Fire breaks out at sheet metal firm blocking Tottenham Hotspur's new £100m stadium

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by garryparkerschest, Nov 25, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by garryparkerschest, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. tommyt
    An additional hold-up?
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  2. Black
    Saw the police this morning, thought someone got killed .
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  3. TottenhamMattSpur
    I read this a while ago.
    I've only just stopped laughing.
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  4. avonspurs
    I'm not - for two reasons:
    (1) If it's a Spurs fan that has done this, it will reflect badly on the club
    (2) if there is a criminal investigation and it ends up with the prosecution of someone, it could delay work on the stadium (bearing in mind that it's likely they would have lost the court hearing).
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  5. CosmicHotspur
    Is there a Spurs supporter working there...? :whistle:
  6. TottenhamMattSpur
    I doubt they'll ever prove who did it.
    You should be more worried that their insurance agrees to reinstate the property and spend a year or more doing so.
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  7. avonspurs
    Until that's confirmed, I'll worry more about potential delays to our (already very protracted) stadium build.
  8. Led's Zeppelin
    I very much doubt that any insurance company would agree to pay to rebuild on a site that has a CPO on it, even if the CPO is being challenged.
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  9. TottenhamMattSpur
    I'm a property claims adjuster.
    I'm hoping we insure them lol.
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  10. JonnySpurs
    Yikes....the sad thing is that whilst Archway have every right to fight for their property, the more they pushed this, the more chance there was that some idiot would try and take matters into their own hands to try and help to get them out.

    Obviously it's all speculation at the moment and we have no idea whether it was arson or an accident but you can't help but feel suspicious, especially knowing how utterly stupid some people can be.
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  11. Mister Jez
  12. Mister Jez
    Of course the other side of the coin is. Knowing they would probably lose the CPO. Archway decided to maximise their payout with an insurance job, plus the money from the CPO Very easy to blame somebody else.
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  13. Blackrat1299
    It was a delayed action from the Tottenham riots!!!!:cool:
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  14. doom
    anyone could have done this with Archway stoking the flames or it could have been a timely accident. If Archway have to move elsewhere to continue running their business then I suspect the insurance company will pay out what the building is worth and then own the property and sell to us. I think that's the best scenario.
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  15. WestBelfast Spurs
    Harry Kane did it cause he is on FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    its ok ill get my coat
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  16. mawspurs
    A short bald man was seen running away from the scene ;)
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  17. Locotoro
    Could just as easily be an insurance scam as arson by an outsider
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  18. WestBelfast Spurs
    it was your man running about shouting you aint got no fans you aint got no ground - seen running about saying to officers "you want some"
  19. Blackrat1299
    If they get an Insurance payout, the land is no longer theirs, therefore I don't think they would get get CPO payout.

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