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    Good Week

    Erik Lamela

    First Premier League start, and he wasn’t one of the worst players on the pitch.

    Jermain Defoe and Andros Townsend

    For Andros, a couple more England caps and one of the better players in the Three Lions two defeats. For JD, he must surely be due a run of games now?

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Back in a Spurs shirt. Was this the start of his rehabilitation, or the personification of the manager’s desperation?

    Bad Week

    Hugo Lloris

    It has taken me 48 hours to get over those fourteen seconds. It was typical 2013 Tottenham – possession on the halfway line, two passes later and we are in our own penalty box, possession given away and a sloppy goal conceded.

    At least he saved the first shot and kept Ledders’ PL fastest goal record in tact.

    Andre Villas-Boas

    Where to begin?

    The single most alarming issue at Tottenham right now is that there is no hint, no whiff of anyone having a semblance of a clue of what they should be doing in any given situation.

    We look open and exposed without the ball, totally insipid with it. We leave plenty of space at the back but don’t have a plan for pressing. We are not blocking zones nor marking men, we have wingers crossing to a lone striker, or inverted wingers running into team mates. Every single one of the back four was culpable for at least one goal. We can’t sit deep, we can’t stop counter attacks. We can’t create chances, we can’t deal with set pieces at either end of the pitch.

    It is like AVB has taken the worse of every football system and put it all together in this Spurs team. It is the perfect anti-winning formula.

    If you attack down the wings, it makes sense to have some aerial presence in the box. If you have a right winger who cuts inside, it makes sense to have someone on the left offering proper width. If you have a sole striker, it makes sense to have people running forward from midfield. If you don’t have a playmaker to open up opponents, then you look to maximise set plays and a more direct style (again, requiring a physical presence upfront, preferably with more than one player within sight of that weird thing with the netting).

    If you have only one left back, not established at the club, it makes sense not to loan out the one established left back.

    Sometimes tactics don’t work. Sometimes changes in personnel don’t bring changes in results. But if you make the wrong changes for the right reasons, there is at least some hope that you will learn and eventually do the right thing. With Villas-Boas I cannot see what he is trying to do, let alone if it is the right thing or not.

    The system isn’t working, and if you take out Bale’s wonder goals it has not worked for nearly 12 months. If you have a wonder player then it makes sense to play to his strengths and hope he does the business, but we don’t and Andre’s attempts to force players to fit this system resembles a small child trying to force a square peg through a round hole. With the kid you wait for him to work it out, but after the 6-0 drubbing at the Etihad AVB is running out of time. One bad loss and the vultures will stop circling and start descending. Fortunately we don’t have to play the reigning champions....

    The other players who started on Sunday

    Want to hear something funny? Man City have had the most average possession in the Premier League this season. We had more of the ball on Sunday. Sandro put in the effort but unfortunately scored an own goal and throw up (not at the same time). No one else had that excuse for a truly shocking performance.

    Let's get sharing the content on Spurscommunity on twitter and facebook and what not and get more hits (and hopefully money) for SC
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Gaz_Gammon
    Should have been titled, Bad Week, Worse Week..............:bag:

    On a more serious note:

    I have never seen points awarded for biggest time of possession, honest. I'd take thirty percent possession and scoring three goals over total dominance and a one-nil loss any-day. Seems that we excel at the latter..................:yuck:
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  2. JamieDaCosta
    We should go for it on Sunday - 442


    Walker Chiriches Vertonghen Fryers (give the lad a game, he's left footed, strong and would be useful on set pieces both defensively and attacking)

    Lennon Sandro Dembele Townsend


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  3. UncleBuck
    I'm sure I read on a previous thread its one point, no goals for November.
    We desperately need something on Sunday, whether it be a spirited performance or a goal or two, i'm really concerned, the last two mornings i've been fearful of logging on for what the news threads might say.
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  4. spud
    So you want to play with nine men and adopt a formation that will enable ManUre's distinctly average midfield to overrun us. Wasn't six goals enough for you?
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  5. JamieDaCosta
    They only play 2 in midfield although Rooney does drop back to help out

    As for 9 men, im assuming you didn't see the 2 forwards
  6. whitelanefever
    I can see what he's trying to do alright & fair enough he has a vision of what he wants but he's trying to do it all at once & it don't work in England, plus it could take 2 years to totally get over what he wants & you just can't wait that long nowadays it's a results business, besides I doubt it will ever work, it's a style of play that works in Argentina & Brazil & to some degree Italy ( think Montella with Fiorentina).
    I'be no problem with possesion football but you have to adjust it to the Lg your in . Take Lucian Favre & Thomas Tutchel they have adapted there system to suit there players available to them & the LG there in, it's all 1&2 touch passing with the emphasise on what there individual players strenghts are, so it becomes more about fluidity & positivity of a system than formations.
    If he wants to play inverted wingers then ok but don't ask players to do that if it is a weakness to particular players game. Lennon & Townsend are down the line players, thats there strenght so if you pick them don't ask them to do something they can't instead work to what they do positively, same applies to Soldado. If he is insistent on inverted wingers then he has to pick Eriksen & Dembele in those roles they both can pass & take on a defender on the inside or out.
    If I had the faith in villas Boas i'd happily give him 2 or3 yrs to get it right but as it is if we don't get at least 4 points minimum from next 3 LG games he has to go.
    If it was Thomas Tutchel incharge I'd happily give him 3 yrs to sail the ship because I believe in his approach to football & Lewis Holtby called him an extraodinary coach after he played under him at Mainz & you can always read more from words spoken after rather than what they say while they play under a manager.
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  7. spud
    I saw that you had eleven names on the list.
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  8. Greenspur
    I didn't see two forwards.
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  9. Sweetsman
  10. whitelanefever
  11. UncleBuck
  12. Bearyid
    Give Defoe a run of games ?

    Er... No thanks.

    If what you meant was run of games in Europa and cup then sure... Or a run of games for a different team then equally sure.

    Just not good enough ....
    In fact none of our strikers or attacking players a are at the moment :/
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  13. Sweetsman
    I don't know what to make of it. It's interesting that Redknapp and some of his mates in the press have been the ones talking, but I'm not sure if Hytner falls into that category. I've even had the crazy thought that it was Lewis who decided to sack Redknapp and that he has now decided to being him back. All the Chelsea stories are being trotted out. What is odd is that the club must have had confidence in him to have shelled out £100 million.
  14. JamieDaCosta
    Boys, boys, boys

    Did you not see the game on Sunday....Adebayor offered more and did more in just 45 minutes than Soldado has done in about 12 games or however many he's played

    Sure, he was a bit rusty at times but thats to be expected but his hold up play, bringing others into the game and general presence was so much better than when we have Soldado on the pitch

    As for Defoe, he works harder, looks sharper, offers more of a goal threat and is just more of a threat than Soldado

    Soldado has had his chance numerous times and my god has he looked shit, he offers absolutely fuck ALL to the team, its time for him to step aside and give other people a proper chance and a run of games

    Anyway, as you were
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  15. UncleBuck
    trust me, even if Lewis was the driving force behind redknapp going there is no way he'd be looking at bringing him back!
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  16. whitelanefever
    You say adds nothing to the team, Since when do we play like a team? A team knows each others strenghts & plays to them, Have you seen any evidence of that this season? So he has'nt had a fair crack of the whip.
    Defoe how many years has he had a chance & did'nt take it, just to occupied with himself & moaning to the media..
    Ade done enough to warrant a start this weekend & that's partly to protect Soldado from the vitriol he's recieving.
    If there's one striker that can say I deserve a chance it's Harry kane, has done the business in his brief appearances this season & in u-21 lg & not once bitched about game-time.He might not be the answere but you know what I'd rather see him in a spurs shirt than Defoe
  17. JamieDaCosta
    Each to their own
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  18. Gaz_Gammon
  19. Gaz_Gammon

    I have listened to Redknapps full interview on TS and also to the full interview on TS by Paul Miller (who was at the game on Sunday).

    I don't read too much into the Redknapp interview and he was supportive of the fact that a lot of players are new, BUT that some of those players (brought in) are in fact very similar in skill set and position (one cannot argue with that fact). Plus we had players at the club in some of those positions (Townsend and Lennon).

    Miller was a little more expansive where he thought that time was needed and that AVB was struggling to figure out his best starting eleven and that when he did he simply has to STICK with those players and rotate the rest in Cups and the EL. He went on to say that all top of the table sides use their best players in the PL & CL full stop and so should Spurs. He finished by saying that we do need a "marquee" player and after losing Bale we haven't necessarily replaced his quality although we do have an upgrade in other areas.

    I myself can not understand the rush by the Club to buy seven players in during the summer (or even six or five). Why not bring in say three and then look again in January. I didn't read anywhere that other clubs were clambering for the signatures of Lamela or Eriksen, even if they were did we need to go all in on Chadli, Holtby (in January) and Paulinho in the summer? The Soldier was needed though, amd Chiri is a worthy additon!

    Secondly it's bloody obvious to all n' sundry that Dawson, and (to a lesser extent) Kabul (just back from injury) just ain't quick enough for a team playing a high line tactic. Our best center half is at left back and AVB plays our record signing out of his natural position, and finally the inverted winger syndrome that simply is not working.

    The Soldier should be a given as an automatic starter, but again when you look at the way he played for Valencia and Getaffe (his prowess) was a sort of a Lineker finisher, just go look for yourself. He requires early balls into the area, or to run onto the ball from just inside the box. The way that AVB has set the team up to play offers The Soldier the worst possible service to use his undoubted skills.But AVB cannot see this, or can but refuses to change? It's like Miller said why bring The Soldier to the club and then set out the team to play to his weakness (or words to that effect)

    At ChelSea AVB faced similar problems but from what i understand Terry, Lampard and Cole put an end to the high line, and inverted wingers which eventually led to the downfall of AVB. When he came to Spurs he stated that he had changed, both in management style and tactics, but i have watched three games where he manged at Chelsea at the start of his reign, and to be honest if those players had been wearing the white of Spurs you wouldn't have seen much difference between any of those three games and the way we have played all season. None at all.
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