Edmonton land mooted for new Spurs stadium?


Better a wag than a WAG
Aug 14, 2006
We've been through just about all the suggested or possible sites, including Edmonton which I certainly mentioned a while back.

I doubt that it will happen because of the costs involved but if it did, transport links could certainly be improved with the addition of a new bus link, even if only used on match days and a new station wouldn't be out of the question.

We would, of course, be moving out of Haringey and into Enfield even though it's only a few miles away.

There's a lot to be considered with a proposal like this and I don't think we'll be moving from Tottenham, certainly not in the near future. Even if we don't add in regneration to N17 in our plans, we could most certainly increase the capacity of WHL - it would be great to have a safe standing terrace as part of it.