Donna-Maria Cullen says that Spurs have learned from Emirates Stadium mistakes


Glory Glory
Aug 24, 2010
If they're smart about it they'll use Wembley as a way of getting all the right groups of fans together then try to transfer all of those over to the New White Hart Lane as well as Park Lane/Shelf groups.

Although a season a Wembley gives me the willies TBH, did them lot up the road play their league games at Wembley or just CL?

Key is we can't go into the 1st game at the new lane and have it feeling like a neutral ground. Perhaps have all our pre-season friendlies there would help although i don't know if that'll be possible.
no they never they only played CL matches there

I'd doubt they would be able to play all pre-season there, but hopefully be finished in time to have 1 as an opener.

myself I wouldn't be shocked if those that travel away on a regular basis will get 1st offering for the kop, as to have an away season ticket you need to have a home one, and our away travel is never very quiet


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Jan 4, 2009
On Sunday, away at Watford, it sounded like we had the Park Lane and Shelf Side chants at each other.

Do our away fans book block bookings together with their WHL neighbors when away?


James and SC Striker
May 18, 2006
How far are we from the pitch today? I sit row 2 and it doesn't feel 6 metres, feels about 3..?!