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Discussion in 'General Football' started by Mattspur, Sep 20, 2017.

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    I've just been reading a bit more about this. How can they conduct an inquiry without speaking to the player in question, or any of the potential witnesses, and without watching a video recording of the relevant meeting? If this was about the mens game it wouldn't just be the manager out of a job now.
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    Wasn’t the Sampson issue about him not declaring the Bristol incident when he applied for the England job anyway?

    Rather than it happening?
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    New hearing underway with MPs at the moment.
    Evidence finds that both Aluko and Drew Spencer were subject to discriminatory remarks, but the barrister as declared Sampson is NOT guilty of racism.
    In her final report Katharine Newton concluded that on two separate occasions Mark Sampson made ill-judged attempts at humour, which as a matter of law were discriminatory on grounds of race within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010

    Aluko saying that the £80,000 payment was "bordering on blackmail" - didn't fucking stop her taking it though!!!
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    The payments were for loss of earnings with her not being picked for the England squad, it's not the mens game this is a job that pay the mortgage for a lot of these players. It seems now that reporting racism is more of a crime than racism itself, which is disgusting. The issue here isn't throw away comments with racial undertones its how it was dealt with in the aftermath, the FA not taking it seriously and a hush hush investigation. Also Aluko was the golden boot winner and since she made the accusations she was dropped from the England squad?! Because people were more comfortable with brushing it under the carpet rather than dealing an actual investigation.
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    I think some heads will need to roll over this.

    Quite apart from the hiring of Sampson in the first place (which looks quite off looking at his past), the inquiry in the first place was an absolute farce. Basically the first inquiry was an obvious exercise in brushing everything under the carpet, and those at the FA who were involved in that shouldn't be in their jobs anymore.

    A very sad indictment of the game where a player who has been racially abused is effectively being paid to say there is no inherent issue with racism.
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    Err she didnt get the full £80k payment as she didnt write the FA isnt racist, at least do the research before you post

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