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May 26, 2004
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Good Week

Emmanuel Adebayor

Three goals in two games. Redemption? I’ll wait to see how long this run and, more importantly, the high work rate and determination last, but credit to Adebayor. He could have sulked. He could have collected his money. He could have waited for a move next month.

He was good in midweek, excellent at the weekend. On form, when motivated, he is top class and has all the characteristics of a world class striker – strength, power, height, pace, good anticipation, composure, technique and a keen eye for goal.

To say he struggled under Andre Villas-Boas would be a slight misnomer, but the refusal to select the nomadic striker even when we were struggling for goals may come back to haunt our former manager.

I wanted him gone in the summer, I must admit. His attitude severely peeved me off, and while its great to see him in the mood he is at the moment, it only adds to the frustration that he can be so Jekyll and Hyde. Hopefully he just needs the love of a good, British manager, with tactical instructions going no further than f***ing run around a bit.

Tim Sherwood

A massive opportunity for our former midfielder. This time last year he was linked with the Blackburn job, and now he is Spurs manager.

We only have a small sample size but so far I like what I’m seeing and hearing from tiny Tim. A team like ours, with the players we have at our disposal, should be taking the game to the opposition more often than not and with WBA and Stoke at home next, Sherwood should have yet more opportunity to show how much he differs from his predecessor.

It was obviously disappointing to lose late on against West Ham but we were a lot quicker with the ball, looked more threatening without creating many clear cut chances. However, on Sunday we scored three (three!!) and had several other great chances. Suddenly things look right again.

Sherwood’s appointment also gives us a bit of identity back in so far as we have a young, English coach who has potential. There were no clear candidates for the job in the short term, so Sherwood should have got a chance to prove his credentials and I’m glad he has. It’s also pleasing to see three English coaches on the bench with a German ex-Spur there too.

Jermain Defoe and Roberto Soldado

They missed chances but they will be delighted that Sherwood will play two upfront. The lone striker system very much left the strikers alone, and Adebayor brings a presence they could play with and off. They provided nearly identical assists for the Togo international. Now they just need to find their own scoring boots.

Danny Rose

Back, thank the almighty! The fact it also means Vertonghen can play at centre half is a bonus too.

Nabil Bentaleb

We had heard word he was one of the players impressing in the ‘development team’ and the French Algerian had made a few appearances on the bench but this was the first time he came off the bench and on to the pitch.

Strong, composed, able to play with both feet, confident, the youngster showed all that and more to make a very impressive debut. Some fans might say he has leapt ahead of x, y and z but it was only one appearance, however there was plenty to get excited about.

All our young players

Sherwood said that the reason he brought on Bentaleb and not Etienne Capoue for Moussa Dembele was that the caretaker knew more about Bentaleb. Having worked with the kids for the last few years it is great that Sherwood will give youngsters a chance rather than pick on reputation (or price tag), and for youngsters trying to break into the first team they will be praying Sherwood stays in charge into the New Year and beyond.

Bad Week

Daniel Levy

Personally, I think he made the right decision, however I do feel sympathy for AVB. It’s like Levy asked him to run a marathon, then shot him in the knee. Let me explain.

When we sold Luka Modric and Rafa van der Vaart we clearly needed a playmaker to fill their boots. Villas-Boas identified Joao Moutinho, a player he knew very well and an ideal replacement for Modric. For whatever reason, Levy did not get the deal done and we ended up with Moussa Dembele and Clint Dempsey. Good signings but not the playmaker we desperately needed then, and sort of still do now (although I think Eriksen and Holtby will fill that role with Carroll in reserve).

Now that was not the sole reason for AVB’s struggles but Levy seems reluctant to fully back his managers in the transfer market, yet backs Directors of Football fully. That Sherwood has talked Levy into giving him the job full time might be the sign that Tim has the gift of the gab to get what he wants and needs out of Levy.

There will be money available, if not next month then in the summer, and Levy will be under the microscope again.

Vlad Chiriches

A player with a lot of potential, but out jumped in the build up for West Ham’s equaliser, and caught square on several times against Southampton. We can’t have both our centre backs getting done in behind (oo-er).

Younes Kaboul

Where the hell is he?


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Mar 15, 2008
Pushing it a wee bit saying Defoe had a good week. Was poor midweek and then dropped for the more important league game. I don't think Tim's preference for two forwards will help Defoe much tbh.

Also I would add Capoue and Holtby to the bad week list. Bringing Bentaleb on was a brave and inspired decision by Sherwood but for those two sitting on the bench and watching Nabil come on in front of them when the game hung in the balance must have been disappointing.
Jul 15, 2008
Great stuff as usual Krafty. I would also add Walker to good week; for me, within all the disarray he has been solid as a rock and has also led the team with attitude and performance. I'd go as far as saying he has been our best player this season so far.


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Jul 27, 2006
Good week and good season for Walker. Without him, especially without his recovery pace, we'd have shipped more goals. The good news for all our defence is that we may once again be able to out-score the opposition, rather than the pressure of seemingly aiming for 1-0 wins via a penalty. Rose being back is good news for the team as a whole and Vertonghen in particular, when he's fit.

Lloris will hopefully benefit from us taking a more flexible approach to defensive formation. The high line - especially with Dawson in it - exerted so much pressure on Lloris and his sweeping rush. When you start to ship goals like he/we were, decision making becomes much harder.

The more flexible formation approach I believe we will adopt will be 4-4-2 OR 4-2-3-1 according to circumstance (situation, opposition, personnel and venue) which means everybody has more of a chance to get playing time, rather than just one striker and inverted wingers and even 3 holding midfielders. We are still one great playmaker and one top central defender short of the real deal but we do have the overall squad to challenge top 4 if everybody's playing to their full potential.

Oh yes, and it was a good week / fortnight for the press too. They got their man. For whatever reason the journos didn't like AVB, although in my opinion I think he had to go.
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