FIVE Bold Predictions for the 17/18 season.

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by garryparkerschest, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. DogsOfWar

    DogsOfWar Well-Known Member

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    1. We will challenge for the title again.
    2. Lamela will be back to his best.
    3. Janssen will have a decent season.
    4. Winks will play himself into the England set up.
    5. KWP and Onomah will step up.

    I believe the above reasons are why we also won't be doing much business in the transfer window.
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  2. gp13tot

    gp13tot Well-Known Member

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    1. Winks to make the 2018 World Cup squad
    2. Lamela to be sold or retire by this time next year
    3. One of Dele or Danny to be this years Walker and kick up a stink in order to force a move this time next year
    4. Ross Barkley to be widely recognised as a great signing for the club by the vast majority of fans, regardless of what we may eventually pay for him
    5. KWP and/or Onomah to be this years Winks and be considered genuine bench/rotation options rather than 'youngsters'

    Oh, and Citeh to win the league, with or without signing Sanchez
  3. Qualsonic

    Qualsonic Good Grief

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    1. We will finish 5th
    2. We will get more points away than home
    3. We will get to a final but not win any trophies
    4. Kane will win the golden wotsit
    5. Winks will be young player of the year
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  4. Krule

    Krule Carpe Diem

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    Okay let's go for did say "Bold Predictions"....(Puts down extremely large glass of merlot and begins typing....hic !)

    1. Tottenham win the Champions League without conceding a single goal.
    2. Harry Kane is knighted for services to sport
    3. Daniel Levy decides to run for Prime Minister and elected before Christmas
    4. Sissoko kidnapped by aliens who leave suitcase containing 200 million Zukkos.....(1 Zukko = £10)
    5. New ground completed by August 5th....Wembley plans scrapped !
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  5. npearl4spurs

    npearl4spurs Believing Member

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    five bold predictions, not baked predictions
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  6. Krule

    Krule Carpe Diem

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    Apologies....a combination of merlot and a sense of humour ......I find both an essential part of being a football team supporter. :D
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  7. davros

    davros Well-Known Member

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    Bold predictions

    1. We complete the season without any players picking up injuries.
    2. Vertonghen scores Premier League goals.
    3. Sissoko is a revelation at RB, but Tripper gets the nod for the Champions League final.
    4. Lamela returns and is amazing, coming on in the second game of the season against Chelsea and scoring twice and starting regularly after that.
    5. Harry Kane scores a double hat-trick in the Premier League. Let's say against Newcastle on day 1 to start the season in uncharacteristically productive form. Well done Harry!

    1. Mourinho is fired at Christmas with United in 15th and Barry Fry takes over for the rest of the season. He guides Man U to second place. Then he dies.
    2. John Terry has a tricky first game for Villa when he is bundled to the ground and urinated on by a number of players. The ref waves play-on and everyone agrees that it was probably fair.
    3. Suarez sparks intense debate after biting another player's penis. Players all take Suarez's side and force an immediate rule change to allow and even encourage penis biting. The Champions League final is decided by a tense penalty penis-bite-off. Spurs beat Barcelona but Suarez is given a special award for his services to football and the new format is a huge success and everyone agrees that it is brilliant.
    4. Ross Barkley joins Liverpool for 60 million pounds and is their player of the season as they finish 6th.
    5. Norwich City replace their first team with actual canaries. The experiment fails as they are relegated after picking up just 12 points (three wins and three draws). The club's sporting director, Stuart Webber, steps down saying "we knew it was a risk, but we felt the time was right and the team was ready. In hindsight it was poor judgement on my part." Club legend Chris Sutton is quoted as saying "The birds have to take some of the blame for this, but in the end the manager is responsible for the tactics". After the final game Club Ambassador Stephen Fry publicly kills all the birds with his bare hands and teeth. He is utterly charming.
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  8. Tucker

    Tucker Caaaaaarl!

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    Bold predictions...

    Our form at Wembley will be fine, albeit after a shakey start.
    Harry Kane won't score until October, but will still win the golden boot.
    We will win the Champions League.
    We will finish outside the top four.
    When asked why he thinks we were able to win the CL but still finish 5th, Poch will reply "This is football, no?"
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  9. glospur

    glospur Well-Known Member

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    1. The Wembley curse continues and we finish outside the top 6, replaced by Everton who challenge for the title themselves as the rest of the top teams struggle with their European commitments.

    2. Harry Kane still hits 40+ and wins the European golden shoe and is nominated for European Player of teh season and then the Ballan D'or

    3. Dele struggles with multiple suspensions and scores under 10 for the season.

    4. Harry Winks gets linked to Barcelona by the end of the season.

    5. Nah fuck 1 and 3. We win the league and Dele winds PFA POTY
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  10. aussiespursguy

    aussiespursguy Active Member

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    OK here goes:

    - Harry will score 35+ in all competitions
    - Harry Winks to be nominated Young Player of the Year, but loses to Deli
    - Spurs finish in the top 3. Start average at Wembley but end up making it a fortress.
    - After a tense FA Cup run we smash the goons in the Final and finally win a trophy.
    - Vincent scores 10+ league goals and over 15 for the season, and a brace in the cup final.
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  11. not_tenth-again

    not_tenth-again Well-Known Member

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    1. Janssen proves the doubters wrong (10+ goals)
    2. N'Koudou proves the doubters wrong (10+ goals)
    3. Dele Alli spends more than half the season out with injury or suspension
    4. Kane wins the golden boot
    5. Spurs win a cup
    6. Winks, Onomah and KWP become established and trusted squad players
    7. Lloris is finally recognised as the best keeper in the league
    8. Fans moan all year about our lack of signings (hardly a bold prediction...)
    9. England will flop at the world cup (hardly a bold prediction...)
    10. I get to have 10 predictions because I'm special.... ish.
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  12. Sandro30

    Sandro30 Well-Known Member

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    1. We win a trophy
    2. Winks starts more games than Dembele
    3. Lamela has 10+ assists & goals
    4. We win our CL group
    5. Lacazette outscores Harry :ninja:
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  13. MarkyP

    MarkyP Active Member

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    1. Kane and Dele finish 1st and 2nd place in the goalscoring charts.
    2. Spurs go unbeaten all season at Wembley.
    3. Reach the CL semi final losing to a Messi Penalty in the last minute of extra time.
    4. Spurs win the PL.
    5. Spurs resign Bale on deadline day.
  14. tototoner

    tototoner SC Supporter

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    1 - we'll beat Chelsea in our 1st league home game, creating the springboard for a great season at Wembley

    2 - We'll win the league

    3 - we'll get to the semi finals of the CL

    4 - Conte walks away from Chelsea

    5 - Other fans, clubs and the media start taking us seriously
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    SPURSLIFE Active Member

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    1. Utd win title from City
    2. Ars finish 3rd Liv 4th
    3 Everton 5th
    4 We don't make it out of group stage in CL.
    5 We win Europa League.
  16. ultimateloner

    ultimateloner Well-Known Member

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    1) Our default line up will be 2 up front instead of lone striker
    2) Son hits 20 league goals
    3) We win PL
    4) Mourinho fired before end of season
    5) Wenger fired before end of season
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  17. buttons

    buttons Well-Known Member

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    1. HK wins the golden boot again.
    2. Atleast Kane, Alli, Dier, Walker, Trippier Rose and Winks make the World Cup squad.
    3. Edwards is this years late 'wonderkid' candidate for the WC squad.
    4. We finish 3rd in the PL after a slow start.
    5. Finish second in our CL group and beat Bayern 5-1 in the first knockout round.

    6. Less than 30k fans turn up to the Juve friendly, i hope.
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  18. THOWIG

    THOWIG Well-Known Member

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    1. The season is going to start slowly and the doom mongers will come out asking "Why we didn't sign Neymar!" and some idiot will start a thread on Pochettino's future.
    2. Then we'll win the league
    3. Get to the semi's of the Champions League
    4. Winks will play for England.
    5. Janssen will prove to be a success.
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  19. zicomerc

    zicomerc Active Member

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    1. People will continue to spell Eriksen name wrong
    2. We will claim top 4 on the last day of the season
    3. Onomah will surpass Winks
    4. Janssen will score 10 goals+ in all competitions
    5. Davies becomes first choice left back and Rose moves on
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  20. Gbspurs

    Gbspurs Gatekeeper for debates, King of the plonkers

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    If we have seen the best of Lamela I'm not sure him getting back to it would be much use to us.

    He certainly was showing more promise before the injury but I would hope for improvement really.
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