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    It’s been a while, and it might be hard to remember some of our results since the last Good Week/ Bad Week, so here is a reminder...

    Swansea (A) 3-1 Win

    City (H) 5-1 loss

    Hull (A) 1-1 Draw

    Everton (H) 1-0 Win

    Newcastle (A) 4-0 Win

    Dnipro (A) 1-0 Loss

    Norwich (A) 1-0 Loss

    Dnipro (H) 3-1 Win

    Cardiff (H) 1-0 Win

    Chelsea (A) 4-0 Loss

    Benfica (H) 3-1 Loss

    Woolwich (H) 1-0 Loss

    P 12 W 5 D 1 L 6 F 15 A 18

    Good 2 Months

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    The goals have slightly dried up towards the end of this period, but our leading striker has shown more effort as our results have slid. Pace, power, and some terrific finishing, especially the goal against Everton, have been a highlight in a pretty dark 2014. That we have struggled for goals in March is less to do with Manu and more to do with an utter lack of creativity in the team.

    Christian Eriksen

    Some sumptuous free kicks from the Dane, who was alarmingly left out completely from the dire defeat at Carrow Road and more worryingly for me is continually shunted out to the left of our five man midfield. With no one else offering any creativity from the middle of the park we need the former Ajax playmaker in there.

    Kyle Naughyon

    Yes, you read that right, Naughton makes the winner’s circle. Coming in and out of the side, not always in the same position, would be difficult for anyone, but now he is getting a run of games, with Walker’s injury problems, the other Kyle is looking a pretty steady player. He knows he doesn’t have the pace to beat a man so is far more likely to put a cross in, which aren’t bad, and if it weren’t for our high line he would not be looking too bad defensively. Whereas Walker has the pace to get back but also has the odd meltdown when taken on one-on-one, Naughton can get caught in behind but is harder to beat in tight spaces.

    Nacer Chadli

    Already starting to struggle, Nacer showed a glimpse of his quality with a magnificent final goal in our thumping of Newcastle, and against Woolwich he showed some skill, pace, and desire although fatefully lacked the finishing skills in the second half with the goal at his mercy.

    More needs to come to fully convince but there is hope for the future. Plus he is one of the few players who gets within waving distance of Adebayor in our 4-X-X-1 system.

    Nabil Bentaleb

    Now, Bentaleb has had a bit of an up-and-down eight weeks, and maybe he should be rested until the end of the season so he can learn and build on his first team experience. However, given the (almost bizarre) faith Sherwood has in his abilities, Bentaleb’s run continues and he was even linked with a move to Manchester United which, while not what it used to be, indicates that some share Sherwood’s opinion about the young midfielder.

    Jermain Defoe

    A lovely send off for the little man against Everton, with injury ruling him out from there on. He’s already scored a brace on debut for Toronto, and I’m sure we all wish him the best in Canada.

    Harry Kane

    With Defoe’s departure, Kane is one step further up on the pecking order, and I’m quite pleased about that. I like Kane, I think he showed a good footballing brain in his initial first team appearances, added a little pace, and now seems to have developed a prodigious leap to go with a tasty shot from outside the box. With the front man/men being so isolated from midfield at times, it’s crying out for someone who can just drop off in between the lines and link the play. Rafa van der Vaart he is not, but he is still young and I hope, with our season petering out, the HarriKane gets some more game time.

    Iago Falque

    Impressing out in Spain with Rayo Vallecano, if the squad wasn’t already chocker blocked with attacking midfielders and wingers (and we are linked with Konoplyanka from Dnipro as well) there is little to no chance he’ll get into the first team. At the very least he has improved his reputation in his home land.

    Alex Pritchard

    Another diminutive blonde with a pinpoint free kick, Pritchard has been nominated for the Football League’s young player of the year award. Now if this was a player of another club we would all be clamouring for Spurs to sign him, but again Pritchard will find the first team blocked by plenty of players who, quite frankly, are not doing the business, and a great potential talent will not get the chance to show if he is going to make it or not.

    Obviously, picking up a straight red last time out doesn’t help, but it’s nice to see some fire in a player’s belly.

    Ryan Frederiks

    Getting regular games on loan in the Championship, the likelihood is he won’t make it at Spurs but at least he is proving he deserves to be a professional footballer in at least the second tier.

    Lewis Holtby

    Another on loan, and someone we could badly do with at The Lane, if only for his infectious attitude. He’s already making us miss him and hopefully he will show the coaching staff, current or future, that he deserves a run of games.

    Bad 2 Months

    Tim Sherwood

    Okay, strap yourselves in. This ain’t going to be pretty...

    We start off with Sherwood in the Bad section. When I was thinking of writing this column a few weeks ago, before the Norwich defeat, I had Sherwood in the Bad section because despite doing alright the haters were gonna hate. First he was 4-4-Tim, then when he changed tactics he was a mumbler, then when he started shouting he was wearing a jacket without sleeves, then when he threw that to the ground he was too fiery, and so on and so forth. No matter what he did, he was not the answer and never would be.

    After the recent run of results, which to be fair aren’t exactly the result of managerial incompetence but weren’t helped by Sherwood’s decisions, I am in two minds as to what to do with Sherwood and the manager’s position in general.

    With our season now pretty much over, we should be using the next few months to be in the best position for the new season, but nothing can be done until the manager for next season is confirmed. I could go on and on but it will not change anything – its another balls up at The Lane.

    Daniel Levy and Franco Baldini

    So AVB couldn’t do it. Sherwood is struggling. Now the players, new and old, are falling over themselves (literally) to find new levels to sink to. From top to bottom, in terms of the first team, nothing is going right. Even Adebayor’s recent form comes with the issue of our wage commitment once City stop subsidising his contract.

    I’ll not rush in to blame Levy and Baldini because there were plenty of us happy as Larry when the signings were coming in. Paulinho- great. Soldado – boom. Lamela – hello! Yes we lost Bale but for once Spurs did not dick about.

    It was that last signing that worried me. We already had Lennon. Townsend had impressed at QPR. Chadli had come in, plus numerous players who could ‘do a job’, and we went and spent a club record £30million on another winger. It just seemed a little unnecessary and, dare I say, amateur? The sort of thing you do on Football Manager, when you know you can reboot and start all over again.

    The Director of Football position is a tricky one to decipher because no one really knows what it involves. However, if there is no strong link between the head coach and the DoF then issues do not get addressed and money gets wasted. If AVB had got Moutinho all those moons ago to replace Modric then I can’t help wondering where we might have ended up....

    If Sherwood stays then I can see him wanting Baldini gone, which is not an issue because Franco likes to love and leave, and if a new manager comes in and it’s not Fabio Capello then I think Baldini will be gone anyway.

    Baldini did his job but unfortunately for us and for Levy, it wasn’t what we really needed, and Levy has to take the blame because he was the one who went for him.

    Jan Vertonghen

    You are good, Jan, but you’re not Beckenbauer. For a classy defender you do have a few too many brain farts, like the penalty against Dnipro or the slip at the Bridge, and it appears to come more from a lack of concentration more than anything else. Are you bothered? I’m not sure you are, and it’s that complacency that stops you being a top central defender, and is probably why you end up getting shunted to left back for club and country.

    At the top of his game, Vertonghen is everything you want in a defender. However he has been exposed by players far below his level far too often and should buck up his ideas before complaining about the need for Champions League football.

    Moussa Dembele

    Injuries, indifferent performances, blimey there could be half a dozen players in here with Moussa, but he competition for midfield players is so fierce and Moussa does so little that actually impacts on the game as a whole that I think a ruthless manager will end up cutting him off, or at least demoting him. He’s missed the last few games and yet not many are counting down the seconds until he’s fit again. The only plus side is that no one else has stepped up to the plate.

    Tom Carroll

    With Redknapp bringing in 139 players in January, competition rules have forbid Carroll from making match squads at times as the number of loan signings in the side is restricted. Should have been called back in January, and probably would have got some games under Sherwood too.

    Roberto Soldado

    He has missed some sitters, but then ended his drought to get the only goal against Cardiff. Since then we have struggled to see any sign of him, and his late, late introduction (especially for Eriksen) rightly angered the Spurs faithful on Sunday.

    Still convinced there is a player there, but looks set to join the list of players we’ve ruined.

    Aaron Lennon

    I don’t know how many times Lennon has appeared in my columns but I don’t its very many because he doesn’t really do enough to stand out but puts a shift in.

    However, in the setup Sherwood has selected for the majority of his games Lennon’s lack of end product is critical. He doesn’t score or create enough to warrant playing anything but a right winger, and even then his crossing is so erratic that you need two strikers in the box just because you don’t know if he’s going for the near or the far post.

    I can see Lennon’s role in the team diminishing if Sherwood persists with this setup.

    Erik Lamela

    Where art tho Erik?

    Us fans

    We should finish 5th, which is our joint second highest finish since what, 1993 or something? However, performances and results have meant this has felt like one of the worst seasons ever, certainly in my living memory.

    It just feels like it doesn't matter. There will be a new manager, tons of new players, probably a new set-up, no new stadium. All we will be is another year older and deeper in debt.

    At least when we used to lose there was some perverse glory in it. Now there is just....nothing....
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. jenko
    Lovely read, but we won't finish 5th....
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  2. JimmyG2
    Well balanced as usual.
    A column I look forward to.
    Agree mostly especially about Kane and Kyle Naughton.
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  3. kr1978
    I've been quite impressed with naughton since he has been getting a run at right back.

    Genuinely believe all our signings from last summer need another full season before we make any decisions on them staying or going.
    • Agree Agree x 4
  4. beuller
    Nicely put krafty.

    Telling to our season is that all the players we desperately needed and expected to do well are in the losers column.

    And all the players we had ..... Less lofty expectations for are the winners.

    I would personally have had Paulinho bottom of the losers. What is he currently adding exactly?
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  5. Geyzer Soze
    & that idiot Durham thinks Sandro's the worst Brazilian to play in the premierßhip smh
  6. beuller
    I read that too. Durham is a weapons grade bellend.
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  7. DreadySpur
    I agree about the new signings, but it seems so unlikely to be allowed to happen...
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  8. Krokom
    Finally the good week/bad week column is back! Well written, as usual! Thanks.
    • Agree Agree x 1
  9. DiscoD1882
    Always hit the nail on the head @Krafty. great read. Please don't leave it 8 weeks next time.
    • Agree Agree x 1
  10. guate
    Always enjoy your column and you've been sorely missed these past few weeks.
    I also believe the players that came in at the beginning of the season should be given another opportunity next season to prove their worth and with a proper pre-season under their belt I'm sure many will do well for us.
    Re the manager situation…………what a nightmare our book-keeper has created. Hopefully Van Gal or somebody of his calibre is signed ASAP otherwise, in Van Gal's case, Man Ure will get him come the end of the season.
  11. yid-down-under
    Great post krafty, completely agree with everything u wrote. Regarding vertonghen; anyone else think hes playing crap as he can't be bothered and Wants to leave
  12. Gaz_Gammon

    Why are you prpared to give the players two seasons to improve but the Manager should only be given half a season to prove his ability?

    Would you only give LVG only half a season?

    Here is a reality check:
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  13. Yiditti
    Great read as per usual, spot on with Lennon and Vertonghen
  14. Kiedis
    According to the Telegraph and Guardian, Adebayor received a one-off payment of £4 million.

    So the idea of "what happens when City stop paying" shouldn't be a problem. Unless there are other and better sources..?
  15. JoeT
    Hi Gaz; I assume you wouldn't give our new players another season then? I have looked at the names of the additional players we bought this season and just can't see one who could not improve next season. I couldn't however say the same about a few in our previous squad.
    I read the Mail article; Yeah the stadium size is really at the root of Spur's problems as it all comes down to money in the end. We are really in a similar boat to Everton in that regard, but I would say we are ahead of them in the fact that we have started on the new Stadium. Apart from them and ourselves, everyone else on that 'Top Six' have huge overseas investment. Of course, insofar as keeping Spurs in touch with those financial giants, Levy should be given full credit
    I also watched the interview by Sherwood....very impressed; sensible and realistic.
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  16. Gaz_Gammon

    I think when they are selected the new players are showing progress aside from Soldado, who although who has immense talent appears to play hot and cold. It could be (like so many pro's say) that he perhaps needs more time to adapt to the PL. I don;t doubt this so i hope that he wants to stay at the club and fight for a place in the starting lineup. His game does not go downhill overnight for no good reason.

    Chadli, Paulinho, Chiriches and Eriksen (the star so far) have all shown glimpses of their true talent, and again i think we will see better from all of those come next season. The problem we have is in trying to find a system to fit them into, keeping the squad happy and finding those two or three additional players (in defence) that we need.

    Though the season has been demanding from a fans point of view, we are where we deserve to be irrespective of who is the manager. We currently cannot afford that extra bit of quality to challenge the top four. Sad but true, to most on here.

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