Do NONE of us remember last season?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by JonnySpurs, Jan 25, 2007.

  • by JonnySpurs, Jan 25, 2007 at 10:11 AM
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    We finished 5th last year.....5TH and we all know that should have been 4th! That was down to Martin Jol, do you not remember that? Last season was the best I've ever had as a Spurs fan because regardless of 91' and 99' cup wins, the league is what really counts and proves that you are the side that you are.

    We did so well last year because our team chemistry and squad all just fell into place and worked at the right time, Carrick ran the show with Lennon coming through and our defence being solid and reliable.

    This season, however, things are very different. We lost Carrick and even though that is not the only reason for not being as good as last season, it IS a factor. We have a LOT of new players that we are trying to fit into a system and we've been hit with some major injuries at key times, namely King and Jenas, with Berbs out early on. Martin Jol is the man to take us where we need to go so do we really have to do this same dance of ripping him to shreds when we don't win and then kissing his arse when we do. It's pathetic and needs to stop.

    I truly believe that once this teams finds it's chemistry and all our players are fit, things will slot back into place and we will be back to where we were last season if not better than that team. It's a fact that we have MORE talent this season than we did have last and yet our results are not as good. For me it is obvious that this is down to not yet knowing our best lineup and even if we did we would not have been able to play it because of those key injuries and therefore not getting that consistency that comes hand in hand with playin that lineup.

    Last night's game was classic Spurs from years gone by, right down to the excellent start followed by inevitable capitulation and the comeback that results. Zokora and Hudd were too flat in the middle and gave too much space and time to Fabregas. Robbo came out like an idiot for their 2nd goal and arguably would have calmly collected it had he stayed where he was. The loss of Berbs was key as for the 1st 20 mins it was simply all us and his ability to hold the ball up and link with JD is clear to see.

    However, I though Ekotto had a great game for the most part, Gardner also did well aside from a shaky start. Huddlestone, to me, shows flashes of brilliance with flashes of inexperience leading to bad decisions and a lack of pace off the ball but I still believe he will be an outstanding player for us. Zokora was similar in that he clearly has the ability to hustle players and win the ball back but sometimes stands off (i.e. Arse's 2nd goal). Lennon was excellent I felt and put in 2 dynamite crosses in the 2nd half that Berbs would've more than likely been in place to tap in had he been on the pitch.

    The point to be made here is get off the team's back. By the way some of our fans react you'd think we were as bad as Charlton and West Ham! Yes things are not ideal right now but they are most definitley not all bad either. The biggest problem we've had is that Ledders has been missing for far too much of the season (just look at Chelsea for an example of how losing ur captain and main centre half can affect ur form). Our defence looks nervous without King and lacks leadership, that has an affect on Robbo, hence his lack of confidence and form at the moment, which in a vicious cycle will then have a secondary detrimental effect on the back 4.

    Lets open our eyes a bit fellas and stop mouthing off and looking stupid after every slightly disappointing result! Get behind the team and more importantly, get behind Martin Jol and remember how much we all used to constantly praise him and talk him up when things were going right last season.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by JonnySpurs, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. cwhite02
    Nice post.

    It's certainly not all doom and gloom. We've still got a chance next week.

    We still need the left winger sorted. Would be nice to see Steeeeeed moved into the centre behind the two strikers. I think he's good on the ball, doesnt lose it easily and could open more things up than zokopops.

  2. Rooga
    Thanks. Nice to see someone with some sense and perspective.
    Slightly dissapointing result.......thats an understatement! What you mean is ANOTHER very dissapointing result.

    I'm telling you here and now that Martin Jol is a phony, he is DEFINATELY NOT the man to take us where we want to go and more and more people are realising this. This is HIS team, HIS tactics, HIS responsibility. We have a very talented squad and i know that someone else could get much more out of them. He is not bringing the best out of them. He cannot influence a game with tactical changes or subs.

    Sorry guys, he isn't our saviour.
    well said

    thanks for the original post - Jol is doing fine - we are moving in the right direction COYS!:clap:

    PS (c) In the Semi-Final ties, if the aggregate score is level at the end of the second game an extra half-hour shall be played. If the aggregate scores are still level at the end of extra time the tie shall be decided by goals scored away from home counting twice. If the teams remain equal after this procedure the tie shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.
  5. Theo911
    Hit the nail on the head Jonny. King and to a lesser extent Jenas have been sorely missed. I think we have enough talent to break the top four it just a matter of staying fit.

    How many games have we lost were the lineup was as follows=

    chimbo king dawson ekotto
    lennon hudd/zokora jenas malbranque
    defoe berbatov

    I am hard pressed to find one.
  6. wildheart
    :clap: Great post, well said.

    I was disgusted with the Spurs 'fans' on 606 driving back from last night's game.

    I was gutted, but please let's keep it in perspective.
  7. bigspurs
    Just keep deluding yourself...
  8. Ryan
    We DO remember last season which is why we're so disappointed this season.
  9. ollie_spurs
    Good post, in that people have gone over the top but this reaction towards jol has been building all season. He has brought it on himself with the over-catious approach away from home. I wonder if he is aware of how his standing amongst some of us fans is beginning to be questionned.

    A big miss from last season which has been largely overlooked in your column is Edgar Davids. Although out of position on the left, he brought a bit of experience to our midfield. Problem was, he only did it for half a season. After that, it was no coincidence that his loss of form coincided with the teams poor return in the second half of the season.
  10. YIDBOY
    well said bigspurs. so many people on here just dont see it. i swear, in a years time all this Jol lovers will be calling for his head coz we aint gonna progress under him.
  11. JonnySpurs
    Who is then cos you clearly know better than the rest of the world does??

    It was HIS TEAM, HIS tactics and HIS responsibility that got us to 4th/5th last season so forgive me if I don't sign up to your way of thinkin, all seems a bit too depressing for me!
  12. YIDBOY
    too right mate it is fucking depressing! you keep smiling and telling yourself that spurs are the best team in the world!

    Anyway, last season was last season, what good is that now????
  13. JonnySpurs
    I defo agree with that actually and one thing that we didn't pay attention to last night was that even tho Arse had SOME inexperienced youth, the large majority of our side had never played in a semi-final before, Robbie Keane had once before when he was 18 for wolves and he was a sub! Keano is one of our most experienced players and even he would have found it all fairly new last night.

    We do lack a leader and thats what Ledley is, one way or another he instills confidence in our entire side, can't wait til he's back! All the homes games we've had this season that we have lost have been without him, says a lot!
  14. Meds
    I am just intrigued to find out who exactly the naysayers think would do a better job of rebuilding Spurs than BMJ?

    We had a season full of promise last year, but let's not forget that success was on the basis of 40 games all season. Ipswich had a great season and then got relegated. Everton qualified for the Champions League, then got knocked out before it even started and are now back in mid table.

    The point is - sometimes mid table teams over-achieve for a season, and sometimes they set in place foundations for future success. Are we the former or the latter? I like to think that last season was a stepping stone to a better things - and the next step is for us to undertake a full season (cup runs and all) and actually get some silverware. That has to be the obvious next step as we cannot challenge for the championship already, and that is what we're aiming for.

    I just hope some of the 'Jol's a prick' brigade will be back on here the morning after we win the UEFA Cup to beg forgiveness.
  15. Rooga
    Two of my best mates are Leeds and West Ham fans. I'm sure they'd give anything to be top half of the premiership, last 16 of the UEFA cup, semi-final of carling cup (scores level and second leg all to play for) and playing at home to Southend in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

    Last season we overachieved in the league because that is all we had to play for. We had no chance of winning any Silverware from the begining of January 2006. Now it's almost the end of 2007 but still in with a shout in 3 cup competitions.

    Some people seem to have short memories. Last season was our best EVER finish in the Premiership. We could still finish in the top 6 this season.

    Yeah the team's not perfect, yes Jol does make tactical erorrs (find me a coach who doesn't), and yes we are very much still a work in progress. We're still a long way off the quality of the top 4 (don't be fooled by Arsenal's underachievement last year), but of the remaining 16 teams in the division, I'd say our future looks the brightest.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, Alex Ferguson didn't have a great start at Man Utd but luckily for them the board stuck by him despite fans calling for his sacking. I'd rather we had now than the dross we had 2 or 3 years ago. People's expectations were raised after last season, we just need to be more realistic/patient.
  16. mumbles
    It could be said we did rather well last season because we only played forty games, having been knocked out of both domestic cup competions in the first round. leaving us to concentrate solely on the Prem.
  17. infamousyiddo


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