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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Good Week

    Tim Sherwood

    No doubt he will be disappointed with dropping points at home to West Brom, but our new manager/head coach has made a mark already. Almost immediately we look better as a team, individually players are performing better, our play is faster and everything seems rosier.

    This stark improvement is more of a cross against Andre Villas-Boas. Sherwood himself has said how little time he has had to get his message across and yet every aspect of our team looks better. It appears AVB was a hindrance on this team rather than a help.

    Our ex-player might be benefiting from the experience of his playing days as he integrates our summer signings into the team. AVB rushed players straight into the starting lineup, right into the spotlight, but Sherwood is showing better squad and player management. How he does in the tactical battles is yet to be seen. Manchester United and Woolwich away provide his first real tests.

    Kyle Naughton

    It helps to play in your proper position, in an uncomplicated system. Some redemption for the other Kyle after a bit of a schooling against Raheem Sterling.

    Christian Eriksen

    Scored a fabulous free kick on Thursday, and now seemingly set to play the Modric role. The number 10 role always seemed a little too high up the pitch for a player of his type, and Sherwood has addressed that immediately.

    Aaron Lennon

    Back with a bang, and a chance to tear apart Patrice Evra once again on Wednesday.

    Alex Pritchard

    A great solo effort for Swindon and continues to impress in League One. What will Sherwood decide to do with him in the second half of the season?

    Bad Week

    Jermain Defoe

    Absent from this week's games, just when we are creating proper goal scoring opportunities. It is either very unfortunate, or a sign he is off in January to Toronto, depends how sceptical you want to be.

    Medical staff

    Plenty of injuries to deal with already, Naughton was clutching the back of his leg, Adebayor was hobbling a little when he was subbed off. With two more games this coming week, the medical department will be operating at full capacity.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. tomo
    Eriksen was ok although a little wasteful in possession at times. He needs regular games though so its good to see him in there.

    Paulinho also went off injured today so it is getting a bit silly now.

    Lennon was excellent - we are so much better when he is in the side.
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  2. marion52
    Heard that Defoe is also injured
  3. DreadySpur
    Can we include all the Sherwood haters under the bad week heading? I don't think he is the messiah, but he has been written off by many before either camp has had any prolonged evidence on which to build their case. Either way 7 points from a potential 9 is not a bad return...
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  4. tomo
    We attacked from the start so in that respect Sherwood has already been a positive influence - the team actually looked like it wanted to give Stoke a good hiding rather than fannying around with the ball in the middle third of the pitch.

    I'm worried about his lack of experience but he clearly has the confidence to crack on so fair play to him.

    Lets see what happens in the next two games.....
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  5. TottenhamMattSpur
    How long before all the pro avb & "stick with your manager" brigade start to wake up and smell the Roses?
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  6. nferno
    Defoe not playing should be under good week ;)
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  7. ethanedwards
    Yes, noticed a lot more bodies getting into the box, long may it continue.
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  8. JoeT
    As he said in his post-game interview yesterday; " we have much tougher tests ahead yet"....and "I'd better put me tin hat on!"
  9. JoeT
    Are you trying to provoke them 'Matt...'?
    Let it go mate; life's to short.....
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  10. TottenhamMattSpur
    Little bit.
    Its funny!
  11. JimmyG2
    A little longer I think
    The football is more enterprising certainly
    but Tim had a relatively easy start.
    The known unknown is that we have no idea
    how AVB would have done in these fixtures.
    My prediction was that we will be unlikely
    to finish above where AVB left us (7th).
    Tim's inexperience will show when the going gets tough
    and he comes under pressure in the next few weeks.
    Very good start though and I would delighted to be proved wrong.
  12. DiscoD1882
    lets wait until after the Man united and Arsenal game eh.
  13. THFC_67
    Well I guess I'm part of the stick with your manager brigade. I'm not pro or anti any particular manager, I prefer to give them time and hate this hire 'em fire 'em attitude that our chairman seems to have. I liked AVB, didn't agree with everything he did but felt he should have seen the season out at least.

    However I hope Sherwood proves to be a success because then Tottenham will be a success and that's what we all want. I wish him the best of luck, he's certainly had a good start, some tough games coming up but I'll wait until the seasons over before praising or condemning him too much.
  14. TottenhamMattSpur
    I don't believe sticking with a rotten tomatoe will achieve anything other then a rotting festering mess.
  15. THFC_67
    We obviously see things differently, as I don't believe he was as bad as people make out. Yes, some heavy defeats and even I thought he was too cautious at home. However 72 points last season, an excellent away record and a high win percentage during his tenure would lead me to believe that he must have been doing something right.

    If you believe he was a rotten tomato then perhaps the person who deemed it necessary to go shopping at all should carry much of the blame.
  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    He got all of 2 points more than Harry's best and I'd say most of those were more as a result of Bale than anything avb did.

    His main contribution to spurs was sucking the life out of our play, alienating players and eventually making us shadows of our former selves. Too scared to try to win games.

    Those heavy defeats would have continued. They were so predictable even before the 6-0 tonking at City.
    If we'd stick with him we'd have finished bottom half and would have ended the season with a lot of unhappy unsettled players.
  17. THFC_67
    The team he managed got 72 points in a season, that's not just down to 1 player. We were also a point better off this season than last when he left, he can't have been all bad.

    Look, he had his faults I'm not denying that and I don't want this to become about AVB. Your original post seemed to suggest that people like me, maybe I'm the only one !!, are somehow begrudging of Sherwood's good start or at least that's how I read it. This couldn't be further than the truth, I'm delighted that it's going well and long may that continue. But It's my opinion that hiring and firing is not the way to go and we've seen too much of it over the years.
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  18. TottenhamMattSpur

    It's all friendly banter and wasn't directed at any one individual

    I personally think he was worse than bad, he was catastrophic.

    We were one point beeper of because we lucked out 3 times by getting penalties to win games we otherwise wouldn't have.
    We failed to score with such regulatory I would put us down as relegation fodder over the course of the season.

    I accept Manchester City will tonk beret teams than us.
    I do not however think for one moment that 0-3 vs utter wank like West Ham is even close the acceptable. Ever. 0-5 to Liverpool, who are ok but generale get beaten by their rivals is also not acceptable.

    He left us with 1 more point than last season. Great. Except everyone was so poor last season United won the league by a mile.
    And he left us with a minus 5 goal difference.
    Have a look at the table and tell me what kind of teams have that?

    He was a disaster. He must have pulled some serous wool overt Levy's eyes on the interview because I'd be surprised if he knew little more than "we play 4231. This is a formation of immense dimension"

    we were truly awful under him.
    Those whoopings would have gotten more and more frequent. No shadow of a doubt. He would have rubbed so many players and staff up the wrong way that either he'd have to go or they would.

    We'd have been set back years of he'd have stayed and continued to damage us.

    Levy is not and never had been guilty of pulling the trigger too early. Too late sometimes. His cringe is Goring complete jokes in the first place.

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