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    Good Week

    Nacer Chadli

    Some might think this a controversial name to start of this week’s column, but Chadli’s selection in the Good Week pile demonstrates what this is all about. It is not about performance per sae, but more big picture thinking.

    Our Belgium winger did not really play well in either game this week, although he did work hard on Sunday as our wingers provided better cover for our full backs. Chadli returned to the starting line-up in Norway and surprisingly kept his place, if not his position, for the United game. That represents a good week for a player who has not really shown us what he is all about yet in a Spurs shirt.


    Immense in the holding position, nullifying Kagawa completely in the first half, and he can teach some of his team mates a thing or two about shooting from distance.

    Kyle Walker’s dead balls

    Any Spurs goal from a free kick is worth a mention given how rare they are, and Kyle’s corners were also very good, beating the first man every time if I recall correctly.

    After striking home with our first free kick with a direct shot, it was disappointing to see us start resorting to the lay off and shoot tactic subsequently.

    Andre Villas-Boas

    A big dose of redemption for the manager. Circumstances were not ideal, there was a lot to play for, and the players had to deal with a lot of travelling but AVB got the result he needed and we beat Tromso 2-0!

    Oh, and we played well against United, and for really the first time this season the team looked to have a clear game plan, players seemed to know their roles, there was direction on the pitch, and while there was the odd ten minutes when we maybe looked a little tired, a touch ragged, it was much better performance. A touch of luck and we could have enjoyed a very good win.

    AVB also came out fighting in his post-match press conference, which is a positive sign and if we can follow this with two wins away to Fulham and Sunderland it will be crisis? What crisis?

    People who hate statistics

    Lies. Damn lies. Statistics. Last week we had more of the ball and lost 6-0. This week we had 40% of the ball (according to the BBC) and we were the team that deserved the win more.

    Aaron Lennon

    Very surprising that he made way for Townsend at the Lane, as Azza was playing very well. He also seems to enjoy playing against Evra as pretty much every time he comes up against the United left back he plays well.

    Jake Livermore

    First Premier League goal as Hull upset Liverpool. He has now confirmed himself as a Premier League player, does he have a future at Spurs? Probably just a little too similar to what we already have, unfortunately.

    Alex Pritchard

    Ripping it up at Swindon. What we do next with him is crucial.

    Bad Week

    Adam Smith

    Back at Spurs after his Derby loan spell went sour. Could he go from the Derby stiffs to playing Anzhi in the Europa League?

    Martin Jol fans

    No chance to sign to the big man at Craven Cottage on Wednesday. No chance for him to give us three points either.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. millsey
    Whys he a left winger? because hes left footed? Where does he play for England? Spurs? QPR?
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  2. Gaz_Gammon
    Chadli, i like, so please don't anyone take this the wrong way but like so many players that have come to Spurs over the years when i see him play i think that he almost has good pace, can almost turn a right back inside out, can almost head the ball well and can almost shoot well. He's almost a very good player but what have we brought him for?

    I have not got the knife out for him, i am just saying that when you buy a player with the intentions of making the team a CL contender you need players who excel at one part of the game of football. In Chadli he in my opinion is no better than the average left winger that we see in the PL, a sort of left sided David Bentley without the hair gel.

    I truly hope to be proved wrong on him, and think that now fit he should get a run in the team.
  3. spud
    I don't care if you call him a right winger, left winger or centre forward. My point was simply that he is left footed and if he had played on the left could have gone outside the full-back to maintain our width - which he tends not to do on the right as he cuts in to use his stronger foot.
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  4. millsey
    But he doesnt play on the left! Never has. If he was brilliant on the left and could go on the outside of people there, then why has he never played there!
  5. spud
    FFS millsey, have a day off mate. Never played there? Do some research.
  6. millsey
    So why has AVB, Redknapp, Hodgson never played him there?
  7. spud
    Hodgson because he would be slated if he picked him for a position that he didn't play for his club. AVB because his tactical set-up uses 'inverted wingers' (the clue is in the title). Redknapp? The man who thinks Bale is a left back? Anybody's guess.

    I'm done with this. Have a lovely day.
  8. millsey
    So all managers are wrong bar you. You should manage Barcelona. Have a good day
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