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    Good Week

    Zeki Fryers

    Filled in fairly well in midweek, then came on at half time on sunday. With Danny Rose and Jan Vertonghen still having fitness worries, and Naughton's time at left back surely over, Fryers has a real chance to make an impression.

    Ryan Frederiks

    To be honest, I had not been impressed in the various cup outings/friendlies I had seen Ryan play. He looked fast, for sure, but the winger-turned-full back looked lightweight and offered little. A loan at Brentford did not really work, but on Thursday he showed drive and ambition and good dribbling skills and made an impression.

    While his chances of getting into the first team are slim, and Adam Smith is more established in terms of pedigree, Ryan has given himself a good chance of a productive loan spell next month.

    Shaq Coulthirst

    First team debut. Enough said.

    Lewis Holtby

    How Holtby is not starting games given how lacklustre certain members of our midfield seem to be is beyond me. The German brings boundless energy, a relentless positivity, and the kind of attitude that has made him a fan's favourite. He plays the game how we would like to.

    He took his goal very well against Anzhi, and was one of the few players to show a bit of fight on the weekend, even before we went down to ten.

    Jermain Defoe

    I bet JD was glad he did not play a part in that horror show. I was both surprised and not surprised to see Soldado picked ahead of him against Liverpool - evidently the Spaniard's hattrick had done enough to regain his place - and after the drubbing JD can look forward to either a new manager or a new start in Toronto. Suffice to say he won't be sending Andre a Christmas card.

    Bad Week

    Andre Villas-Boas

    0-6 against City. 0-3 against West Ham. 0-5 against Liverpool. Ignore the red card, we were crap with eleven men - in fact I had said at half time that we looked like we were playing with ten men already!

    The side looks completely disorganised, we have no game plan to win the ball from the opposition, no idea how to stop them when they attack, no clue what to do when we have the ball. At least a schoolboy side ****ing runs about a bit.

    What is most alarming is the effort, lack of. It is unprofessional and it is going to cost AVB his job because if the players cannot be bothered to fight for the manager then Levy has little reason not to make a change.

    I think Andre has had long enough to sort the side out. Either his tactics are wrong (how about trying something different for crying out loud??) or the players are not doing what he is asking them to do? Regardless, the solution is the same...

    Daniel Levy

    He made a gamble getting rid of the media's darling Harry Redknapp, and he brought back the Director of Football role. While transfers were completed, there will always be the lingering doubt that they were not what the manager really wanted (and the failure to sign Moutinho two summers ago when the side needed and still needed a true playmaker will be rued by AVB for many years to come).

    It would be a big call to sack AVB, but it could be a bigger call not to.

    Kyle Naughton

    Feel a little for Kyle because he was not helped by Nacer Chadli's happiness in anonymity but at best he struggles as a left back, and with no natural left footer ahead of him, the left flank struggles to function as part of the team.

    He has not progressed like Walker or Rose, and it would not surprise nor upset many if he was offloaded this summer.

    Moussa Dembele

    A frankly rank performance. Moussa used to annoy because he did not demonstrate his abilities enough, but now he is getting brushed off the ball and shanking passes. Why does he get picked ahead of Holtby?

    Michael Dawson

    I'm sure he is not helped by the disarray in midfield, but Dawson is getting exposed so badly that maybe AVB's first instinct was correct?

    Roberto Soldado

    It was great to see him grab a hattrick on Thursday, but when presented with a good sight of goal just after half time against Liverpool he blasted over when a player of his type (an out and out goal scorer) must test the keeper. I thought he was unlucky with the foul on Mignolet, but after the sad news about his wife's miscarriage football and the shellacking to Liverpool pales into insignificance. I'm sure everyone wishes all the best to Bobby and his family.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. rupsmith
    Top notch as always Krafty. Great assessment and class in the Roberto Soldado summary
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  2. kitchen
    Agree with everything except the comment about Chadli, who I thought had a half decent game and created several chances.
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  3. N17Jack
    I thought Chadli was our best player 1st half. I hope I never see Naughton in a Spurs shirt again. He is simply not good enough on any level.
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  4. Gaz_Gammon
    Aside from that i thought we played well them off the park............:bag:
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  5. Sweetsman
    If AVB is allowed to carry on then he should forget about trying to please everyone and just play how he wants to, with who he wants to. It's all very well saying we spent £100 million, but when he needed to go that extra £0.5 million for Moutinho, Levy baulked.
  6. yid-down-under
    Much as naughton is crap at left back and was bitterly woeful on Sunday isn't he carrying a knock from Thursday?

    Also feel its a bit unfair on Dawson; he's playing in a defence that contains a midfielder and two right backs!!

    Finally much as lloris Is a great keeper he does seem to be developing some Gomes style decision making over the past few weeks
  7. JamieDaCosta
    As I stated the other night, I thought Soldado actually played MUCH better on Thursday night, not necessarily because of his goals but his all round work rate, effort and running off the ball, I was really pleased he got a goal let alone a hat trick and he took the first 2 very, very well

    But I just wanted to say that the usual suspects have SLAGGED Defoe off for missing 2 one on ones in the previous 2 games saying that ''Soldado would have scored'' blah blah blah, the usual shit

    Well ladies and gentleman, Soldado had a great chance to do so earlier today and he fucked it, so what do you think about that?

    Bear in mind I haven't actually slagged Soldado off there for missing that chance guys im just alluding people to their previous comments when Defoe missed his 2 best chances in the games he played and im now wondering what their response is.....
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  8. spud
    He got to the by-line on several occasions.....and then dlivered absolutely useless crosses. There is no point in the former unless you use the ball. Promising attacks were wasted because he didn't. He didn't create chances, he failed to create them.
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  9. parj

    You cant judge a player on a 5-0 drubbing. That was the whole team crap. My argument for Soldado has included Defoe scoring in Europa means diddly squat, just like Anji (and Bobbys hat-trick) means diddly squat. In the league our team struggles. For me this is where AVB made a mistake, he knew Soldado had just suffered a personal tragedy and still played him.

    Defoe has missed sitters coming down the middle, Soldado had a bit of an angle. But lets not forget, Soldado had a goal disallowed, which should have stood, it wasnt offside like Defoe usually is, it was a "foul". He also had an assist (if you want to say Soldado should have scored) where Holtby should have scored - despite Spurs being absolute bollox
  10. JamieDaCosta
    Oh mate, this is getting a bit silly now, where did I BLAME Soldado for us losing 5-0??? Did you not read what I wrote????? :banghead:

    You're moving way off of the point, the bottom line is this

    Defoe got berated for missing 2 one on ones in the couple of games he played and that ''if Soldado had those chances he would have buried them''

    Well Soldado had a one on one where he should have scored and he didn't even hit the target so what those people said was a load of shit basically as Soldado DID have a perfect chance to score

    Had it been Defoe we all know that the usual suspects would have bitched and moaned about it as per usual

    Oh well, such is life
  11. parj
    You are right. This is getting silly. I didn't say you blamed him. I said You can't judge a player on a 5-0 drubbing.
  12. JamieDaCosta
    And I didnt judge him either, which is what you knew I was getting at anyway.....
  13. Chris_D
    DL has had an awful week. I've cut him slack in the past but no more the buck has to stop at the top. Time to move on mate. Countless managers and no new ground. You tried your best but it wasn't very good.

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