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    Good Week

    Nacer Chadli

    Some might think this a controversial name to start of this week’s column, but Chadli’s selection in the Good Week pile demonstrates what this is all about. It is not about performance per sae, but more big picture thinking.

    Our Belgium winger did not really play well in either game this week, although he did work hard on Sunday as our wingers provided better cover for our full backs. Chadli returned to the starting line-up in Norway and surprisingly kept his place, if not his position, for the United game. That represents a good week for a player who has not really shown us what he is all about yet in a Spurs shirt.


    Immense in the holding position, nullifying Kagawa completely in the first half, and he can teach some of his team mates a thing or two about shooting from distance.

    Kyle Walker’s dead balls

    Any Spurs goal from a free kick is worth a mention given how rare they are, and Kyle’s corners were also very good, beating the first man every time if I recall correctly.

    After striking home with our first free kick with a direct shot, it was disappointing to see us start resorting to the lay off and shoot tactic subsequently.

    Andre Villas-Boas

    A big dose of redemption for the manager. Circumstances were not ideal, there was a lot to play for, and the players had to deal with a lot of travelling but AVB got the result he needed and we beat Tromso 2-0!

    Oh, and we played well against United, and for really the first time this season the team looked to have a clear game plan, players seemed to know their roles, there was direction on the pitch, and while there was the odd ten minutes when we maybe looked a little tired, a touch ragged, it was much better performance. A touch of luck and we could have enjoyed a very good win.

    AVB also came out fighting in his post-match press conference, which is a positive sign and if we can follow this with two wins away to Fulham and Sunderland it will be crisis? What crisis?

    People who hate statistics

    Lies. Damn lies. Statistics. Last week we had more of the ball and lost 6-0. This week we had 40% of the ball (according to the BBC) and we were the team that deserved the win more.

    Aaron Lennon

    Very surprising that he made way for Townsend at the Lane, as Azza was playing very well. He also seems to enjoy playing against Evra as pretty much every time he comes up against the United left back he plays well.

    Jake Livermore

    First Premier League goal as Hull upset Liverpool. He has now confirmed himself as a Premier League player, does he have a future at Spurs? Probably just a little too similar to what we already have, unfortunately.

    Alex Pritchard

    Ripping it up at Swindon. What we do next with him is crucial.

    Bad Week

    Adam Smith

    Back at Spurs after his Derby loan spell went sour. Could he go from the Derby stiffs to playing Anzhi in the Europa League?

    Martin Jol fans

    No chance to sign to the big man at Craven Cottage on Wednesday. No chance for him to give us three points either.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. yid-down-under
    Much as Kyle walkers free kick and corners were good you failed to mention his role in the first united equaliser.

    Didn't realise smith was back though
  2. PhilosoSPUR
    "No chance to sign to the big man at Craven Cottage on Wednesday. No chance for him to give us three points either."

    Surely you mean sing? I think the thought of signing him has faded, as AVB would say, immensely.
  3. tippspur59
    Disappointed to hear Smith didn't do the biz at Derby.
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  4. spud
    No shit! I thought that - unless it was necessary for injury reasons - it was absolute idiocy to substitute Lennon. He was (as usual) terrorising Evra, who probably couldn't believe his luck when the number 7 was held up.
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  5. TimJ
    I thought we played OK, but not because of anything AVB did. United are definitely not a very good team this season and rely heavily on there two or three great players (Rooney, RVP & Vidic).

    In my opinion, we have a better squad than everyone except Man City and the Chavs, but AVB is not getting the best out of them right now.

    I want him to do well and still think he deserves time, but I would like to see more evidence of him learning from what he has done and changing things accordingly.

    I think it was Einstein who said the definition of madness was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the outcome to change.
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  6. TottenhamMattSpur
    Lennon was the best player on the pitch imo. The boos that went off when he made way were so clear. Then a standing ovation for him followed that.

    It was the first time this season I've seen a winger look comfortable in his position this season and do damage with it. His pace was causing all sorts of problems.

    Then AVB decides he doesn't like this. How dare his Spurs look to entertain.
    So off came Lennon and on came Townsend. ALL width went. Most of our goal that went with it.
    Chadli wasn't great but he can be a direct attacking threat but he gets pulled for Sigurdsson who has looked lethargic and unadventurous for weeks now.

    Nice one Andre.
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  7. Josh Britton
    I all fairness to AVB Lennon is only just back from injury and maybe couldn't get through 90 mins
    In all fairness to AVB Lennon is only just back from injury and maybe couldn't get through 90 mins
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  8. CrazyHeart
    The signing I'm happiest about thus far is Chiriches who's just dog nuts in the back for us!
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  9. UbeAstard
    How quickly it can be forgotten we played very well for 45 minutes against Chelsea, Newcastle, Aston Villa and full cup game against Villa.
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  10. wozzahotspurs
    There was a stat which said Lennon didn't complete or do a single pass in the 2nd half!

    That's why AVB is the manager. He notices these things
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  11. strader
    two things stood out yesterday, wingers playing in there preferred role, which with time the understanding with saldado movement will be in place and goals will be pouring soon.

    so big up to Lennon and chadli. Also i feel dembele was om form yesterday, his ball retention is second to none.

    is only when dembele isn't playing, the difference to our game is obvious. He wont score double figures but he provides more to our game on different aspects.
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  12. Geyzer Soze
    Just to weigh into the Lennon debate. He was finished ...

    Lennons heatmap from 1/2 time until he was subbed:


    Chadli's for the same period:


    I can see why he was subbed off from that.
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  13. TottenhamMattSpur
    That's not entirely true though. The difference between yesterday and most of those games was that yesterday we looked like scoring on a number of occasions rather than passing it around cluelesssly and only shooting from 30 yards.

    Villa in the league cup was the only other genuinely attacking match of the ones you mentioned and that Villa side was pathetic.
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  14. wakefieldyid
    If Mike Dean had any integrity, he'd have seen Evra's 7th minute challenge in that context and booked him.
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  15. Gb160
    hahahahahahaha......have a day off fella.
  16. dontcallme
    Your 1st 2 paragraphs were so promising as well.
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  17. TottenhamMattSpur
    For the record, I was at the game. I had no benefit of replays, commentary etc etc. It seemed a daft daft move to me and everyone around me.
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  18. dontcallme
    More the tone and condescension towards AVB that I was referring to than your analysis.
  19. grittyspur1
    Bob Soldado had a very bad week, indeed! Very worried for him at present. We need him to start scoring or it will end badly for both him & AVB.
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