Eriksen v Ozil

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Buster18, Mar 24, 2017.

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    I listened to talksport for the first time in ages earlier in the week and happened to hear a chat about Barkley coming to Spurs and if he could fit in with Dele and Eriksen. It was Durham and Goughie. In a throwaway comment right at the end of it, Goughie said 'and obviously there's no way Eriksen is worth £30m' - even though they were saying Barkley was - and that he was only that 'cheap' because he's in the last year of his contract.

    I mean, there's possibly as argument to be had whether Eriksen is worth around the £30m mark but to just fob it off like that was incredibly retarded. We paid £12m for him, which would've been around £20 if he wasn't in the last year (I believe) of his contract and he's been excellent overall for us so his value has obviously risen and I could see us getting £30/35m at least if we sold him to a Madrid or Juventus etc. He's still very young and has had new hair put in so it's all good. Ozil was a genuine worldie at Madrid but has only shown glimpses here, i'd rather have Eriksen but at the same time, I'd probably rather have Madrid's Ozil.

    Anyway, at the end of it I remembered that it was talksport and Goughie is a fat ex cricketer who can't speak properly and doesn't watch a lot of football matches.
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    Ozil on his day is fantastic but doesn't like to be bullied and we'll shy away. Eriksen, even though he will shy away from a tackle does not mind being rushed or closed down, or even pushed off the ball. Ozil would be better off in Spain again or Italy.

    It's fair to say that when Eriksen and Ozil play well the whole team around them plays well.

    Eriksen is better suited to this league, a great player we have got on our hands
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    There isn't but when you consider nearly half of Ozil's assists came in a 4 month period. He's been here nearly 4 years. Take that 4 month period out, his stats are at best bang average. For £42m, which was a bigger deal than it would be now, the consistency aspect is very poor.
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    Eriksen is every bit as good as Modric was at the same age. I honestly believe that. Modric was better in possession but Eriksen is far more likely to score and Modric's equal in passing.
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    As good as Modric is I still think Eriksen is a better player. Way more ability with the ball. Thought about giving up after Bale and Modric left but the Poch lad has saved the day. dunno how ill cope if/when he leaves. Im so proud of Spurs now I could cry(I actually do when nobody is looking!).
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    You know what? You're absolutely right.
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    My brother in law is a dipper fan and usually isn't too rabid with the Scouse nonsense, but before the season started said that it would be criminal to sell Coutinho for under £150m, but if we got offered £50m for Eriksen we should take it as 'it'd be really easy to find another player at Ajax or somewhere who could do his job for a quarter of the price'

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    that made more sense in Indonesian
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