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    Good Week

    Nacer Chadli

    Some might think this a controversial name to start of this week’s column, but Chadli’s selection in the Good Week pile demonstrates what this is all about. It is not about performance per sae, but more big picture thinking.

    Our Belgium winger did not really play well in either game this week, although he did work hard on Sunday as our wingers provided better cover for our full backs. Chadli returned to the starting line-up in Norway and surprisingly kept his place, if not his position, for the United game. That represents a good week for a player who has not really shown us what he is all about yet in a Spurs shirt.


    Immense in the holding position, nullifying Kagawa completely in the first half, and he can teach some of his team mates a thing or two about shooting from distance.

    Kyle Walker’s dead balls

    Any Spurs goal from a free kick is worth a mention given how rare they are, and Kyle’s corners were also very good, beating the first man every time if I recall correctly.

    After striking home with our first free kick with a direct shot, it was disappointing to see us start resorting to the lay off and shoot tactic subsequently.

    Andre Villas-Boas

    A big dose of redemption for the manager. Circumstances were not ideal, there was a lot to play for, and the players had to deal with a lot of travelling but AVB got the result he needed and we beat Tromso 2-0!

    Oh, and we played well against United, and for really the first time this season the team looked to have a clear game plan, players seemed to know their roles, there was direction on the pitch, and while there was the odd ten minutes when we maybe looked a little tired, a touch ragged, it was much better performance. A touch of luck and we could have enjoyed a very good win.

    AVB also came out fighting in his post-match press conference, which is a positive sign and if we can follow this with two wins away to Fulham and Sunderland it will be crisis? What crisis?

    People who hate statistics

    Lies. Damn lies. Statistics. Last week we had more of the ball and lost 6-0. This week we had 40% of the ball (according to the BBC) and we were the team that deserved the win more.

    Aaron Lennon

    Very surprising that he made way for Townsend at the Lane, as Azza was playing very well. He also seems to enjoy playing against Evra as pretty much every time he comes up against the United left back he plays well.

    Jake Livermore

    First Premier League goal as Hull upset Liverpool. He has now confirmed himself as a Premier League player, does he have a future at Spurs? Probably just a little too similar to what we already have, unfortunately.

    Alex Pritchard

    Ripping it up at Swindon. What we do next with him is crucial.

    Bad Week

    Adam Smith

    Back at Spurs after his Derby loan spell went sour. Could he go from the Derby stiffs to playing Anzhi in the Europa League?

    Martin Jol fans

    No chance to sign to the big man at Craven Cottage on Wednesday. No chance for him to give us three points either.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. UbeAstard
    I disagree and contend this is entirely true. Thats why Tim Krul was MOTM and those were clear chances in the area, also remember good chances against Chelsea to go 2 up.
    The games we have passed it cluelessly and shot from distance has normally been against the lower sides who pack their half of the pitch.
    Peoples memory serves them differently then.
  2. TottenhamMattSpur
    Not untrue.
    But in those games we were boring and labored in the build up and were only good in one half.
    Yesterday we were decent through out and looked dangerous from our own half at times.
  3. slartibartfast
    Think its harder to forget all the other games where we've looked bloody awful. And I don't agree with the games you say we looked good either but thats my opinion.
    Yesterday was miles better. Quicker and attacking. Going forwards instead of sideways or backwards.
    If we can keep that up then AVB may get to keep his job and I really hope so. Changing managers can be risky but it's no good keeping someone who can't deliver. As I've said before Ive no confidence in him (the subs yesterday did nothing to help that) but I hope he proves me wrong I really do.
    Strange we go forward and attack against the Champions and then play slow defensive crap at home against teams we should flatten.
    Be interesting to see if we've made any progress in breaking down teams that park the bus.
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  4. Gaz_Gammon

    So in all we played well for around two full games from fourteen in total (including the Villa Cup game) before Sunday's match?. That's possibly why we sit ninth in the PL at this moment in time. Playing "very well" for forty five minutes a game in any game won't win us a CL place. No way.

    We played well at home yesterday, but let's see how AVB set's his side out against Fulham and Sunderland, two absolute must win games. I would suspect that he will go with the same formation and possibly start Townsend in front of Lennon but the rest of the side should pick itself.
  5. UbeAstard
    All totally true but doesnt nullify my point that yesterday wasnt the first and only time we have played well.
  6. wakefieldyid
    Not so sure. Unless injury prevents it, I think AVB will have seen enough on Sunday to realise that the team looks better balanced with Lennon on the right and Chadli on the left. Replacing Lennon with Townsend achieved very little, and I assume/hope that AVB will have taken note.
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  7. DiscoD1882
    That was clearly for the benefit of deaf people...... racist :)
  8. TottenhamMattSpur
    Confusedonlooker - I shall enjoy going through your post history and rating each and every one of them as spam.

    It seems that you spend far more time giving people negativ ratings then actually saying anything yourself you cretin.
  9. spud
    Which would - and should - have meant that he received a red when booked in the 78th minute. So, in denying us twelve minutes against ten men, a ref's (in)decision has possibly denied us a win and altered the outcome of the match.
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  10. millsey
    Yes in the first half he was, he had one touch in the second and was knackered. Why not bring on a fresh Townsend
  11. millsey
    Bingo. Couldnt agree more. He has to bury chances he got Sun, or we wont win games. He is looking a terrible waste of money right now. 26 million should get you a serious striker.
  12. chrissivad
    wont get better as he isnt in the Europa League squad and i think he is now too old to just be added anytime before the game.

    Shame as it sounded like he started well there before the change in manager.
  13. slartibartfast
    Gb160, very funny.
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  14. bandido
    It must just be me then.

    I thought Chadli was pants.
  15. CrazyHeart
    Soldado's a professional and a senior player, who values the results of the team over personal glory. I'm not too worried about him as long as the way we played on Sunday is the new minimum standard and he gets games. I'm happy he's with us personally.
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  16. spud
    Fair enough, but it altered the shape of the game. Evra no longer had to concern himself with his winger going outside him, the threat of Walker overlapping was consequently reduced and once again the pitch was made narrower. If he was going to bring on Townsend it would surely have been better to play him on the left with instructions to get to the by-line; Chadli could have switched sides.
  17. millsey
    Happy hes with us due to his form with Valencia. or happy with what youve seen this season?
  18. millsey
    So a right winger in Townsend on the left, and a left sided player in Chadli on the right?
  19. CrazyHeart
    It's a combination of both. We can agree to disagree on this, but I think he's pure class and the players (and AVB) agree with me. In fact, Walker himself said that he was probably our best player. I'm curious though - would you rather not have him here? (no big deal if it's a yes)...
  20. spud
    Townsend isn't a right winger. He's a left winger who's played on the right. I only mentioned Chadli as he was still on the pitch (playing left side) when Lennon was substituted.

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