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    Good Week

    Christian Eriksen

    Two goals and an assist on sunday, extending the Dane's recent run of great form. Eriksen is, along with Adebayor, one of the few positives from this season and should be central (Tim!) to our chances of success next season.

    Roberto Soldado

    Pretty woeful against Benfica, but made up for it with a determined display against Southampton. He is showing plenty of endeavour and some really classy touches. If only he could receive service the like he is giving. Regardless, the positive feelings about Bobie re back.

    Harry Kane

    Two assists on Thursday night and with Adebayor injured, first reserve for the sole striker berth.

    Nacer Chadli

    Most improved player in 2014? From looking like an athlete but not a footballer, Chadli hs been rewarded for his performances in training with more game time in his preferred position of the striker, and is showing signs of coming good. If he could perfect his final ball then he has the making of a very good player.

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Siggy has always caused me a problem. Undoubtedly a good goalscoring midfielder, who strikes a ball fantastically and is also adept at making late surges into the box, the Icelander lacks the strength, tackling or passing to really convince in central midfield. However, given how much others have failed to nail down a CM berth I think it is worth giving Sigurdsson an extended run.

    Not only did he come up with a fine late winner on sunday, but his passing is good if simple, and his positioning helped make us a far more solid team in the second half. More on that later.

    Tim Sherwood

    Gets a bit of credit for his half time team talks, but he is not going to get the job based on his ability to right his wrongs.

    The magnificent-ly young eight

    Always nice to see youngsters getting a bit of first team exposure.

    Bad Week

    Kyle Naughton

    Two horrendous errors from a player who has performed well in recent weeks. Did well to not crumble completely, but when you are the more defensively-sound Kyle and you make two errors like that it does not look good.

    Danny Rose

    Not that our other full back covered himself in glory. Likes to get forward but consistently fails to find a Spurs shirt with his crosses, makes surges forward but does not show the greatest appetite to get back into position, one wonders if a new manager would persist with Rose.

    Moussa Dembele

    Granted he was injured going into the game, but to put himself forward for a start and then play so poorly maybe shows an alarming lack of self awareness that explains why his positioning throughout that first half was so utterly dire.

    Seriously, watch back that Southampton game and look at how Dembele would line up even when Boruc was taking a goal kick. With Chadli filtering in behind Soldado, as you would expect, and Bentaleb in front of one of his centre backs, Moussa would stand in between Nabil and Nacer. Southampton did not pass through our midfield, they simply slipped a ball down the side. By merely standing next to instead in front of Bentaleb Sigurdsson made us infinitely more difficult to break down.

    When he wasn't exposing Bentaleb and our defence, Moussa was standing in anonymity, five yards off where he should have been and where the action was. I don't know if it is that hip injury he picked up way back when in his Spurs career but for some reason Dembele is a shadow the player he was at Fulham. Not making the most of his ability was one thing, being a liability to the side is quite another.

    It is little surprise that a forward turned into a midfielder lacks the positional know-how of a central midfielder, and Sherwood has tried in him a more advanced position, but given we need a playmaker in the midfield and Dembele's lack of goals I think the Belgium man is for the chop.

    Daniel Levy

    He can't exactly take a chance with a new manager next season who was beaten twice by the old one, can he? That short list gets ever shorter.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    I said after the first game against Southampton that Poch would be a terrible choice.
    He is another AVB. Plays the same tactics, formation the lot.
    4231, high line, keep possession at the cost of endeavour. Add to all that the fact he still won't speak English in an interview and you get a recipe for disaster.
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  2. JoeT
    "still won't speak english" is that Tim you are talking about?
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  3. slartibartfast
    Love these good/ bad posts. Agree with every word.
    And Levy can and will do what he likes.
    And agree, can we please play one of our creative midfielders, one of the only two who seem to know where the goal is, in the middle. Please????
  4. skyewalker007
    I'm absolutely staggered at the number of cretins on this site who slag off Sherwood at any given opportunity. This is your own team's coach for Christ's sake. Where is the respect? Even when I try to understand these people's thinking, their logic, it just seems like some screwed up English class issue that will never disappear.
    Do you begrudge the football we played under Harry? The same idiots were telling him to shut up at every opportunity, calling him tactically inept etc. etc. When you stand back and judge our team over the modern era we peaked then and not due to only the players, but from a system of playing football, attacking freedom - not from a suave looking man (AVB/Ponchetti) or Friendly Foreign Accent (Jol).
    What does managerial consistency, in itself, bring? Success. Wenger, Ferguson, Rodgers (first signs) - you'd have to be an idiot not to argue for stability. Does LVG want to stay for 5 years+ at his age - No! Does Sherwood bleed for the club. Has he got decent results in his tenure and turned the likes of Adebayor, Eriksen and others around - hell YES. Would he happily stay at the club and try to build something special - you bet ya.
    Look at Formula 1 for a random comparison. Just because a driver gets handed a good car in his early years, more often than not they have the talent to make the most of it. See Hamilton, Ricciardo (early days) etc.
    There is everything to play for til the end of the season - fans who slag off the current setup will keep us in the circle of NO PROGRESS and keep the merry go around turning.
    Just realize you dislike Sherwood because he doesn't speak the Queen's English. Any of these theories of lack of experience, tactics don't cut it with me. Look at how we had the better of Chelsea for 50 minutes due to arguably a tactical masterstroke before an individual error and sending off led to the rout. Arsenal get thrashed with a sending off and it's somehow different? Support your team and if you've any sense, support Tim Sherwood.
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  5. Spurs 1961
    All the players we bought in the summer are really good players. All the players we bought are new to English football, culture, possibly the language etc. All the players we bought need time to adapt. Some will adapt quicker than others, that's life. Many of them are still very young and need some patience. All of them need consistent time on the pitch and that has not happened for many. All of them need a manger who understands their game, believes in them and can get the best out of them.

    I am not sure team talks entirely made up of work harder, show more passion like what I do, run more, try harder is enough. If it is then I can do that job easy
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  6. diamondlight
    Nail on the head. The media used to call Harry a 'wheeler dealer' and he hated it ("I'm not a f**king wheeler dealer"), as if they couldn't understand the concept of a working class guy who has achieved success through being clever - tactically astute, a canny motivator, and so on. I think this is the same prejudice that makes the media more sympathetic towards foreign managers - the Sam Allerderci effect. When a foreign manager sounds clever, well, they are clever, whereas when a British manager sounds clever it's because of prozone or some other artifice like wheeling and dealing. Accent prejudice is the unmentioned scourge of this country.
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  7. WestBelfast Spurs
    Lennon should be in the bad week ones has been fucking woeful the last 2 matches at least
  8. guate
    Good to see you back for a second week running Krafty and I also, just like WestBelfast Spurs, believe Lennon deserves a not so honourable mention in the Bad Week section due to him being absolutely awful in the last two matches
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  9. dominguezmonkey
    Danny Rose, on the ball in our third, scares the shit out of me. He can run quickly but apart from that has a poor touch and a slow footballing brain. He might make it as a winger, somewhere, but for me the biggest avoidable mistake of the season was letting Bennie go out on loan.

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