Get "YID" meaning a Spurs fan in the Oxford Englist dictionary

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    The word "Yid" has been traditionally used as an offensive word to describe a member of the Jewish Community.

    However, for as long as we can remember, Tottenham Football fans, have referred to themselves proudly as "Yids" to reflect the Jewish Community from the local area.

    To Tottenham fans, this word is part of our heritage and history, we are proud of this fact and we acclaim ourselves, without religious overtones, to be proud to be Yids.

    Please allow us to continue to refer to ourselves in this manner as we have for decades, by signing the petition below.

    The Get "Yid" into the dictionary, meaning "a Tottenham Football Fan" petition to Oxford English Dictionary Writers and Football Fans was written by Brian Dickie and is in the category Culture at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: yid army tottenham

    This was started in 2007 by Brian Dickie please support this and the term can never be taken away from us COYY.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by ossie, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. spud
    Signed, with comment.

    Not that it will have any affect against the tsunami of political correctness that will ultimately prevail.
  2. beuller
    David Baddiel is going to be furious.
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  3. Kingstheman
    We should placate him by getting the word 'scum' to mean a Chelsea fan.
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  4. sebo_sek
    I'm sorry but int his day and age people must be starting these campaigns out of boredom. Yid, Yiddo, Yiddster and other variations have been used on here and othre forums for years, in the terraces for decades. And suddenly someone finds it offensive? COME ON! Polish people in America are sometimes called Polaks. Now I don't like it, but then again it's there to stay. Deal with it. Is there really such a huge difference between being called a tosser, wanker, scumbag and other filth, and being abused racially or ethnically? For me there isn't. it's one and the same as both are insulting on a personal level. And the term antisemitic is fast becoming hugely boring. Soon the very mention of Jews, Judaism, Israel or the Tora by non-Jewish people will be considered antisemitic. Get a grip. Screaming Yid at someone is really not on the same level as throwing bananas at a black man.
  5. Andrew Fisher
    It is an important part of our culture. When we travel from a long way to home games and the further away we get from the Lane after a match, as the Spurs fans gradually disperse at their various stops on the tube,and the noise levels get lower, it is heartwarming to hear the last couple of fans at the end of the tube platform near the end of the line bellow "Yid Army" and to respond in kind as a the last remaining Yid on the train. Don't let PC stop this.
  6. doom
    Sign the petition - if it gets into the dictionary we will not have these issues coming up every couple of years.
  7. HotspurFC1950

    Decades ? Not in my time. I'm not a Yiddo. I'm a Spurs fan.
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  8. oskathegobshite
    For better or worse the word is part of the culture of our club. As for David Baddiel I think we all know if it were a Chelsea thing he would be right behind it.
  9. Maske2g
    This is the biggest load of bollocks ever, and is a continuing annoyance to be. It's born because that prick Baddiel thinks the word "Yid" was invented on opposition terraces.

    Long before association football, the word "Yid", was an endearing term, meaning "mate", used by yiddish speaking Jew's.

    My dad often refers to another Jew as "a Yiddisher boy"

    Even Wikipedia can get that much right....
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  10. S17PUR
    I'll be honest, when I first started going to Spurs I had no idea what people were chanting when they said "yid army", and even when I was told, I didn't know what it meant. To me, it has only ever been something used to refer to a Spurs fan. In fact our use of it doesn't actually make a great deal of sense any more as the majority of our fans are not Jewish!

    I guess it's more of an inconvenience not to use the term than anything else. We'd have to make up new chants and everything. Sort of like a mass rebranding. It wouldn't overly concern me, as I've found that it promotes racism more than deflecting it, but it is certainly not racist in itself.
  11. AllSeeingEye
    Totteham? Englist? Are these words in the dictionary too?

    In all seriousness though, I read that article and I'm Spurs fan but I'm not Jewish.

    If the word Yid is offensive (and there has been enough talk to suggest it might be the case) then it probably carries the same weight as the word Nigger.

    The word Nigger is offensive to me (it is difficult enough to write it without feeling a bit shameful) even though I'm white.

    If I heard the word Nigger being used by a white person to refer to a black person in a public place in anger I would recoil....but if any of the black Hip-Hop/Rap artists I like use the word in song I don't feel the "weight" - or even the shame if I happen to "sing" along with it.

    Surely our use of the word falls under the latter circumstance in terms of context.

    Any non-Jew Spurs fan using the word Yid is not using the word to be racist, they are using it to show that the word has now been taken away from Anti-Semites using it as an offensive insult and turned it into a rallying cry against Anti-Semites and also down the years used it as a rallying chant against opposition football teams.

    Didn't someone once say "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words shall never hurt me...."?

    However, it's fair enough for me that enough Jews/Spurs fans complain and say it's offensive then no doubt we'll have to reconsider whether it's necessary to use the term - it's not the end of the world if we stop shouting "Yid Army", there's always "Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur", "Stand Up If Your Hate Arsenal" and "Hello, Hello, We Are The Tottenham Boys".....

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