Differences between Harry and AVB


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Jun 12, 2003
The main difference between the two is intelligence.
Not saying Harry isn't bright but you get the feeling that Villas-Boas analyses the game a lot more and wants to control the team and the flow of the game as much as possible. I think this comes out in his pretty intense body language.
Redknapp relies a lot more on creating positive vibes within the squad and building up individuals confidence as much as possible. Players who feel good play well hence our dip in form last season when morale was shaken by the possibility of him leaving.
Two ways of working that have produced good results. AVB has done well so far though considering the pressure he has been under so hats off to him. Something tells me he quite likes pressure though, its something else for him to analyse!


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Aug 31, 2006
There doesn't seem to be a great deal of 'analysis' or 'research' beyond the single statistic that you reference, which doesn't make it an unnecessary post, more one that has been falsely advertised :). Without checking I would imagine that we've also scored far less goals in the first half of games than we did last year?

Harry gets a lot of stick on here these days, but I don't think that the comparison is very useful. Is it not possible that both managers did a good job? Yes, they obviously have different attributes and styles, and perhaps AVB is easier to work with from Levy's perspective, but that doesn't make Harry a shit manager all of a sudden. I don't think anyone could save that QPR side from the drop.


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Dec 20, 2006
Looking ahead to the second part of the season I will make an educated guess and say we will not collapse down the stretch like we have done the last two seasons. I know Redknapp had an excuse last year, but not the year before.

However, it does not mean we will make the top four. If we don't it will because Arsenal, Chelsea or Everton are better than us and not because of a collapse.

If anything I think we will be stronger down the stretch. The fitness program, player rotation, tactics, returning players, new signings and the manager's level of preparation will put us in good stead.


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Apr 16, 2005
We are scoring more after half time and credits must go to AVB and his staffs for the half time prep talk and analysis
Do they also get credit for the dropped points and late goals conceded? We weren't that far away from 2-2 yesterday after Dembele was subbed.

Using hindsight is a great thing in debates, but i would prefer to wait until season end before declaring the second coming of the Messiah. Reviewing points and positions in the PL season over season is pointless because fixtures are never the same, other teams strengthen and others change managers and tactics.

Sunday May 19th at 5.00pm will be the best time to judge just how far this team has improved, i mean weren't we ten or thirteen points clear or so season at some point? If we had done a similar exercise during that period then Redknapp would have been the new Fergie, been given the keys to WHL and been made a fully paid up member of Mensa.

Iv'e been supporting Spurs for far too long to get too excited about wins at Sunderland, at a pub side called Villa and the dregs of the PL Reading. Perspective i call it, and though we are indeed sitting pretty at the moment we are indeed far, far from the finished product of a perennial CL qualifier as yesterday proved.


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Feb 28, 2012
Ha! No but I do like debates, so I put a bit if an open ended question out there. 2 pages of quality commentary - so I'm happy with the post...
fair play, I was just hoping for some insightful comment such as, Defoe now Blasts the ball at the Goal Keeper from only the 6 yard box rather that the 18 yard box.