Dimitar Berbatov - Loaned to Monaco

Do you want Berbatov Back?

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Aug 24, 2013
Its not just Levy's fault, no. It's also Tim Sherwood's fault for not identifying the fact that when Defoe leaves, we are down to TWO SENIOR STRIKERS and one striker that has never scored a league goal.

Also, Levy did NOT have to sanction Defoe's transfer. He could have stayed here because he still had 18 months left on his contract. But Levy sold him purely on a financial POV, regardless of the fact that it makes us weaker.

We play a system that includes two strikers, when Defoe leaves, we will only have Kane as back up on the bench, there are 6 1/2 hrs left in this TW and that seems to be what were going to be stuck with for a quarter of the season. What happens when Adebayor/Soldado gets injured?

And to answer this:

Has it not occurred to you that Dimitar Berbatov is not the only striker out there? I don't care that we missed out on Berbatov. I care that we are being left dangerously short up front.

And also, Berbatov was having his medical in Monaco whilst West Ham and Fulham were fighting for Mitroglou, so dont give me that domino effect bollocks.
Key word is when. We have THREE strikers when JD leaves, and Lamela. We had less strikers this time last season...

Berbatov's not the only striker out there, no. But who would you have signed? There's not a lot of options, but for someone so eager to throw stick out there at the man making decisions, make one yourself and tell me.

In fairness, it sounded like JD wanted to move. But continue to point daggers at Levy for that. I bet JD was thrilled to be sitting on the bench in a world cup year.

We do currently. But we have Eriksen and Lamela who will in all likelihood play behind a sole striker. It's called adaptability. If one does get injured (I hope not) we change system. It's simple.

Bollocks was he. Mitroglou was always going to Fulham, this West Ham talk is, and has been proven to be a weak link. They knew 2/3 days ago they'd virtually signed Kostas.

sold a striker, not replaced him.
not signed the left back we need. like he didnt in the summer, where we signed way to many central players

and thats without considering letting Chadli go.

If we end up in a situation where Verts has to play leftback due to another injury to rose, I think you can kiss goodbye to Verts in the summer.
Sold a striker we've sparingly used this season? Someone who's void as a non-used sub will be filled by Kane? Not replaced via a buy, but replaced in terms of squad usage.

Not signed a left back, fair enough. I agree. Tell me who we should have bought then, because there's fuck all out there right now. But because you want to have a moan, tell me who you'd have signed. Realistically.

Chadli didn't go. Neither did Capoue. No need to let assumptions get the better of you.

When Rose is fit, he won't. If Rose isn't fit, he will. He's a pro footballer being paid by our club. If he has to fill in at LB, something he's done for his country, tough shit. Would he rather us play someone else and suffer? If he does, then he's not right for the club. People are forgetting we do have Jan, Naughton and Zeki all capable of playing there if things get bad. We may not have quality there, but we do have the numbers. That's better than nothing.