Good Week/Bad Week


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Jun 12, 2003
My concern with AVB - is that he is too stubborn with his 4-3-3 ideology (or whatever else it gets called these days) - We look turgid in that formation. (Who else plays it in the EPL? Anyone? I honestly don't know - as I see little else apart from Spurs games from Spain).
Mourinho! I get the feeling that AVB learnt this system during his stint at Chavski where Mourinho was in charge of a winning but also regimented and fairly dull side.

Back in the day it was Drogba up front with 3 from Robben, Duff, Cole, Lampard etc behind him.
These days its Torres up front with Hazard, Oscar, Schurlle etc behind. Only difference is that their midfield has more flair than the old one but to all intents and purposes its the same system.

The next 4 games are a real tester. I appreciate the squad needs time to gel but to stand any chance of making the top 4 we need to be coming out of November with a decent points tally.


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Feb 24, 2007
Agree with most of this. Chiriches just has to get used to English football, he wants to pass it square and play fancy when a typical English defender would just hoof it. He has the ability so he'll come right. Is AVB actually wrong about the fans? Maybe it's wrong to say it out loud but at one time or another most of have thought in games like this that the ground is a bit quiet. Perhaps the way to address it is a fist pump from Dawson or Sandro instead of an interview with the manager. An extra goal wouldn't hurt either.


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Sep 21, 2003
The fans at cat C games like Hull are always the 'prawn sandwich brigade' who expect entertainment and Spurs to stomp the 'weak' opposition; they dont realise they're supposed to support.

Given that; AVB needs to start playing 2 strikers when we're at home. and not in a 4-2-3-1, two up front.
That's a terrible stereotype regarding the fans at cat c games. I live thousands of miles away and when I do get an opportunity to see the boys play these are the games I can only get tickets for; that does by no means make me a less than educated spurs fan than someone who holds a season ticket.


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Jan 28, 2011
very interest
I agree with you Krafty that AVB's comments are out of order. It's all very well asking a crowd to be patient but his tactics and methods are showing no signs whatsoever of progress in picking open the 10-men-behind-the-ball defences that we seem to be facing against all but the top teams. The crowd's recurrent messages were to pass the ball more quickly forward and to bring the wingers into play to get behind the defence, which, despite Townsend and Lennon both being there, didn't happen more than once or twice in the whole 90 minutes.
We are not helped in this respect by the narrowness of the pitch - only Villa and West Ham have a narrower pitch. There is an extra yard at Arsenal, an extra three yards at Old Trafford and an extra five yards at Everton and Man City.
No way was that a penalty and we have used up a significant slice of the luck due to us. We are simply not scoring enough goals and it may be that this is a price we are paying for the new clean-sheet solidity. AVB effectively acknowledged that he had made a mistake in setting up too safety first by replacing Sandro with Dembele at half-time. On paper our side is patently a lot better and more full of creativity than it is in practice and that is something the coach has to answer for rather than the crowd.

Very interesting point about the pitch, I hadn't realised this. Some extra yards on the sides would certainly help. It seems crazy that the size of football pitches aren't standardised by now.
Sep 25, 2006
I can agree to AVB's 4-5-1 formation but with some tweek on the personnel. Home game - Lennon, Holtby, Paulinho, Eriksen, Townsed. Away - Lennon, Holtby, Sandro/Capoue, Eriksen, Townsend. We need 2 playmakers to support Soldado.