Good Fortnight/Bad Fortnight

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    After a week off, and nothing much happening, we’ll review the last two weeks

    Good Fortnight

    Clint Dempsey

    That late, late equaliser was sweet for all of us, and Dempsey had scored the all important goals to take 4 points from United. He had missed a sitter early in the game, but didn’t let his head drop. With four in four games this year, he’s our biggest goal threat. Unfortunately, there isn’t that much competition at the moment.

    Aaron Lennon

    Tore Evra apart, again, the only annoying thing is that after the Frenchman picked up a yellow card we didn’t target him more often. It’s a Tottenham trait of old, and given how Lennon will either draw fouls or blitz past a defender with or without a yellow to their name, we need to be a bit smarter.

    Hugo Lloris and his defence

    Clean sheet against QPR, not really troubled against Utd save the goal, he and the rest of the defence is looking the part.

    Steven Caulker

    Got lucky with the ‘incident’ but overall didn’t look too troubled against the league’s top scorer. I still feel there is a little more to come from Caulker, a little sharper with his concentration and a touch more commanding when dealing with certain situations, but I think that’s more a case of him not knowing how good he is.

    Scott Parker

    Opportunity knocks just at the right time for Scotty, and he didn’t do anything wrong on Sunday.

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto

    Nice to see him back.

    Bad Fortnight


    Real shame to lose the beast, he was playing so well, but at least it means his good form won’t alert any potential suitors, for now.

    Jermain Defoe

    If Only Julio Cesar hadn’t touched his shot onto the post, JD might have regained that ‘vitality’ that makes him such a dangerous striker. News on an injury isn’t good for him or us.

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Pretty dire against QPR, and given their relative work ethics Dempsey has to be picked ahead of him at the moment. Also got mugged in South Africa, along with the rest of the Togo squad, and they lost their opening Cup of Nations game.

    Jermaine Jenas and David Bentley

    Not mentioned in any transfer rumours at all.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. avonspurs
    Agree with that. It is strange that, on many occasions, Lennon will torment the full-back into getting booked and then seems to withdraw into his shell instead of exploiting the opportunity the yellow card affords him.
  2. 2bearis2do
    Nice one Krafty - keep them coming!
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  3. Kalim
    I think sometimes it's a case of the booked fullback standing off him and shepherding him away instead of committing against him, giving time for other players to come across.
  4. avonspurs
    Agree, but also he sometimes seems to hold back, instead of driving in past the full back. Saying that, he's had a great season so fat.
  5. UncleBuck
    Is he? What's he been eating this week?;-)
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  6. vigospur
    I always have to remind myself that Aaron Lennon is only 25. I think this his best half season ever and he really seems to be enjoying his football. I wonder how much credit lies with AVB who seems to trust him and treat him as a senior pro more that any other manager.
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  7. avonspurs
    Oops, more haste less speed! Took me half a minute to work out what you were on about :) He is looking a little porky though, don't you think? Lol
  8. UncleBuck
    Couldn't resist sir! You're right though, he really needs to stop eating them corned beef sandwiches at half time!
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  9. JimmyG2
    AVB deserves to be in the good week again.
    I know a draw against QPR even away feels like a loss
    and a draw at home to Man.U. feels like a win
    but he seems to have got them organised and up for things
    and still looking composed and as if he's enjoying it.
    Big bonus is that we are in the papers for all the right things
    Unlike Benitez, Sir Alex, Wenger et al..
    Looking good with only 15 to go.
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  10. beuller
    I'm glad you said what you did about caulker (albeit positively).

    I want to caveat this by saying that my judgement is skewed by having seeing Spurs's best ever centre half; Ledley King. Many times.

    Dont get me wrong, Caulker looks the part. Does he look a bit slow at times though? Maybe I just expect everyone to be electric these days. The 'incident' felt either symptomatic of a lack of a yard of Pace or simply poor decision making.

    He needs to learn quickly if he is going to Be first choice over verts and daws this year though.

    I like him and I think we'll build around him. But I would choose daws and verts in the big games. Think the manager will too. When all are available.
  11. minesadouble
    When all are available I think kaboul will be first on the defence sheet
  12. RonnyJaay
    Caulker is such a great player still very young but tons of experience not phased by the big games i liken him to Jones and Smalling and Madrids Varane huge potential but gets on with game
  13. JimmyG2
    Not sure Kaboul will feature much at all this season.
    As we have seen AVB has a cautious approach to bringing in players
    and he won't be match fit for another couple of months.
    With Dawson Verts and Caulker already established
    in some sort of rotatation and Gallas on the fringes
    I would be surprised if Kabalu plays more than half a dozen games, if that.
    I hope that Dawson stays as back up with Caulker for the main pairing.
    A quartet of central defenders worthy of the CL.

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