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Discussion in 'The Summer 2017 Transfer Archive' started by arunspurs, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Was never going to happen once Utd signed Matic.
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    Heard all what you've said and for me nah. I don't get this want of selling players of Dier's character, whi don't come along often.

    Dier is a vital member of the squad at the moment and future, it's funny to me he seems to get written off quite a lot however always finds a way to be in our starting 11 more times than not.

    With form, injuries, tactics, formation, all positions are up for grabs so Dier as we know he's versatile good pro and a fairly consistent performer.

    Along with Kane Alli Eriksen (others Sanchez ) I'd say Dier is a corner stone of this squad for many years to come and like Kane Alli Eriksen etc we've got a golden age of players and management we should enjoy and soon demand trophy success
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