False Advertising?


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Feb 26, 2017
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Wind back a few weeks and club tell me I'm eligible for a season ticket for the first time.

I can afford to go to l the vast majority of all 19 games but I also just don't have the time.

The club say that there will be a new scheme to allow resale for fans who can't make games but release no details until after the season tickets have been sold.

They then say that typically only when a game has sold out will they allow season ticket holders to put their seats up for sale.

Chelsea doesn't look like selling out
and that the first home game of the season against current champions and one of our rivals. Restricted sale isn't helping.

On that basis I wonder if any games at all will sell out allowing season ticket holders to sell their games.

I feel that the club's statement that season ticket holders would be able to sell seats is false advertising as at present it doesn't look possible.

I think this is an utter disgrace.

I know people will say well I pay for 19 games with no guarantees so what do I expect but the club shouldn't offer something which is important that's unlikely to be available.

Sorry if this has been covered before.


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Oct 5, 2004
Arsenal will be the only one to sell out the full 90k. August games are slightly less well sold because of holidays etc. If we sign some good players this week, more tickets for Chelsea will sell. And Burnley for that matter


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Aug 31, 2012
You must have realised that ticket reselling is a bit irrelevant unless the games sold out?

Supply vs demand and all that.

Haven't you got any friends that can take your seat for the price of a few beers?


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Jan 3, 2016
I've just looked myself and there's barely any tickets available, only in really crap seats. I'd think it will sell out between now and then..