trying to invest in a new stadium). Last year's narrative is still unclear: was Harry 'deprived' of buying because Levy knew he was eyeing the door and Levy was therefore eyeing a replacement who would want his 'own' players? I'm not sure last year was down to anything more than Harry, England and the original early season buzz being deflated. The exciting gung-ho fun approach depends on commitment and throwing caution to the wind (we score more than them) and once there is doubt, confidence and verve are eroded and gung-ho's gone. That's normal human behaviour. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors over tactics. I think managers have a vibe, and AVB's is just as good in its own way as HR's. Just different. Money wouldn't have made any difference last year. You can't buy an atmosphere. (IMHO!)
  15. michaelden
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  16. minesadouble
    I don't think it's black and white (Harry bad, AVB good, or vice versa). Harry was not as tactically naive as is sometimes made out. He improved our PL record against the other Top 6 sides and held his own in the CL until Crouch's moment of madness in Madrid. But I think motivation and keeping it simple are his two strong points. At Spurs, he had a group of first teamers well suited to those strengths.

    AVB is different and it's taking time for the players to adapt. He's been unlucky with injuries. But it's quite clear the players are responding and improving, as a team and as individuals (Lennon, Defoe, Naughton). AVB is clearly learning too. His cautious substitutions and tactics once we'd taken leads transmitted nervousness to the team. But there is a difference between tactics and strategy. AVB appears to have a strategy that is a long term plan to make Spurs champions, based on a style of play, and individuals, and a squad, that is better than anybody else's.

    I think that is what Levy was looking for when he opted for AVB. We mock the word "project" but that's what it is. The project is what Levy has already been working at for a decade or more. PL and CL success, a new training ground and new stadium, etc. Obviously it is still a work in progress. We are 2-3 world class players short of genuine title contenders and need more strength in depth. We will continue to improve as the players we have become more sophisticated. We should remember the difficult position AVB was in personally as the season started, with press, outsiders and some Spurs fans ready to ridicule him.

    When you look at the points we have dropped, they were mostly part of a learning process. The losses at Newcastle and Man City (unfortunate), Arsenal and Everton (madness), and the early dropped points draws versus West Brom and Norwich (nerves, tiredness) could and should have yielded many more points. The loss against Wigan and the draw with Stoke were down to our inability to break massed defences down and take chances when limited. Only Chelsea outplayed us, and only for part of the game, and we were unlucky to be scheduled to play them when we did. Considering Kaboul, Benny, Parker, Dembele and Adebayor were not available for so many matches, we could very easily be in second place, not third.
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  17. Locotoro
    Despite not being as strong creatively I think this team would beat last years side.
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  18. AnotherSpursFan
    For me the biggest difference is this.
    AVB believed in the team and aimed for top 4 and more.

    For Harry, top 4 is a privillege for Spurs, if we get it we should be thankful, if we don't it's because of this and that...and that too...

    I'm a strong AVB supporter now, long may his reign continue.
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  19. UncleBuck
    I've got to put my hands up, I was one of them supporters who would rather have seen anyone other than avb get the job.
    What he's done quite frankly is remarkable given who we sold and the amount of players who have been unavailable! Could you imagine taking to the field last season without BAE, Kaboom, Bale, Parker and Ade? Mentally we'd have lost before we even got on the pitch.
    It's a credit to him that we are in third, I for one am amazed!!
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