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Aug 25, 2011
Absolutely this. In our studio (TV 2 Norway) we've had Jaqui Oatley, Bianca Westwood, Johanna Frandën (Swedish expert) and a couple of other female guests on our Premier League shows in recent years and they have without exception been knowledgeable, good analysts and good speakers. These women are really paving the way for female pundits and the game and the profession is richer for it.
Jacqui Oatley is great, she is very fair and balanced in her opinions and you can tell she really does her research.


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Jun 7, 2004
She isn’t the worst pundit about but anyone who is supposed to be neutral shouldn’t refer to the team they support as “us” and be totally deflated when their team loses as she did when Arsenal lost to us the other week. She also refer to us in the build up tactics talk as playing the diamond formation even though it was clear we were playing 3 at the back.
To be fair she is not the only one who does this on sky and I find their pundits on a whole as completely biased and unknowledgeable about many teams they talk about.
Aren't you the same person who was all made-up abut Hoddle or Keane or Ardiles saying "we" about Spurs?

Even if you aren't I'm sure my point is clear.


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Aug 30, 2010
If that performance and the nature of the rexult doesn't prompt some movement in the transfer window, I really have no idea what will.


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Aug 3, 2011
Was one of those... "how the heck did that happen" kind of match. not sure how we won. we look sluggish and uninspired. Not sure why we tinker and played 3-4-3 instead of the usual 4-2-3-1. i think we had too much time to prepare for the match... (unless we plan to use 3-4-3 vs chelsea in mid week, so it was a "practice" session").

But win in the last minute.... wow.... just wow....

Glad fulham wasn't well drilled in defending a lead. they could have really slowed the game down. even after Alli scored, i expect fulham to slow the game down and waste time, any point vs a top 4 side is priceless when u are 1 off the bottom.

seriously... their fans also need to learn their place.... 2mins left on add on time, a free kick... and instead of "encouraging" the ref to blow for an early FT, they encourage their team to really attack the free kick. and i think that cost them a point.

but... what a finish. GK was the spark we needed at the end. and Toby & Winks just gambling to get in the box. Full credit to Toby too... his movement attracted the center back which game Winks the space he needed.

was so happy that i couldn't get to bed... and now i am at work with 3 hours of sleep (the match did end around 2am thou.)


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Apr 1, 2005
This is an interesting discussion. I think there's significant bias on both sides.

She's clearly not a "rubbish pundit" as he claims - she's no worse than anyone else on Sky for certain.

She is, however, absolutely bang average in her punditry still. She offers no better or more articulate insight than 90% of existing pundits, and she definitely isn't one of the better pundits out there. There are many far more interesting people talking about football floating around our tv's and radio's at the moment.

He also has a point in the fact that she's yet another Sky pundit with a genuine (and understandable) Arsenal bias who continually get assigned to our games, while Sky try to defend themselves by throwing in two non-Spurs fans who both had 5 minute careers at the club.

Ultimately Scott is a tv sports exec's dream - she's young, she's a good player in her own right, she's not white, she's pretty, and she certainly doesn't embarrass herself amongst the company of established pundits. She's therefore getting massively disproportionate screen time at the moment as all the networks seem to have signed her up to appear practically round-the-clock.

However, the bullshit that's getting thrown around about not having women commentate/offer opinion and the usual "snowflakes" cringe-worthy crap is ridiculous. She's perfectly capable of appearing on our screens and being a positive presence.

What I really hope is that her success opens the door to actual good female pundits to get their chances - regardless of their appearance/clubs/backgrounds etc. That would be real progress.

I don't care who talks about my football as long as they actually know what they're talking about and can offer interesting opinions and insight. About 80% of the current crop doesn't offer that, and Sky have the worst stable of all by far with the exception of Neville.
She is on the same level as redknapp and carragher, won more trophies and spat on less people.

Would prefer ex managers though (successful ones). To get better insight.

Looking nice and being able to communicte is something that tv has been moving towards in modern years. But you still have klingons like merson.

I actually like merson.


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Jun 14, 2008
We need to buy someone but can I see it? I'm unsure at this moment in time. We needed to buy in summer but didn't and winter is more difficult.

I have a feeling Levy will look at Son coming back in 3 weeks, the result today, Poch working miracles & the targets he wants, and decide to keep his wallet in his pocket. This could be a huge mistake.

All of us can see the urgent need for more quality but Levy sees things totally differently. I know it's a business for him but investing on the field (like Scousers), brings more rewards off it.
I agree but there is only so much magic that poch can produce he can't keep pulling rabbits out of hats it's remarkable what they have achieved so far.
If levy had his way the whole playing squad would be made up of academy products so he wouldn't have to buy that again is so unrealistic but probably his ultimate vision for the club.


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May 14, 2007
That should have been the perfect game to give the management and the top brass a real wake up call that we simply aren't good enough without Son and Kane, therefore a more suitable and mobile option is required. Alas it means either the funds wont be released, or Poch has a distorted view of our place in the pecking order & is going for players well out of our reach in terms of prestige and payscale.

What a difference 6 months makes. Who'd have thought being 7 points ahead of arsenal in 5th would still lead to a depressing situation?

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May 12, 2010
Catching up on the highlights... I have to say that we should be thanking our lucky stars for Jan and Hugo. If not for them that could have been very embarrassing indeed. As if that wasn't the case every game anyway of course. Two absolute examples of their positions.


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Jan 11, 2019
Catching up on the highlights... I have to say that we should be thanking our lucky stars for Jan and Hugo. If not for them that could have been very embarrassing indeed. As if that wasn't the case every game anyway of course. Two absolute examples of their positions.
Jan was excellent.


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Jan 11, 2019
Ref was good, wasn't he? Cautioned Sanchez when he had been fouled by Mitrovic. Failed to send off Mitrovic when he kicked Sanchez. Cautioned Rose for diving when it was clear he had been fouled.

A lot of this is the media's fault, making out diving to be the worst offence on the field of play. Of course it's cheating, but so are handball, professional fouls, falsely claiming for a corner or throw-in, standing in front of the ball to prevent a free kick being taken and so on.