Former Tottenham managers defend Pochettino

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 8, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 8, 2018.

    This is smart and non-agenda driven from Messers Harry and Timothy.
    Cundy is a twat.
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  2. PeeEyeEmPee
    that is classic 'Arry, that is. Allegri wasn't thinking that at all, he was proactive in his thinking and made two changes that ended up changing the entire tie.
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  3. Sweetsman
    Talking of twats, who's that Hispanic guy on ESPN? It seems he and that ex-Liverpool player just love to stick the knife into Spurs.
  4. Locotoro
    I have to agree with Sherwood's comments. Juventus started out wrong so its hardly a credit to Allegri to have been dominated over two legs. He made the change because he had no other option and fortunately for him it worked
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    yeah --- thinks he is a smart analyst but a bit of a spanner
  6. UbeAstard
    Him and Sherwood, top managers and tactical geniuses, won everything and thats why they are commenting on matches rather than being wanted by any decent club. They are as good as their last few jobs. ;)
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  7. Sweetsman
    Gab Marcotti seems to struggle to engage them in intelligent conversation, especially as he's a Poch fan.
  8. PeeEyeEmPee
    but how you start isn't nearly as important as how you finish. the key is being able to read the game in situ and react accordingly, and that's what he did. it was brilliant management, considering he had no real attacking substitutes, yet still made effective attacking changes. there's nothing fortunate about it whatsoever, especially when you realise that Juve have made a habit of pulling results out like that time and time again.
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  9. Phomesy
    Ended as it started - with Spurs peppering the Juve goal. A lick of paint away from equalising. Sorry but Juve were extremely fortunate - their "experience" came more in stamping on Son behind play and kicking Dele out of the game. Watched the game 3 times now and its more and more obvious that their dirty tricks more than Allegri's subs changed the game.
  10. Hakkz
    Oh yeah, that one..
  11. PeeEyeEmPee
    then you're clearly not capable of being objective.
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  12. Sweetsman
    They weren't lucky goals and the reason we peppered their goal to no great affect was that they were seeing out the game.
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  13. Locotoro
    I disagree with your comments about Allegri's tactical move. It was just as likely to fail as it was to succeed. When a manager makes a tactical change the biggest impact is not the change itself but the confusion factor ( players in new areas, occupying space, new threats). The defence has to readapt to the attack. In our case, Juve's change in formation worked but only because our players switched off. Dier went to sleep and didnt track the run of Higuan and for the second goal the defence seemed to be playing very wide like they were playing against a 3 rather than a 4. If Dier tracks the run the first goal wouldnt have been scored - whole different story.

    These are errors on an individual level not regarding the tactics.

    NB: I am not blaming Dier for the defeat but he was at fault for the goal in question

    When they had the lead, Juve knew how to play tight and to break the tempo of the game because its what they probably the best team in the world at doing.
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  14. Phomesy
    Well you're certainly capable of being patronising (y)
  15. zepstar
    Let's be honest, who the fuck is Jason Cundy? How these rent-a-gobs get airtime is beyond me. He stunk of average as a footballer and his opinions are, at best, misguided. To find any evidence of his relevance to English football, you'd have to go further back than his hairline.
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  16. UbeAstard
    There were warning signs before they scored and I believe we had at least 2 people on the bench which would have allowed us to make a tactical change to combat it and protect the spaces as Juventus did after they got the goals they needed. And you are correct tactical changes are not guaranteed to succeed, however in my view the finger can be pointed at Pochetinho (who I am a big fan of BTW) who did nothing till the horse had bolted..
  17. UbeAstard
    People resorting to personal insults when someone's opinions don't match theirs.....:rolleyes:
  18. UbeAstard
    What they were doing was nasty and typical Italian (if I am allowed to say that). They tend to do this when the opposition is dominating or on equal terms with them and I think the intent is to get a reaction which puts the opposition down to 10 men. They failed in that. The biggest influence on the result was the changes Allegri made and that we did nothing to combat them.
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  19. Sweetsman
    There probably wasn't anything special about the substitutions, except to sow doubt in our minds and to take attention away from the midfield. This is my issue with some of our players ball-watching: the ball has to go to someone, so follow them.

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