Fire breaks out at sheet metal firm blocking Tottenham Hotspur's new £100m stadium

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by garryparkerschest, Nov 25, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by garryparkerschest, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Mister Jez
    I don't know, but the CPO payout would be for the value of the land, the insurance would be for the buildings and fixtures, including loss of business.
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  2. mawspurs
    Makes an insurance job sound even more plausible. They would get double pay-out.
  3. scottlag10
    After previously sending Soldado and Adebayor to do 'the job', we must of sent Harry Kane this time.
    (Sorry to make light of this but as long as nobody was injured I believe its fair game)
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  4. 14/04/91
    Presumably won't affect Thursday's game?
    There'll be an investigation - possibly an unsafe building so close to the ground?
  5. mil1lion
    It definitely can't be one of our own. The form we're on we'd have torched the wrong building.
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  6. Dennism
    No proof it was started by a Spurs fan. Typical of Archway to immediately blame the Spurs fans. Even if it was arson it could be Arsenal fans, Chelsea fans or not connected to the satdium in any way.
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  7. Gaz_Gammon

    Why would a Police investigation of an incident outside of the Clubs control by someone not in direct employment by the Club hold up or delay the work on the stadium?

    The hearing will go ahead irrespective of this incident and let's first get some actual facts before casting aspersions shall we?
  8. Gaz_Gammon

    Appears that Walker is fit for Saturday then..................
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  9. avonspurs
    if its treated as a crime scene, and then for evidence in a potential criminal case, it may well delay things longer than if (when) Archway lost the hearing.

    and, of course, I will await actual facts before posting any comments related to the possibility that this may have been done by a spurs fan. Phew, thanks for pointing that out.
  10. 2bearis2do
    All a bit inevitable really - I'm not sure what Archway wanted out of all this - to stand there defiant for so many years when offered a nice fat sum to move on and offered new premises. I really don't get why they have persisted for so long and even now how they can constantly appeal - what's their end-game? To stand there all alone proud that they stood for their "rights" - Backed up by the P.C brigade - total nonsense.

    They've simply been 1)delaying the inevitable and 2) delaying some very important regeneration to the area which will benefit thousands of people and not just them - (all 20 of them).

    They've been there 50 years - we've been there since 1899 and have been trying to buy them for the past 10 years. Their jobs were not in danger - all they had to do was move and change some letter-heads - I have absolutely no sympathy for them at all.

    It could have been an inside job, an insurance job etc - They stink of greed and ulterior motives - Holier than thou and all that (Check out their FB page - they give me the jeebies "We're Spurs fans truly we are" blah blah blah). Listen to what they say in the video - their guy makes no sense, (they say they want to expand their business there and are applying for planning permission!- but they have no objection to Spurs expanding their stadium - a more logic-less comment would be hard to find). Move on, carry on your business, good luck to you, expand it as you want to in some spanking new premises and take the hugely inflated price you have been offered and now the insurance claim too - just stop putting the world on hold because of your greed.

    And IF they come out moaning and accusing Spurs fans - well it's not complicated - you knew your building was at risk due to threats - so I'm assuming you'll have security and CCTV cameras all about the place - it shouldn't be too hard to prove who dun nit! My guess - one of their "crew" wrapped in a THFC scarf ;)
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  11. eddiebailey
    Hopefully an accident, but we have plenty of fans dumb enough to do something like this.

    Those suggesting it is an insurance job are an embarrassment.
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  12. 2bearis2do
    Eddie - sadly in this world run by greed and money - you truly never know.
    I hope they catch whoever did it - if it was arson.
    I don't think it should be too complicated for the Old Bill/Fire Brigade to work out who did do it - plenty of CCTV (one would assume).
  13. Gaz_Gammon

    Police have identified two suspicious suspects seen on CCTV in the area that they wish to interview.......

  14. Blackrat1299
    Does the land belong to them.
  15. Mister Jez
    That is my understanding.
  16. shao
    ????? What??? An embarrassment! Like thats not a possibility.
    If it is arson then who do you think the police will make their prime suspect?
    Its not an embarrassing suggestion. There is a distict possibilty, with no evidence as yet, that it was an inside job to claim the insurance.
  17. davidmatzdorf
    That's not right. Even if there is no future for the property itself, if it is insured against fire, then the insurers will have to agree a cash indemnity settlement with the owners. They get a wodge of cash even if the building never gets rebuilt.

    Just because there is a CPO pending, it doesn't suddenly render the property uninsurable.

    I've dealt with well over 200 property insurance claims for housing associations and some of them were in respect of damage to buildings that had been designated for demolition or major renovation, so I'm not speculating.
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  18. Nebby
    Whats funny about firemen having to risk their lives, workers losing their jobs over Christmas and a family losing its business?
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  19. Edgarsglasses
    Could of been Arson Wenger.
    Sorry guys i'll grab my hat on the way out.
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  20. scottlag10
    I could understand Archways stance more if they were just a local business that relied on local sales. However they are a specialist company that deal with people nationwide who would be helped to re-locate in the Tottenham area (so no affect on workforce) like the 70 other parties Spurs have helped. Sorry but they are just being greedy!
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