Good Week/Bad Week


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Nov 8, 2011
You got a couple of "disagree" ratings for that, but it's a reasonable shout - to me it looks like Friedel's level has dropped a bit from last season. Is Gomes really a worse option than Friedel? When Gomes was at his best, he was fantastic - maybe it's time to give him another chance?

Would love to see Friedel stay on at the club as a coach after this season though.
Yeah thought that was harsh. I wasnt having a dig at him, but Gomes surely has to be the better option at current. He's had a few howlers in the past, but also proved himself a quality goalkeeper in our run for the top 4 under Harry.

I really like Friedel and hope he stays on as a coach as well, he's a premier league great! But...realistically he's 42! Not many goalkeepers are quality past 40 and from that point they go on a solid decline and he's clearly starting to show his age and his performances have been sub par.

If Gomes had let in an own goal like that, you would have slaughtered him on here!!!

Additionally if we don't see a place for Gomes at Spurs, why not at least put him in the shop window, stick him on the bench and give him some cup games, he might play well and add a bit to his transfer value. Hell, he might even regain his shot stopping swagger and correct defficiencies in his game (corners), he's still got plenty of years ahead and could aleviate the need to bring in a nother GK.
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