Nov 3, 2004
I'm a little suprised in you Rob, the way you're talkin, if Spurs were the be all and end all in my life then I may as well go and top myself! I mean crikey, talk about depressing!

I honestly don't believe things are anywhere near as bad as all this! The article from the BBC is way more up my street and makes FAR more sense that articles of this nature. Yes I am an optimist for the most part but I'm not delusional. I recognise that this season hasn't been good and I feel as down and dejected as most over last night's result and the lack of filling the left side!

However, that said, we don't need this kind of attitude, it doesn't acheive anything and doesn't help the team and general mood around the club. We HAVE to get behind the players and MJ who we all loved and adored 5 mins ago! Come on guys, things always look bleek in these sort of times, but IF we were to go and beat United on sunday, how happy would everyone be, think about it!
Prett much sums up my feelings as well. I will always stand behind our faithful. Starting with 3 points against Manure on Sunday. I'll be over for my second game this season, last one we beat Pompey, let's all hope for another victory!



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Jan 25, 2004
We couldn't have done much against a team with alot more skill and belief.

The real surprise for me was Defoe. He looked totally out of his depth and even failed to retain the ball.

I'm also against the 'long-punt' tatic Robbo does all the time but i don't see any choice. We don't have the skill to pass the ball around like Arsenal. Would you trust Zokora with the ball for over 5 seconds?


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Aug 5, 2006
We lost the tie with the 2-2 draw at WHL. We did incredibly well to get a draw after 90 minutes at the Emirates. They did end the game with 6 first team players so they weren't exactly "the kids" that Wenger is famous for.

I think people are only disappointed because there expectations were very unrealistic. Sure, we were all really hopeful at the start of the season, but football is an unpredictable game and we have proved that this season so far.

But if you look at all the teams that had "a good season" last season; Spurs, West Ham, Wigan... we are surely the pick of the bunch this year.

You look at the teams above us; Bolton, Portsmouth, Reading, Everton... we have a much better looking squad and outlook for the future than they do.

My point is that most teams would love to be in the position that Spurs are in right now.

The real world of football is not like a Fifa game. We cannot just pick and choose the players we want for the team. We cannot expect a 100% consistent performance from a player each week if the team is being changed. We cannot expect all our players to stay fit and healthy all the time. We cannot expect every referees decision to be fair.

So patience and perspective are absolutely essential to keep the blood pressure in check. I am frankly loving being a Spurs fan right now. Never in my lifetime has our great club looked quite so damn sexy.

Come on you Spurs.


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May 16, 2004
I found the result a bitter pill to swallow as I always do when we lose to Arsenal (my old man says I need to grow up I am 30 afterall) but I have to say the preparation for last night was a disgrace. Forgetting to take Lennon's name of the team sheet and putting Lee's on. Amatuerish at best if this is what really happened. In regards to the match I was proud of the boyz. They gave it their all but just didn't have it in ET. Anyway, onwards and upwards. COYS


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Dec 10, 2006
Our tactics weren't that bad last night. We took their pressure and equalised almost immediately after they scored. With a little more luck with Mido's second chance it would have been 2-1 with less than 5 minutes remaining. It might not have ben scintillating to watch but we were close.
It was a nuisance to be without Berbs and Lennon but 11 men (14 with subs) make a team and we shouldn't be reliant on one or two.

Any news on when the King may return - if at all this season.



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Jun 4, 2004
Well we can tell you're still a little upset about last night, and I don't blame you.

However, your points, while well made, a probably a little harsh on the lads. There were the obvious errors - Ghaly, Defoe and Keane together, Zokora and Jenas together in the middle - but you can't say the effort wasn't there.

There were a lot of bright spots. Dawson was immense, Gardner had a good game and only got taken off for getting a yellow card. Chimbo and Ekotto were both very good. Walcott had nothing on Benoit, he must have been loving it.

We certainly copped a beating from the referee, but what no-one seems to have noticed, is that the linesmen were all over us, raising their flags for the most pathetic free kicks.

At the end of the day, we lost - unluckily it must be said - but we are still in the last 16 of the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup, and only a couple of wins away from the top 6 in the league. So, chin up son, we'll get there. Do what I did last night - :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

A quick thanks and well done to all the supporters at the game last night. Watching it on TV from Sydney, the 5,000 of you were louder than those picnic-eating wankers, who filled the other 55,000 seats. We do have great support, and I will back amongst you singing my bits off in April.

COYS, for ever.


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Oct 26, 2006

I enjoyed reading your views on the game.To me the big enigma is Mido.He seems so undisciplined,but at the same time can produce the unexpected.
Disappointment. A word that as Spurs fans we know all too well but this time it feels different and I’m still trying to figure out why.

The obvious place to start is last night where our season seemed to simultaneously end both on and off the pitch. Losing to Arsenal, even if it was partly a second string side, is something we’re used to by now and while it still hurts every time it’s not as though it was unexpected. What was unexpected at the start of the season was the decline we seem to be in at the minute and that’s something I’ll discuss later in this article but first let’s relive last night for a final time.

We were missing 3 key players, let’s not forget that. King, Berbatov and Lennon are arguably the only 3 really quality players that we have and all 3 were out but we surely had enough to cope with what was an average Arsenal team. Sadly not. As soon as the team was announced it all looked wrong.

The following is a brief overview of how I think everyone performed, not just last night but over the season so far.

Robinson – Has been extremely poor this season and we’re all aware of it now. Last night he appeared to be stuck to his goal line and had absolutely no command of his area, which is even more important without King at the back. The other major criticism Robbo comes in for is his “hoof” up field. If he’s punting it up for Berbatov to sublimely control on his chest and provide an attacking threat you can see the reasoning, but kicking it over Keane and Defoe’s heads every time is a horrible waste of possession which was reflected by the stats from last night. While still a fan’s favourite and “England’s Number 1” he really appears to need resting and rumours of his inability to take advice from our goalkeeping coaches means he’s fast becoming a target for disgruntled fans.

Chimbonda – One of the few players who seems to consistently put in performances. A very solid player who adds a huge attacking threat when linking up with Lennon but with Ghaly in his place it never looks like working.

Dawson – Again a solid defender who’s maybe become slightly over-rated due to his immense partnership with King. On his own he’s not quite playing to the same standard but still easily our best defender alongside King.

Rocha – Oh dear. This guy could be quality or he could be Ramon Vega Mk II. The problem after his blunder last night is that he may not be given a chance to prove his quality to the fans who are notorious for knee-jerk reactions.

Eokotto – Put in a good performance last night and while he’s not as consistent as Lee he has shown signs of becoming a very good player in the future if we stick with him.

Ghaly – He doesn’t appear to be on form any longer and we need to realise he’s not suitable cover for Lennon. He does have pace, power, good feet and a decent tackle so it’s understandable that we liked what we saw when scouting him but as a package he just doesn’t quite work, something that could be said of Spurs as a whole.
Jenas – Just back from injury and put in a huge performance in our last game, leading to cries of joy that we finally had a decent midfielder back. Unfortunately last night he got lost somewhere between WHL and the Emirates Stadium and never made it to the game. His energy, his surging runs, his tracking back, his passing, all of them disappeared last night. When he plays well he can play very well and be a huge player for us, potentially captain material and exactly what we need in the centre. When he doesn’t play well he’s anonymous and a huge liability.

Zokora – The title of this article would seem to describe his first season at Spurs. A disappointment. I’m not sure what Comolli saw to make us pay £8 million but it’s about time the rest of us saw it. His tackling is awful, he’s not a “ball winner” by any stretch of the imagination. He slides around often through players, often missing the ball. He has an awful first touch and poor passing. His one strength is his powerful running from midfield but that’s enough to base his game around, especially if we want to build a strong midfield around with him as one of the key components.

Malbranque – I’ve been impressed by his ability but at the same time disappointed by his fitness. The same could be said of the team as a whole but he doesn’t seem to have 90 minutes in him, not yet anyway. When he does he could become a very important player for us and I feel it’s worth giving him time, whether it’s on the left wing or in the hole behind the front two.

Keane – Passionate. Petulant. Poor. Those three words seem to sum up what used to be one of my favourite players. He has the ability but he doesn’t stop complaining long enough to use it. He doesn’t fit into the long ball system which we appear determined to adopt and he certainly doesn’t link up well with Defoe.

Defoe – Partnered with Berbatov he was really starting to recapture some form that has been absent for far too long. Without Berbatov he is anonymous. His running, his link up, his awareness and especially his ability to stay onside are all awful. It’s only because of the undoubted quality of his Bulgarian strike-partner that he was performing like we all wish he would. He needs someone to do all the hard work for him, to have the vision and awareness, to draw the defenders and provide the link up player. If that’s all taken care of, Defoe can run fast and hit the ball hard and more often than not manage a shot on target or even a goal. Without a partner who plays to his strengths he’s no better than Bobby Zamora or the many other poor strikers we’ve had over the years. Remember Chris Armstrong’s superb partnership with Teddy? If Berbatov can stay fit that’s possible what we have with him and Defoe but Defoe on his own is not the answer.

Jol – One of the biggest disappointments is BMJ. Fans have been making knee-jerk reactions about him for the past year and unfortunately some of them appear to be coming true. Tactically we look lost at times. He states that Defoe/Keane can’t play together but then that’s what he resorts to and along with a poor, unbalanced midfield we really struggle because of it. I’m confident that Jol is still the man for us and can turn this around but he needs to start doing it fast with the players we have available.

Comolli – Whatever the reason, he failed this transfer window to get us the players that we needed. The disappointment here is his claim at the recent AGM that we “do not need a left sided player”. Whether this was PR spin or he really believes it, it does provide cause for concern. We arguably need another central defender to replace Gardner, a quality left sided midfielder, a creative force in the centre of the park and a target man up front. Obviously a lot to ask for but not addressing any of these areas has led to many fans wondering what he is here for. We tried to sign Young, we tried to sign Bale, we tried to sign Barnes, we tried to sign Davies. The list goes on. We obviously believe we need these positions filled as we have been trying to fill them but ultimately we’ve failed to do so.

Levy – Levy is coming in for more and more criticism lately. The problem is we don’t know the facts. Has he really seen deals we’ve needed to be completed fall through because he quibbled over tiny details and small amounts of change? Is he really threatening to sue UEFA if they don’t let us play someone rather than receive a bye? Lots of rumours appear to suggest this but we can’t judge him based on them. One thing we can judge him on is the continual awful service to the fans, in particularly from the Ticket Office. I plan to write a more detailed article on this in the future but the horror stories of how the TO is run are just dismissed by the club. The continual poor, laughable “service” is barely acknowledged and excuses from the likes of Barber are trotted out about the increase in games.

So many areas of disappointment. Can we pick ourselves up and make something of this season or will the quote that “there used to be a football club over there” ring even more true come the end of the season.

Yours Disappointedly.



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Aug 1, 2005
Guys, after reading through so many post, agreed with some and disagreed with others.

We in Asia, (I'm from Malaysia and had been LOVING Spurs since 7), are as passionate about our club as many of you. But lets face some issues :

1) We are a still young team. After MC left for MU, we have to redo the midfield. Tom is still young but is showing promises. Key to the failure for past few months, I believe is the right partner to Tom, JJ had been out and is just coming back in, give them time and believe we wiil be there to challange.

2) MJ, had been hearing calls for his head. Hey, can you guys tell me, how many of our managers for the last 15 years managed to bring in a CUP? Apart form GG, believe the answer is NIL. Even with GG, we cried OUT as he is from Gooners. Alright, sometimes he did screw up on the tactic and wrong personnel. But he DID lead our team and is progressing. SO, LAY OF HIS BACK!

3) Look around, how many of the team in the league have the promissing younster that we have? Apart from the Gxxxxx, NONE. Most of our players even the first team are 25y or below! Give them some time and they will produce result.

No doubt, I woke up around 3.30am 2 days ago, hoping to see our team beating the fxxxxx, but was disappointed. But i see HOPE in the process.

With JJ around, pushing forward and Zakora (he had a better game) holding behind, we look good at times. If we can keep current 1st team togather for at least 2 more seasons, WE WILL see results.

My first 11,
Pascal King Dawson Ekotto
Lennon Tom JJ Mel
Barba Defoe

Lets put the disappoinment away and look to the future, we are still in the running for FA cup/UEFA cup. so this season, we are doing ok.