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Jul 26, 2004
I thought the last 25 minutes Sanchez played Mitrovic superbly by the way. He was getting the better of him and making him lose his rag. Shitty reffing didn’t help but the ref can go get fucked now!

Get in Winksy
Agreed he was shaky for a lot of the game, but when Mitrovic tried to bring it, i thought it brought the best out in him

What the ref was thinking with that booking though. :banghead:


John Duncan's Love Child
Jul 28, 2006
Goal aside I thought Winks had a poor game, he slowed play down so much. Sanchez for me was motm, solid and unflinching in marking Mitrovic!
He really didn't. He had some poor indivual moments. As did a few.

Otherwise he played very well.

Spurs 1961

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Aug 31, 2012
I know Dier is just coming
Jan made the point in the post-match comments - Dier coming on allowed Winksy to get a bit higher up the pitch.

back from injury but I wanted him on t half-time to give us more control in midfield allowing our creative players to go forward. We must not start Llorente again in a big game. As good a player as he has been he does not fit in with our general style of play; he is a different option when needed but not a starter