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    Good Week


    Two away games, two away wins, two times two goals. Win on sunday and we are level with Liverpool. Suddenly things are not looking so bad...

    What is even better to see is that the team know looks like it is following a better plan. Maybe the players needed five months to understand Andre's instructions, maybe AVB needed that amount of time to work out his players and tweak his tactics. Regardless, there are encouraging signs that the team has turned a corner (of sorts).

    The sight of four, five, even six men getting inside the opponents box is a sight for sore eyes. Paulinho was pushed upfield in the United game, and that notion seems to have spread. We had created plenty of chances previously this season, but 55% of our efforts were from outside the area. Now we are creating a lot of chances still but they are of a better quality of chance, keepers are being stretched, the woodwork is being rattled, and crosses are whizzing across the goal mouth.

    The six points are a pretty big cherry on top of that performance cake and Andre can enjoy a week without the press calling for his head.

    Aaron Lennon

    Any coincidence we are looking sharper at the top end of the pitch now Azza is back?

    If Townsend's direct running gets a team up the pitch, Lennon's takes you that final 10-15 yards. He was superb against Sunderland, and now our set pieces have moved from disastrous to quite good, we can start making use of the free kicks and corners he wins

    Jermain Defoe

    Two starts for JD, instinctive flicks that hit the posts, and a couple of missed chances that he must be disappointed with. However, with the team being better, Defoe will surely keep his place for the game against Liverpool.

    With Soldado waiting on the bench, Defoe cannot afford to miss too many chances, and the Spaniard will be gutted he did not get the type of chances the Englishman did, but Defoe is currently the man in possession. He doesn't really want to go to Toronto, does he?

    Etienne Capoue

    Sometimes the best performances are the ones you don't notice. Capoue was drafted in at centre back on saturday evening after being hauled off at half time against Fulham. However he put in a polished performance against Sunderland's two strikers.

    Lewis Holtby

    A stunning winning goal in midweek, then a good performance on the weekend for our ever-happy German. He's positive when he's on the bench, when he comes on with ten seconds left to play, and I can't help wanting good things for Holtby.

    Simon Dawkins

    Really ripping it up at Derby. Another good performance, typified by his direct running. His final product is not quite up to the highest level but he is a very good championship player and should end up there once his loan deal ends.

    Danny Rose

    Back to fitness with a gaping hole waiting for him to feel.

    Bad Week

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Lennon is back, Townsend is England's boy wonder (with Ross Barclay), Chadli has the manager's eye and Lamela is the record signing. With proper wingers now preferred in the team, where can Siggy get back in?

    Younes Kaboul

    Struggling again with injury. Will he ever be back to full fitness?


    Read a report that said we wanted our money back on Heurelho. If that is anywhere near true, that is truly amazing.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. yid-down-under
    Can't argue with any of that; spot on mate
  2. CrazyHeart
    I'm hoping Soldado starts on Sunday along with Lamela (it's his time AND he hung out with the team for dinner - so you can't argue with facts!). F.C. Suarez (aka Diverfool) will be without Sturridge, Gerrard and Henderson which means that we'll have more free range in the midfield, affording Lamela a start to terrorise their defensive waters... Sandro, Capoue and Chiriches will keep Suarez in quarantine after first being inoculated for rabies in case of bites. Soldado will most likely start against Anzhi on Thursday and a STELLAR performance will ensure his place on Sunday.

    With Eriksen and Rose hopefully getting warm-ups on Thursday, maybe they'll get some game time too in place of Naugton and Holtby...

    I'm expecting a high-paced game, with AVB positively looking for a win (none of that tie s**t that embodies Mourinho's style when playing a pressure game). And finally - I'm hoping to make it out of the game alive, as I'm going to be watching it at a house full of F.C. Suarez fans. I'll do my best to be courteous and not point out that these 'die hard' fans haven't even lived in Liverpool and that their support is purely success driven at the time they got interested in soccer - (back when Liverpool were actually winning things) Jeez...


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  3. millsey
    We need Vlad to be fit Sunday, we only have Daws fit and even he worrys me against a certain biter.
  4. davidmatzdorf
    Lennon is fully fit. When he is fully fit and pain-free (which is rarely), he is a top-class winger.

    Lennon is now playing on the right. He just looked totally lost on the left. I'm not sure that the preference for inverted wingers has been abandoned, but I am sure that we look a hell of a lot more incisive with the wingers on their 'natural' sides.

    Was that intentional or a Freudian typo?
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  5. BillyWhizz
    On Saturdays performance I'd be happy for Capoue to play centre back again, his distribution from the back is a real bonus too. Not looking forward to seeing Suarez against Dawson though! Sorry Michael.

    I'm not convinced we're there yet though, first half against Sunderland was the same slow sideways game we've seen all season. If we start games like we do 2nd halves I'll be more convinced.

    Hopefully the atmosphere will help with that, bring on the mickeys!
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  6. spud

    Bad week

    Jermain Defoe

    Two starts for JD against the bottom two teams in the Prem and no goals. Two sitters missed against Sunderland. If he can't score against bad sides when the team is creating more chances than previously, he won't be able to retain his place ahead of Soldado for much longer.
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  7. Jamie18
    Disagree with the Defoe point. Everything else was pretty much spot on.
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  8. rupsmith
    Great column as always Krafty but I agree with spud on this one. I think JD has been found out a little bit - he is a limited striker. He actually had a pretty good game against Sunderland - good link up play and decent running off the ball. But he ruined all that with poor decisions in the final third in clear goal scoring opportunities (remember also that game away to man city - Bale cross in the last few minutes before Balotelli scores the penalty?) - that sums him up. Simply not good enough for a top four side. It's no coincidence that he has never been a first choice striker for any Spurs manager. Even Harry who signed him back in the first place.

    With the switch to quick forward passing since the Man City thrashing, chances are being created and for me Soldado has to start against Liverpool. A couple of goals will boost his confidence and IMO will become a lethal finisher
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  9. CrazyHeart
    Anyone know if Chiriches is back for Liverpool?
  10. yid-down-under
    If soldado had hit the woodwork against Sunderland twice people would call him unlucky. Because it's Defoe he's labelled as poor
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  11. beuller
    Maybe controversial but I think I would include Kyle Walker in the good week column.

    Scored against Utd (Then made a horrendous mistake *facepalm*), taken some half decent dead balls and was as good as I've ever seen him against Sunderland. The complete full back performance imo.

    Yes me made that error, but I think his strength of character has really shone through and looked as good as any full back in the league at times.
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  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    I think it's hilarious how:

    People knock Defoe for missing "sitters" but ignore Soldado doing it.

    Knock Defoe for not being a team player when he runs, hustles, harries and works harder than Soldado ever does.

    Say Soldado would have scored from Defoe's chances when he probably wouldn't have even had them because he stands perfectly still waiting for the pass.

    Accuse Defoe of only scoring against weaker sides when Soldado has 3 penalties against. ..... weaker sides. 1 against. ....a weaker side and failed to even score against a weaker side in the EL.

    Talk about utter bollocks folks.
  13. beuller

    Yep, I think I am getting it now.

    Soldado = Bad
    Villas-Boas = Bad

    If you want to contract your post writing out to me I am pretty sure I could represent your opinions for most topics? Generally one of the above. I could do with the extra cash just before xmas too.
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  14. faymantaray
  15. boris
    @TottenhamMattSpur, what a bore you are with your monomania. I've noticed over the past weeks that the only thing you ever post is an anti-Soldado agenda. I'm not saying you shouldn't criticise Soldado, but it's ALL you do, and in every thread you think you can squeeze it into. It's weird. Are you Defoe's agent? Anyway, please just fuck off, you boring xxxx.
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  16. the shelf
    I think he has been our best player this season bar none. Not sure whether that is an indictment on the rest but Walker definitely seems to have improved this year imo
  17. Locotoro
    I agree with your post generally however aside from the chance against Man Utd (which wasnt even a sitter) which sitters has Soldado missed?

    He simply hasn't had the same chances - whether that is his own fault is a different matter altogether.
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  18. Gaz_Gammon

    Yes indeed..............go check just how many PL goals your best mate scored after Boxing Day 2012 and perhaps, just perhaps you will finally understand why Soldado was brought in by AVB. Then you may just understand who talking "bollocks".
  19. beuller
    I think it's just the odd mistake he needs to cut out. His decision making going forwards has improved immeasurably. I have to say, I think we have England to thank for that. England look so static at times, he's had to come out with the ball and make things happen.
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