Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur

Discussion in 'Columns' started by rupsmith, Jul 21, 2013.

  • by rupsmith, Jul 21, 2013 at 11:27 PM
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    The gentleman who makes these videos has to be hired by the club - he is astonishingly good.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by rupsmith, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. peteblue
    Powerful stuff indeed, a fantastic video, just goes to show some of the great managers we have had at the club. Bill Nicholson is the godfather of Tottenham, the style of play he created has been passed down throught the years, by some of the finest players ever to wear the lilly white shirt. That my friends is what makes our club so great. COYS !
  2. eddiev14
    I loved that, thanks for posting! :)
  3. jonola
    Definitely deserving of 2 seperate threads :)

    Awesome video :)
    Brilliant....schoolboys own stuff! Love it.
  5. stevespurs
    Wow.... loved it!!
    Just remembered how much of a Keith Berkinshaw fan I was.
  6. Fergus
    I noticed a singular lack of credits or copyright statements. Any fool can make himself look good by helping himself to other people's work and failing to credit them.

    @Mods: what happened to the SC copyright policy?
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  7. spud
    If any fool can do it, why don't you? Make a Spurs video as good as any by YidVids, I challenge you.
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  8. spud
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  9. DreadySpur
    awesome!!!! Some great moments......
  10. MisterC
    Wow that was fantastic well done sir!
  11. 2bearis2do
    Great stuff - Bale should be made to watch that any time a big offer comes in for him - he has the chance to really become the modern-day Spurs legend.
  12. Lufti

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  13. carpediem991
    I follow yidvids2 a long time on youtube now. Great work!
    what an amazing video:)
  15. Bulletspur
    Brilliant! Thanks for posting

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