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    Good Week


    Two away games, two away wins, two times two goals. Win on sunday and we are level with Liverpool. Suddenly things are not looking so bad...

    What is even better to see is that the team know looks like it is following a better plan. Maybe the players needed five months to understand Andre's instructions, maybe AVB needed that amount of time to work out his players and tweak his tactics. Regardless, there are encouraging signs that the team has turned a corner (of sorts).

    The sight of four, five, even six men getting inside the opponents box is a sight for sore eyes. Paulinho was pushed upfield in the United game, and that notion seems to have spread. We had created plenty of chances previously this season, but 55% of our efforts were from outside the area. Now we are creating a lot of chances still but they are of a better quality of chance, keepers are being stretched, the woodwork is being rattled, and crosses are whizzing across the goal mouth.

    The six points are a pretty big cherry on top of that performance cake and Andre can enjoy a week without the press calling for his head.

    Aaron Lennon

    Any coincidence we are looking sharper at the top end of the pitch now Azza is back?

    If Townsend's direct running gets a team up the pitch, Lennon's takes you that final 10-15 yards. He was superb against Sunderland, and now our set pieces have moved from disastrous to quite good, we can start making use of the free kicks and corners he wins

    Jermain Defoe

    Two starts for JD, instinctive flicks that hit the posts, and a couple of missed chances that he must be disappointed with. However, with the team being better, Defoe will surely keep his place for the game against Liverpool.

    With Soldado waiting on the bench, Defoe cannot afford to miss too many chances, and the Spaniard will be gutted he did not get the type of chances the Englishman did, but Defoe is currently the man in possession. He doesn't really want to go to Toronto, does he?

    Etienne Capoue

    Sometimes the best performances are the ones you don't notice. Capoue was drafted in at centre back on saturday evening after being hauled off at half time against Fulham. However he put in a polished performance against Sunderland's two strikers.

    Lewis Holtby

    A stunning winning goal in midweek, then a good performance on the weekend for our ever-happy German. He's positive when he's on the bench, when he comes on with ten seconds left to play, and I can't help wanting good things for Holtby.

    Simon Dawkins

    Really ripping it up at Derby. Another good performance, typified by his direct running. His final product is not quite up to the highest level but he is a very good championship player and should end up there once his loan deal ends.

    Danny Rose

    Back to fitness with a gaping hole waiting for him to feel.

    Bad Week

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Lennon is back, Townsend is England's boy wonder (with Ross Barclay), Chadli has the manager's eye and Lamela is the record signing. With proper wingers now preferred in the team, where can Siggy get back in?

    Younes Kaboul

    Struggling again with injury. Will he ever be back to full fitness?


    Read a report that said we wanted our money back on Heurelho. If that is anywhere near true, that is truly amazing.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur

    Defoes x account of goals since boxing day isn't too dissimilar to Soldado's in a similar period of time.

    For the record I don't have an agenda against Soldado. I just can't believe the fickle hypocrisy on here when it comes to comparing him to our other strikers.

    I don't really care which one of our strikers plays and doesn't score week after week. They're both not suited to the way we line up which leads me to think 2 things about the purchase of Soldado

    1 He wasn't avb's choice
    2 If he was he's a very poor judge of what is required
  2. UbeAstard
    Would love to see that guy in a Spurs shirt one day but I fear more successful clubs would attract him (and waste him on the bench and he not get game time like Rodwell).
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  3. Gaz_Gammon

    He was indeed, and unquestionably AVB's choice (after David Villa) and being a "very poor judge of what is required" is spot on. Neither Ade, Defoe or Soldado have flourished under AVB and the stats are there for all to see. He picks the players, and the system that they are to play. No one else.
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  4. TottenhamMattSpur

    I thought I'd read a few times that Soldado was a Levy favourite?
    But at least we have found some common ground that we agree on - That our strikers don't suit the system.
  5. Jamie18
    Doesn't Defoe have 1 league goal since boxing day?
  6. TottenhamMattSpur
    Soldado has 4 this season. 3 from the spot.

    He also started a lot of games. Defoe has been sub mostly.
  7. JoeT
    Maybe Gary Neville has been coaching him.
  8. JoeT
    Not surprised, wasn't Soldado our umpteenth try at landing a striker?
  9. TottenhamMattSpur
    We'd tried Leandro millions of times. Then Benteke & Villa then finally Soldado.

    Last on the list by all accounts.
  10. Locotoro
    We have to be fair and put things in context: Whilst Defoe has been with us for the last 9 seasons (with a break at Pompey), Soldado is playing in a new team in a new league. Both strikers are generally inconsistent if you look at the stats, both strikers are streaky (to use an apt expression). Last season I believe Soldado scored few goals for Valencia pre xmas and went on a scoring spree in the second half of the season which took him to 30 in 46 apps. Whilst, I am a fan of Soldado, he is hardly what I would call consistent with his goal scoring. Effectively, my point is that we have 2 strikers who offer very similar qualities, one (soldado) objectively better quality than the other but not performing as well possibly due to not adapting as quickly as we would have liked.

    In terms of AVB not picking the right player for the system, I don't think that is an accurate reflection. He is trying to replicate Porto's triumvirate of Hulk, Falcao and Varela. Soldado falls very firmly into the poacher category and once we have players who are ready and willing to get into the box we will see that he is very capable of feeding off scraps in the box and putting them away. He may not be renowned for his build up contribution but then again neither is Falcao who by all accounts is not adapting to the French league as well as the manager would have hoped scoring 9 in 16 league appearances (4 penalties) - go figure!
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  11. Jamie18
    So in almost a whole year Defoe has 1 league goal, Soldado if we include Spain has 20x that. Yep, that's a similar record.
  12. not_tenth-again
    They're all shite at the moment... the strikers i mean. It barely matters who plays.

    Trade them all in and get Hernandez and Rodrigo, use Kane and find a 6'4 monster kid to develop.... oh, this isn't the ITK thread you say.

    We should play the best off the ball runner so that the defense can't settle, this should create space for an actual goal scorer to do their job.
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  13. TottenhamMattSpur
    Why are you counting Soldado's in Spain but only Defoe's in the premier league?
    Compare them like for like or not at all.

    Soldado has what, 10 premier league starts? 1 goal + 3 penalties.
    Defoe between boxing day and end of last season got none. Roughly the same number of starts.

    Anyway I'm going to the Lane tomorrow. I'll be surprised if Soldado doesn't start again.
  14. spud
    I wasn't referring to when he hit the post......but if you want to call them 'sitters' then that makes it four that he missed against Sunderland.
  15. Jamie18
    Haha, I was counting league form wouldn't be fair on Soldado if I only counted his 4 months in England but hey, we can do that and he'd still have more league goals than Defoe has in the past year.
  16. UbeAstard
    What makes you think Hernandez would be any better with the service our forwards have been getting? He's not a creater of his own goals but rather someone who gets on the end of the service.
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